Gray Leung @ Startkiz

CEO and Head of Design and Development


CEO and Head of Design and Development

Hi Everyone! My name is Gray Leung , CEO and head of design of Startkiz. We just started a crowd funding agency startup based in Hong Kong.

I am a Product Deisgn veteran (a.k.a. inventor) in high-quality and functional home-ware and gadgets who also won the Japan GOOD DESIGN AWARD and HONG KONG SMART GIFT AWARD . In the past couple of years, I  have desiged serveral successful crowd funding campaign product incldung: HOLGA DIGITAL, PIECE 4 SIM and MUZO

Recently we are helping a Japanese lengendary camera's brand to relaunch their new camera after 10 years of slience. The  YASHICA Y35 . The camapign got 100% funded withhin 4 hours, reached 1M+ in 3 days with the support of 6500+ backers. 


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  • 25 years in unctional home-ware and gadgets