U.S Healthcare is in shambles, we're trying to crowdfund a solution. AMA!

Austin Jones
Aug 9, 2018
  • There's a huge disconnect in America between healthcare and patients. Patients health problems and medical expenses fuel a 3 trillion dollar industry. Most Americans can't afford to get the care they need. Something you need to consider, data is the worlds most valuable resource. Patients create data. That data is a highly sought commodity by healthcare company's so they can expand and create new products. Patients have no control over their data. Their medical records are sold for billions of dollars through a legal loophole of anonymization processes. The data used often raises their insurance rates or creates products they can't afford. Patients have no way to navigate health care, until now. Unity Health Score is a medical data brokerage and analytics company launching our Gofundme crowdfund and prototype on the Google play / iTunes app stores August 30th.  Our prototype is just a clickable walkthrough showing people what were trying to get funded. Our product is going to offer many services centered around patients data. It's going to use their data in patients best interest as a collective entity to engage with the healthcare industry on a big business level. Patients will now be able to choose who buys their data and decide how it's used. Inevitably creating negotiation space and a platform to make their voices heard. By only selling their information to organizations that practice fair trade, we solve many problems prevalent in healthcare. With 62% of bankruptcy happening from medical debt, something's got to change. We wager that's data ownership. Patients should be the only ones selling their data. This solves so many problems from electronic health record interoperability to doctor burnout from transcribing impact on clinic times to communication and patients ability to control their health. Crowdfunding this could allow us to stop hassling with investors and risk trading equity in our model for ownership from someone who may not share our vision of putting patients over profits. We've been trying to get funding for over a year now, even launched a crowdfund 8 months ago that only made $10. Ask me anything! 

This is a contribution by Austin Jones, Founder, and CEO of Unity Health Score.

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Austin Jones says:

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How much are you trying to gather in the crowdfunding campaign?
Aug 20, 6:29PM EDT1

500,000 will allow us to get a minimum viable product online. 

Aug 20, 6:58PM EDT0
How is the raised money going to be spent? What are the main needs that must be covered to launch Unity Health Score?
Aug 19, 8:02AM EDT1

Mostly the back end of our application. We need a legal team and some more staff to hire. But overall expenses will go to building our databases and systems to run our application. 

Aug 20, 6:57PM EDT0
What is going to happen to Unity Health Score if this crowdfunding campaign does not reach the set goal?
Aug 19, 4:55AM EDT1

We're going to come back later with a better crowdfunding campaign, or find the right investor eventually. 

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Aug 20, 6:56PM EDT0
In what ways will Unity Health Score help to improve the current health system in the U. S.?
Aug 19, 3:27AM EDT1

We will help people collectively lower care costs and receive revenue to curb medical expenses. 

Aug 20, 6:55PM EDT0
What benefits will sponsors in the crowdfunding phase will get when the company is up and running?
Aug 19, 2:35AM EDT1

They will get early access to new features and things of that nature. 

Aug 20, 6:55PM EDT0
Will Unity Health Score offer any Commission Free Products or Sign-Up Bonuses?
Aug 19, 2:24AM EDT1

We will have a commission system for helping us obtain users. 

Aug 20, 6:54PM EDT0
What are your thoughts on equity crowdfunding? Is this a viable option for Unity Health Score?
Aug 19, 1:55AM EDT1

We might use Startengine 

Aug 20, 6:53PM EDT0
Will there be a system for the valuation of different the medical records or all the records will have the same value? For instance, the records of a person with a rare genetic condition being more valuable than those of a common person.
Aug 18, 11:22AM EDT1

We're averaging a individual record or health metric around $10, more common data like your height and weight may end up leaning closer to $4 while rarer data like someone with a rare disorders white blood cell count may be closer to $100. Prices will also lower with bulk. 

Aug 20, 6:53PM EDT0
Will patients be in charge of compiling their own medical records? Is there going to be a special service in Unity Health Score to do so?
Aug 17, 1:44AM EDT1

Yes and no. Patients can compile their own medical records. We will also be actively creating incentives for their caregivers and providers to do so on their behalf as well. 

Aug 17, 2:00AM EDT0
What is the response that you expect from the health industry to this kind of efforts?
Aug 15, 11:50PM EDT1

I don't really see a consistent response. Currently seeing people who believe in our ideas and are already promoting them in their own ways or have been long before us. Others say it can't work. Some are inbetween. 

Overall though I would say that were finally seeing enough people agree with it, with Seema Verma and CMS campaigning for interoperability and getting all the big organizations to agree for pursuing open source electronic health records. 

Aug 15, 11:53PM EDT0
Will the data traded through Unity Health Score be truly anonymous?
Aug 15, 2:15PM EDT1

Yes and no. Per HIPAA regulations we will anonymized the information to an extent but there's truly no such thing as anonymized data. It can all be cross referenced. 

Aug 15, 7:30PM EDT0
Once one has agreed to join Unity Health Score, how can one be sure that the medical data is not stolen? How will Unity Health Score protect the patient’s information?
Aug 15, 12:44PM EDT1

We plan to use everything available from central cloud storage to high tier encryption to blockchain. We will do everything possible to secure our patients sensitive medical information. 

Aug 15, 7:32PM EDT0
What kind of commissions will there be in Unity Health Score?
Aug 15, 7:09AM EDT1

People will receive the majority payout of their data, starting out at 50% of its proceeds. As we scale and need less revenue, we intend to get the patient payout to atleast 75%. Doctors, insurance company's, record vendors, and more will be able to receive commissions as well from the data theyre involved in, albeit small amounts around the 5% margin.  

Aug 15, 7:34PM EDT0
In your system, what exactly is being sold? specific data sets about a particular treatment or disease or the access to the entire medical record of a patient?
Aug 15, 6:18AM EDT1

Both. It all boils down to what the individual customers want to buy and the individual data owners want to sell. Maybe a research project wants to see full medical records, in that case it will be up to the patient whether they willing to sell all their information or only select parts of it. 

Last edited @ Aug 15, 7:36PM EDT.
Aug 15, 7:35PM EDT0
Is the sale of medical data an international problem, on what do you base your answer?
Aug 15, 1:02AM EDT1

I think it is, because the world's human rights council is talking about it. Potentially making personal data ownership the 31st basic human right. 

Aug 15, 2:09AM EDT0
What will happen to the personal data after a person dies? Who will gain power over that information and earnings?
Aug 14, 11:56PM EDT1

Whatever the Person who made the data wants. They can either elect to put it in their will to beneficiarys as an asset, they can donate it's proceeds to a cause or organization, they can request it no longer be used. It just boils down to what the person who made the data wants done with it. 

Aug 14, 11:59PM EDT0
How does the current anonymization process of patient's data work? Does this process make data truly anonymous or it is still possible to track down the personal information of a patient?
Aug 14, 10:07AM EDT1

HIPAA requires that atleast 15 identifiable factors be removed from a medical record before sale. Which doesn't really work because data customers often just cross reference the information back to its identity. 

Aug 14, 3:01PM EDT0
Do you foresee the emergence of some kind of brokers for medical information? Would this be a desirable effect? What are the reasons behind your answer?
Aug 14, 8:14AM EDT1

There already are health data brokers. There's brokers who specialize in all types of data like Axiom or Epsilon, then you've got the health orientated ones like IQVIA. 

Aug 14, 2:59PM EDT0
How will big pharmaceutical companies be able to buy the data? Is it going to be an individual process or the data will come in different bundles?
Aug 14, 5:40AM EDT1

They'll be able to consult with us on what data they need, then we can give them a rough idea of how much we have. We send out notification to everyone that fits their profile, include everyone who has their data sales set to autopilot. Then coordinate the sale in say 48 hours. 

As far as pricing and packaging the data goes there will be different deals there. 

Aug 14, 2:58PM EDT0
Will this services be offered to people outside the US?
Aug 13, 12:45PM EDT1

We have plans to expand but as of now it will only be U.S. were trying to develop teams for other demographics though! 

Aug 13, 5:12PM EDT0
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