Denis Belair

Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Comic book creator


Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Comic book creator

Born in Timmins, Ontario, Denis has always been passionate about comic books. He followed his passion of illustrating throughout his youth and studied 3D animation at Collège Boréal.

Since then, he's been working as a graphic designer for an Ottawa print shop. It was not until a few years ago that he finally decided to get started on a few book series of his own.

Creature Feature, an anthology of horror stories, and Hard Rock, the true story behind the first rock band, were his early projects. After learning and constantly improving his skills and knowledge on the process of creating comics, Denis found himself ready for the next challenge.

Enter Blast Off: Into the Unknown! 

Created by Denis Belair and Luc Sanschagrin, Blast off: Into the Unknown is a Sci-Fi comic series.

Set lightyears away, in an uncharted galaxy, exists life much like the one we know. Seemingly separate, though fatefully intertwined.

Each of the individual stories are stand alone with an over lapping grand story that develops in the background. 

Follow the Adventures of the Blind Piliot Al, the over confident Capain Wrex, the brave Cynza and more as they try to survive the horror that waits for them in the depth of space!  

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