U.S Healthcare is in shambles, we're trying to crowdfund a solution. AMA!

Austin Jones
Aug 9, 2018
  • There's a huge disconnect in America between healthcare and patients. Patients health problems and medical expenses fuel a 3 trillion dollar industry. Most Americans can't afford to get the care they need. Something you need to consider, data is the worlds most valuable resource. Patients create data. That data is a highly sought commodity by healthcare company's so they can expand and create new products. Patients have no control over their data. Their medical records are sold for billions of dollars through a legal loophole of anonymization processes. The data used often raises their insurance rates or creates products they can't afford. Patients have no way to navigate health care, until now. Unity Health Score is a medical data brokerage and analytics company launching our Gofundme crowdfund and prototype on the Google play / iTunes app stores August 30th.  Our prototype is just a clickable walkthrough showing people what were trying to get funded. Our product is going to offer many services centered around patients data. It's going to use their data in patients best interest as a collective entity to engage with the healthcare industry on a big business level. Patients will now be able to choose who buys their data and decide how it's used. Inevitably creating negotiation space and a platform to make their voices heard. By only selling their information to organizations that practice fair trade, we solve many problems prevalent in healthcare. With 62% of bankruptcy happening from medical debt, something's got to change. We wager that's data ownership. Patients should be the only ones selling their data. This solves so many problems from electronic health record interoperability to doctor burnout from transcribing impact on clinic times to communication and patients ability to control their health. Crowdfunding this could allow us to stop hassling with investors and risk trading equity in our model for ownership from someone who may not share our vision of putting patients over profits. We've been trying to get funding for over a year now, even launched a crowdfund 8 months ago that only made $10. Ask me anything! 

This is a contribution by Austin Jones, Founder, and CEO of Unity Health Score.

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Austin Jones says:

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When you think about the dynamics of supply and demand, which is really complex in healthcare, at what point do you think your company will start thinking about the underlying costs associated with care?
Sep 8, 11:58AM EDT0
How will Unity Health Score improve the healthcare sector?
Sep 8, 12:23AM EDT0
How much is healthcare going to change in the next 5 years and who will be getting affected?
Sep 7, 1:36AM EDT0
What’s next for the company? How has the company evolved over time?
Sep 5, 2:35PM EDT0
Where do you think Unity Health Score stands in the global health startup scene, and how does it compare?
Sep 5, 5:31AM EDT0
What’s keeping everyone busy at Unity Health Score right now?
Sep 5, 2:28AM EDT0
What is the importance of health care training for various professionals involved in the medical profession, given the ever-increasing complexities in the field?
Sep 4, 9:52AM EDT0
In what ways will your startup push the healthcare industry to evolve?
Sep 3, 11:44AM EDT0
How do you plan to decrease the substantial fees associated with setting up connections between EHR systems?
Aug 31, 11:26PM EDT0
What are the main problems of the U.S. healthcare system and how will Unity Health Score help to improve the situation?
Aug 31, 7:34PM EDT0

What is the difference it will make in the healthcare industry?

Aug 31, 3:04AM EDT0
How can the services of Unity Health Score be applied to the data of patients in other countries of the world?
Aug 30, 3:32PM EDT1

Virtually the same as in the U.S we will just have to accommodate our demographic analysis which will likely be easier to configure than in the U.S because of smaller variances in homogenous society's versus our cultural melting pot. 

Aug 30, 4:07PM EDT0
What are the main weaknesses that you recognize in Unity Health Score?
Aug 30, 3:28PM EDT1

Security. We're helping people handle their information and that sets us up for some very vulnerable situations. As Andrew Oram put it in our first podcast "there's no silver bullet" to systems security. Supercomputers are becoming more available and eventually quantum computing will be on the market, who knows what hacking will be capable of then. All we can do is try to stay ahead of the curve. 

Aug 30, 4:06PM EDT0
What is the response of the general public to Unity Health Score? Do they have a positive or more skeptical opinion about your project?
Aug 30, 12:30PM EDT1

I've found most people are very positive about what were doing. 

Aug 30, 4:04PM EDT0
What changes in the health industry can you foresee upon the establishment fo Unity Health Score and similar companies?
Aug 30, 2:48AM EDT1

People having control of their information could help establish fair trade. Essentially only company's who make reasonably priced medicines or products would be trusted by consumers with their data to develop further products. 

Aug 30, 4:03PM EDT0
Is healthcare a human right or a commodity?
Aug 29, 3:26PM EDT1

Healthcare is a basic human right! It is your digital property! 


Aug 30, 1:13AM EDT0
How will Unity Health Score help to solve the high rate of bankruptcy due to medical debt?
Aug 29, 2:05AM EDT1

By  implementing wellness plans, getting people extra revenue, and creating transparency from communication to pricing. 

Aug 30, 1:12AM EDT0
What are the weaknesses of the crowdfunding campaign that you are about to start? How would you further improve it?
Aug 28, 5:32PM EDT1

By delaying it and doing a better crowdfund on a better platform for our niche. Which is what were doing. 

Aug 30, 1:11AM EDT0
Which countries in the world already protect patients data from being sold out?
Aug 28, 10:27AM EDT0

Europe with GDPR is definitley ahead of the game. 

Aug 30, 1:11AM EDT0
What are the main flaws of the current health system in the U. S.?
Aug 28, 4:37AM EDT1

Definitley the lack of communication and transparency, we need to have all the true stakeholders in healthcare talking to eachother and all the middlemen out. 

Aug 30, 1:10AM EDT0