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Dec 2, 2017

BIG CAT TV is a close look at our day to day operations, the conservation efforts we support, and the 70+ feline residents of "Big Cat Rescue" in Tampa, FL. USA

Big Cat Rescue is an educational non-breeding sanctuary and a registered non-profit 501c3 so your donations are tax deductible!

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What is the breed of cats you have?

Dec 8, 10:44PM EST0

What was your the most interesting experience you would like to share with us about creating your project? 

Dec 7, 5:48AM EST0

Why did you choose cats?

Dec 4, 8:12AM EST0

What motivated you to come up with this project?

Dec 2, 8:25PM EST0

Do you hire official veterinarians to take care of the cats?

Dec 2, 5:53PM EST0

How do humans contribute to the steady decline of the population of wild cats?

Dec 2, 2:02PM EST0

Can we still reverse the possibility of extinction by breeding?

Dec 2, 8:45AM EST0

If it's illegal to maintain wild cats as pets, why do these cats reach homeowners without the government's detection?

Dec 2, 8:09AM EST0

How expensive is it to care for big cats?

Dec 1, 9:08PM EST0

What is your biggest achievement in the cat world?

Dec 1, 1:14PM EST0

How long have you been doing this drive?

Dec 1, 12:51PM EST0

These cats, such as lions and tigers, are territorial. How do you handle this behavior?

Dec 1, 8:32AM EST0

What has been the great motivation for initiating this animal rescue project?

Dec 1, 5:44AM EST0

When are you compelled to rescue cats? Do you only wait for calls or do you go around finding those animals?

Dec 1, 12:52AM EST0

Is there anything we can do to tame these wild cats?

Nov 30, 9:46PM EST0

They are considered endangered. What concerted efforts have been invested to prevent extinction?

Nov 30, 5:15PM EST0

After the cats are being rescued and sheltered. What is the organizations' next move in the process?

Nov 30, 3:55PM EST0

What is the expected lifespan of every animal in your sanctuary?

Nov 30, 3:08PM EST0

Where do you rescue these big cats from?

Nov 30, 3:08PM EST0

Does wild cat belong to the category and if you would have to rescue one, would they live together with the rest?

Nov 30, 3:07PM EST0

Where do you obtain your finances to support operations in rescuing and feeding these animals and maintaining their sanctuary?

Nov 30, 3:07PM EST0

Do these cats remain in the sanctuary for life or do you release them back to the wild?

Nov 30, 3:04PM EST0
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