We are Moonimal - a workspace accessories start-up. The PureShape mousepad is our first Kickstarter project. Ask Me Anything:)

Moonimal Design Team
Jan 10, 2018

Hello, we are Jakub and Jarek from Poland:)

We are industrial designers and we want to create a new premium brand of minimalist workspace accessories. We called it Moonimal.

The philosophy of our brand is to create simple but highly functional products. We believe in the local and refined manufacturing.

The PureShape mousepad for Apple Mouse is the first product in the upcoming minimalist line. Its form is inspired by Dieter Rams' style. Its function is to make working with Apple mouse more comfortable and productive. After a year of testing the prototype we are ready:)

Our next products will be: a stand/dock for Apple Watch, a stand for phone/tablet and 2 stands for laptops.

Pre-launch website: www.moonimal.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/moonimal_feed

Facebook: www.facebook.com/moonimal

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How much would the PureShape mousepad be sold for?

Jan 10, 1:04PM EST0

Price for early birds on Kickstarter is 29$. Regular price will be: 59$

Jan 10, 1:50PM EST0

Would the PureShape mousepad be available in online shops?

Jan 10, 6:09AM EST0

Yes, after Kickstarter campaign:)

Last edited @ Jan 10, 1:16PM EST.
Jan 10, 1:11PM EST0

Good one ;)

Jan 10, 1:21PM EST1

How reliable would you say your accessories are?

Jan 10, 12:32AM EST0

Each mouse pad is made of solid materials. The surface on which the mouse slides is made of steel, which makes the pad rigid and, unlike aluminum, resistant to indentations. Nano-ceramic coating that we coated steel is resistant to abrasion and UV light. We are able to produce pads in various colors - even in space gray :).Subtle base made of suede foam has a shape memory, and by the way is a great heat insulator which protects the hand and wrist against cooling.

Jan 12, 4:06AM EST0

19. Where do you see your brand 10 years from now?

Jan 9, 10:49PM EST1

In ten years... Our dream is to have a full line of gadgets for the desk, a line of products for carrying electronic equipment (case for laptops, bags) and a little collection of furniture (desk!) and lamps. 

We dream to be able to produce everything in Poland, not China.

Jan 11, 7:00AM EST1

Are the materials used in making the accessories eco-friendly?

Jan 9, 6:15PM EST0

Hi! Most of the materials that we use to produce the pad are materials that can be recycled. 0.5mm thick steel sheet is easily cut with a laser, which saves energy. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we want to cut the pads with a water jet, which will allow us to cut several layers of metal sheet at a time and save even more energy. Steel is a recyclable material. Powder coating, which we use to cover pads with a nano-ceramic coating, is a process during which no harmful chemicals are released into the atmosphere, and the paint allowance can be re-used. The base of the pad made of bamboo is an ecological material. The packaging is made of paper and is not printed with paints harmful to the environment. Only the subtle base made of foam is not a fully recyclable material, but we are working on solving this problem.

Jan 12, 4:42AM EST0

Are there a set of offices the PureShape mousepad works for?

Jan 9, 3:26PM EST1

Hi Marizane! Actually only our office and few home offices of our friends:)

We are using our mousepad everyday (for almost 2 years) :)

Jan 10, 1:53PM EST0

What material is the PureShape mousepad made from?

Jan 9, 12:29PM EST0

The mousepad is constructed from two materials. The upper layer is made from a laser-cut steel sheet with a pleasantly tactile coating.To obtain a uniform texture, the steel sheet was coated with nano ceramic conversion layer. Then the sputtering method was used, along with heating to a high temperature. The bottom layer of the pad is a grey foam with anti-slip properties or optional bamboo plywood.

Jan 10, 1:15PM EST0

Are your accessories made for offices or buildings only?

Jan 9, 11:49AM EST0

Hi Tim, thank you for your question but it isn't clear for us... 

Jan 10, 1:18PM EST0

How long have you been in manufacturing?

Jan 9, 9:09AM EST0

5 years, but first time we can produce something on our own:)

Jan 10, 1:20PM EST0

Can you talk about your previous products, experiences?

Jan 10, 1:34PM EST0

Was it built to be compatible with older Apple devices?

Jan 9, 8:48AM EST1

Amna, it's good question:) Our mousepad is designed specially for the last two generations of Apple Magic Mouse, but if you want use it without SmartSlider insert, it is compatible with the most laser mice on the market. Our laptops and phone stands can be used with most typical computers and phones. The exception is the stand for the Apple Watch (it's intended only for Apple Watch).

Jan 10, 1:26PM EST1

Have your accessories been tested and approved for international usage?

Jan 9, 7:41AM EST0

Hi Adrian! The decision to start a Kickstarter campaign was preceded by more than a year of testing the PureShape mousepad in different conditions. According to our knowledge, no permits are required. (we aren't producing electronic products).

Jan 10, 1:58PM EST0

Would you recommend the PureShape mousepad as a necessity for all offices?

Jan 9, 5:48AM EST0

Hi Michelle:) If the people in the office are working on Macs and using Apple Magic Mouse everyday they should try our mousepad;) It will improve workspace ergonomics (this is important when most of us spend all day with the hand on the mouse).  And of course it looks better than typical cloth mousemats. (for Apple maniacs it's very important;)

Jan 10, 2:09PM EST0

Are the accessories made for Apple devices only?

Jan 9, 5:16AM EST0

Hi Nemanja! No, our accessories aren't made for Apple devices only. We want to build a brand for everyone who cares about the appearance and ergonomics of their workplace. 

Our mousepad is designed specially for Apple Mouse, but you can use it with the most laser mice taht you can buy on the market.

Our laptops and phone stands can be used with most typical computers and phones. 

Jan 11, 6:53AM EST0

What was your first production project?

Jan 9, 3:55AM EST0

Hi Yana,

There were several ...;) Before we started working on the PureShape mouse pad, we produced a short series of cases for tablets and laptops. We have also designed several office furniture, and as a studio we are also working on the design of an electric car and boats :).

Jan 10, 5:09PM EST0

What was the challenge you faced working on the PureShape mousepad?

Jan 9, 3:47AM EST0

Hi Matteo,

The challenge for us was to choose the right technology that allowed us to repeat and high quality of production. Each washer is subjected to quality control, we check if all elements are properly matched and the ceramic coating has no blemishes. We made sure that the ceramic coating, which we covered the pad, did not wipe off, and not yellowing under the influence of UV light.

Jan 10, 5:00PM EST0

How does your product affect office work?

Jan 8, 10:39PM EST0

Hi Gorgette,

The most common and serious office worker issue is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, developing from wrist overload and strain while PC work. You know this painful feeling in your hand when you use the mouse for too long? SmartSlider reduces friction and keeps your wrist healthy:)

Jan 10, 4:44PM EST0

When is the target launch date for the PureShape mouse pad?

Jan 8, 5:54PM EST0

Hi Amber, our plan is the last week of February 2018. We are building a mailing list and when it will reach the right size we'll be ready to start.It's not easy to attract media attention before Kickstarter campaign...

Jan 10, 1:31PM EST0
Where did you get the inspiration to work on minimalistic workspace accessories?
Jan 8, 5:09PM EST1

Hi Martha, hmm.... there are few big names: Dieter Rams, Jony Ive (and whole Apple design team), Richard Sapper, Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier... We love mid-century modern movement:)

Great inspiration is Pinterest, Instagram and Wallpaper magazine.

Jan 10, 1:40PM EST0
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