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Dee Diabolical & Dee Decisions
Jul 10, 2017

Diabolical Decisions

We, Mr. Decisions & Mr. Diabolical. have create a new turn by turn basis game we call Diabolical Decisons: The Game Designed to Destroy Friendship! The game consists of 60 cards each with questions designed to embarrass, create tension, and insult players (friends) as you play.

The game is similar to popular games like hotseat, or the voting game but instead of everyone voting who they believe suits the question best, its the player asking the question.

One Card The game has humorus cards along with personal cards making the game daring to play. When a player gives the card to the person they believe the card represents they must say the "To the receiver" note at the bottom of the card as they hand it too them.

When a player receives 5 cards, that player gets to kick another player out of the game. Last 2 players in are the winners because they beat our test of friendship and are the best friends.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theotherdd/diabolical-decisions

Website: https://theotherddgame.com/


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What was your inspiration to create this game? 

Jul 10, 6:07PM EDT0

In a lot of friendships we noticed that friends like to roast their friends in some way or form. We wanted to see if we could make that idea playable.

Jul 10, 6:12PM EDT0

Are there any games that Diabolical Decisions was modeled after?

Jul 10, 12:16AM EDT0

it has similarities with one of our favorite games, The Voting Game, just without the voting.

Last edited @ Jul 10, 4:24AM EDT.
Jul 10, 4:03AM EDT0
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Was the artwork on the game inspired by anything in particular?

Jul 9, 9:20PM EDT17

Not necessarily, we knew we wanted a hand holding a knife on the front of the box and the cards to almost look like the edges were blood stained and the top to have a mustache. We did take inspiration from the classic bicycle cards to fill in the back of the card.


Jul 9, 10:57PM EDT35

You know, this design is so stylish! You guys have a special gift for creating "The Addams Family" atmosphere!

Jul 11, 3:53AM EDT23

What is the longest amount of time friends haven't talked to each other because of this game?

Jul 9, 7:37PM EDT0

So far is hasn't gotten to the point where friends needed to be silent with each other.

Jul 9, 10:47PM EDT0
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Who was the designer of the game's artwork?

Jul 9, 4:13PM EDT47

2 members of our diabolical decisions team. They've done logos for local events in Alaska and they were happy to help the project out.

Jul 9, 4:23PM EDT41

i like the design

Jul 11, 3:08AM EDT36

How long has Diabolical Decisions been in the making?

Jul 9, 2:38PM EDT0

We've went from idea to playable product in about 6 months

Jul 9, 4:00PM EDT0
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Are the designs below the hand waves or flames?

Jul 9, 1:01PM EDT0

They are just a decorative design inspired by the look of fire.


Last edited @ Jul 9, 4:13PM EDT.
Jul 9, 4:10PM EDT34

Where are you from, do you have a team working together on this?

Jul 9, 11:32AM EDT0

We are originally from Homer, AK and we consist of 2 art designers and 2 think heads plus a company we send the project files to for print.

Jul 9, 12:03PM EDT0
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Have you ever created or attempted to create any other games?

Jul 9, 7:26AM EDT0

Nope, this is our debut in game creating. We hope to make a drinking game in the future.

Jul 9, 11:57AM EDT0
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Do you see Diabolical Decisions becoming a popular household game?

Jul 9, 5:51AM EDT0

I believe so, I don't think it will hit high ranks like Exploding Kittens but it does have a place.

Jul 9, 11:54AM EDT0
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What is the least Diabolical question in Diabolical Decisions?

Jul 9, 5:06AM EDT0

We have just a couple cards in there that arn't diabolical at all but are in there for humor like this one.


In terms of the least diabolical I would have to say


Jul 9, 11:52AM EDT50
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How long did it take you to come up with the Diabolical questions?

Jul 9, 4:25AM EDT13

Took about a month to create the questions plus a few weeks to figure out which ones we wanted for the main pack.

Jul 9, 11:39AM EDT12
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What do the flowers next to the hand on the game represent?

Jul 8, 11:28PM EDT36

The flowers on the box are there to represent friendship, the dagger is for the "Back Stab" nature of our cards because we call them "Backstab Cards" and the designs on the cards have a mustache on it because the handle bar mustache is a classic villian trait that represents our diabolical cards. 

Last edited @ Jul 9, 11:00PM EDT.
Jul 9, 1:23AM EDT19

the moustache is awesome lol

Jul 11, 3:22AM EDT70

Are there any other 'Decisions' games in the works besides Uncensored?

Jul 8, 10:03PM EDT0

The Uncensored, Devilish, and Delightful Decisions are all expansions for Diabolical Decisions but we do have future plans to create a drinking board game called Drunk Decisions.

Jul 9, 1:13AM EDT0
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What are some questions that might be included in Uncensored Decisions?

Jul 8, 9:27PM EDT37

The uncensored will be a little more foul mouthed and such so you'll have to excuse the language but one example would be "Which fucking friend is always whining like a shit?/ To the receiver: Fucking drink your bottle you fucking baby." Or another would be slightly more crossing the line like "Which friend is happy they are the most white?/ To the receiver: There's no black version of this card."

Jul 9, 1:11AM EDT56

hahah the last is a tough one

Jul 11, 3:58AM EDT45

Do you ever wonder if this game is a bad idea for people's friendships?

Jul 8, 8:02PM EDT0

When we first made it we did. We felt much better after a few test runs to make sure we didn't create a card game version of the old tv show Moment of Truth which did nothing but destroy relationships.

Jul 8, 8:48PM EDT0
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Why exactly is the hexagon the card shape of choice?

Jul 8, 5:38PM EDT0

A lot of games use plain black and white cards these days and we wanted to use a card that would look different and give us the most creative freedom for design. We wanted them to look special.

Jul 8, 6:08PM EDT0
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What do you recommend as the ideal setting for playing Diabolical Decisions?

Jul 8, 5:26PM EDT0

Any setting works we usually play it during BBQ's and such, just be sure to be surrounded by friends with good humor.

Jul 8, 6:05PM EDT0
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Why the top hats and moustaches, for Mr. Decisions and Mr. Diabolical?

Jul 8, 5:00PM EDT29

There was something about calling it Diabolical Decisions and looking like Snidely Whiplash from Dudley Do-Right that seemed to go hand in hand. Later we found out through our instagram followers that we resemble a character called Black Hat from a short lived Cartoon Network show called Villainous

Jul 8, 5:57PM EDT53

I see

Jul 11, 4:09AM EDT34

Has Diabolical Decisions been tested out by your friends?

Jul 8, 4:28PM EDT0

Yes it has. They've played it a couple times, different results everytime!

Jul 8, 4:53PM EDT0
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