Walletic Slim: Thin Soft Light Leather RFID EDC Micro Wallet. Hi! We are launching our new project next month, could you give us some comment about our project, what you like, what you don't like or any details that you like to know about. | Ask Me Anything

Thea Lin
Feb 28, 2018

Walletic Slim: Thin Soft Light Leather RFID EDC Micro Wallet

Ultra-minimalist redesigned leather wallet, pocket-sized for everyday use, bulk storage, up to 8 cards, several folding cash and coins

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When we consider essential items carried around every day, we often think of our wallet, phone, keys and pens. Oh Yes, the Wallet, but how are we gona carry it? This's why we designed this WALLETIC.

In general, some wallet are not simple and huge to carry and no product on the market offered a good solution. So we decided to create a minimalist wallet that solved the problem. It is time to SLIM your everyday wallet.

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Are you considering approaching any designers with your product to see if they would be interested in a unique design like this?
Mar 4, 12:45AM EST0
Who came up with the idea to create thin wallets?
Mar 3, 2:17PM EST0
Don't you think adding more sizes or variations would help your project reach out to more prospective/interested people?
Mar 3, 1:17PM EST0
How important was the minimalist design to you? Are you considering adding many different designs, or is minimalism one of the main features of Walletic?
Feb 28, 9:55AM EST0
Is this the first project you two are working together on? How do you complement each other as partners, and what are your individual strengths?
Feb 28, 9:01AM EST0
Where are you based and what is the market there like? Are you planning on launching your product worldwide?
Feb 28, 7:59AM EST0
Is your wallet primarily intended for the male population?
Feb 28, 7:24AM EST0
Have you worked for other manufacturers or in the fashion industry in the past?
Feb 27, 10:02AM EST0
With all the cards, cash and coins, how thick is this wallet going to be when filled up?
Feb 27, 7:53AM EST0

It would be tight but it would also depend on how many credit cards you had in the wallet.

If you store the 2 credit cards, 2 ID cards, 2 insurance cards, cash, pin and a few coins. maybe the walletic thickness is about 0.9cm to 1.2cm.

If you only store the 8 cards, the walletic thickness is about 1cm.

Feb 27, 8:40PM EST0
Are you planning on introducing more colors for this wallet?
Feb 27, 6:01AM EST0

Yes, we have 4 colors option for this wallet, such as brown, red, grey and blue. If you are intested, you can see the link. we will launch this card holder tonight.


Feb 27, 8:31PM EST0
What’s the response so far for the Walletic?
Feb 27, 1:34AM EST0
After the crowdfunding campaign, how much would each wallet cost?
Feb 26, 9:24PM EST0


If you want to get 1 walletic, you will spend the USD25.

For more details, you can see the pre-launch link.(You can see the rewards in the side of the page) 


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Feb 27, 1:15AM EST0
Is this wallet only for adults or will this also be great for teens?
Feb 26, 9:16PM EST0

Hi Bmann

Yes, It also be great for teens. This wallet is very slim and lightweight.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 1:17AM EST.
Feb 27, 1:17AM EST0
Who makes the wallets? Do you have a team or do you outsource the service?
Feb 26, 5:52PM EST0


Ron and I designd the card holder, and we contacted the factroy to make the prototype.

Feb 27, 1:18AM EST0
Who makes the wallets? Do you have a team or do you outsource the service?
Feb 26, 5:52PM EST0


Ron and I designd the card holder, and we contacted the factroy to make the prototype.

Feb 27, 1:23AM EST0
Do you believe crowdfunding is the best way to start a new business?
Feb 26, 1:24PM EST0
Do you plan on offering more items that match this wallet in the future like bags or passport holders?
Feb 26, 11:13AM EST0

Yes, If you interested, pls follow us kickstarter account to see the latest update.

Here is our profile:


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Feb 27, 1:22AM EST0
Aside from wallets, what other products have you created in the past?
Feb 26, 10:23AM EST0

You can see the below link for your reference. thx


Feb 27, 1:21AM EST0
How can you guarantee durability for such a thin wallet?
Feb 26, 9:31AM EST0
What’s the story behind the brand name Walletic?
Feb 26, 4:57AM EST0