Sebastian Grimm


The idea behind paprfloor is quite simple. We looked for an alternative for flooring at fairs, that produce a lot of waste and costs. Normal flooring on fairs consist mainly of polypropylene which is made from oil and produces toxic waste. And nearly all of the flooring at fairs will not be reused.We found corrugated paper as an alternative and redesigned the paper a little bit and founded paprfloor. In 2014 we installed that paprfloor for the first time at around 200 square metres with great results. To establish paprfloor we are now looking for investors and/or licence partners.Paprfloor is an ideal alternative for flooring, because it is

  • Ecological
  • Non-allergic
  • Individual
  • Easy to use.

Unique selling point: Paprfloor is the only flooring that is non-allergic, affordable, ecological, completely reusable and that can be individualized. For fairs we will install a closed circle of installation, usage and recycling that saves not only money but also reduces waste.