Tuna: A Grindr's Tale/ Not Your Average Hook-up Your average Brooklynite becomes too trusting (or cocky) and finds himself in a dangerously comedic gay hookup. AMA

Dwayne A. Daniels II
Sep 8, 2017

Alex, your seemingly average, gender- fluid Brooklynite does what any young, hot man does: hook-up with other hotties.

Due to society’s perception of what is taboo and concern to “correct” personal lifestyle choices, when does he actually know enough is enough? That ish is not taught in school.

Who is there for someone who has been shushed into not talking about their sex life?

Although Alex is open, there are a lot of LGBTQ members who are quieted, forced to conform to appear “normal” and shamed into hiding/suppressing who they truly are.


Dwayne A. Daniels II says:

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Should there be more sex education available in schools that covers LGBT relationships?

Sep 8, 6:17PM EDT0

There should be moresex education period

Sep 8, 9:52PM EDT0

What was the most challenging aspect of writing the script?

Sep 8, 4:20PM EDT0

Honestly knowing that my family would see it since they aren't the most accepting

Sep 8, 5:21PM EDT0
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Are all your productions going to be crowdfunded?

Sep 8, 3:32PM EDT0

Until I am able to have a real budget yes

Sep 8, 3:44PM EDT0
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What does 'othering' mean?

Sep 8, 2:30PM EDT0

To view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself.

Sep 8, 3:09PM EDT0

Thank you for your answer! 

Sep 8, 8:02PM EDT0

How different do you feel your concept is compared to anything else out there right now?

Sep 8, 1:41PM EDT0

It deals with a serious issue in a serio-comedic way. Gay men on the DL are a disease in the gay communtiy and the fact that we continue to say it's okay is disgusting

Sep 8, 3:11PM EDT0
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Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns?

Sep 8, 12:30PM EDT0

Do your research and overprepare

Sep 8, 3:12PM EDT0
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I would never dream of publicly announcing my sexual preferences. Why do so many LBGTs feel the need to share this? I think most people don't care what somebody does in private, it's their personality that matters. What are your thoughts on this?

Sep 8, 10:03AM EDT0

Most people don't. But the people in power, Religion and Government, do. They have done terrible things to keep the secret that gay is ok. Since they want to sweep us under the rug we have to scream at the top of our lungs that we are still here.

Sep 8, 3:14PM EDT0
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How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Sep 8, 8:55AM EDT0

Well I have until the 14th so hopefully before then :)

Sep 8, 3:14PM EDT0
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Do you think there is more acceptance of LBGTs than there was a few years ago?

Sep 8, 6:39AM EDT0

Not so much. Yes the lgbt community has made great strides in recent years but I feel that was more so the fact that America has been trying to be very PC and people were afraid to speak their true feelings for fear of being singled out. The mindset hasn't completely changed yet.

Sep 8, 3:17PM EDT0

Do you think it will in years to come? 

Sep 8, 6:59PM EDT0

What do you feel the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Sep 8, 5:30AM EDT0

Other people paying for my projects :P

Sep 8, 3:17PM EDT0

Why do you think some people react abnormal when they find out someone is LBGT? Do you think it is because they are scared of the unknown or why?

Sep 8, 4:56AM EDT0

People are afraid of everything. Anything different scares us becase we don't know if it's going to harm us.

Sep 8, 3:18PM EDT0
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Where are you marketing your film to raise more funds?

Sep 8, 2:21AM EDT0

FB, IG, Twitter, Google Groups, Blogs, any where and every where

Sep 8, 3:19PM EDT0

Have you approached shops or counselors to donate money or to donate products/services that could help you as incentives?

Sep 7, 11:30PM EDT0

No I have not. Thank you for the suggestion

Sep 8, 3:19PM EDT0

No worries, just an idea :) 

Sep 8, 6:54PM EDT0

How long do you expect this film is going to take to make? 

Sep 7, 9:48PM EDT0

The film is done and about to be sent to fesitvals

Sep 8, 3:19PM EDT0
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What part of the population do you think are the best candidates for funding a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 7, 8:21PM EDT0

Anyone with money and love in their heart

Sep 8, 3:20PM EDT0

When and how did you think of this idea?

Sep 7, 8:18PM EDT0

I was up at 4 am in the morning listening to my roommate have sex in the next room

Sep 8, 3:20PM EDT0

Would you consider getting a specialist onboard in order to help you make this campaign a success?

Sep 7, 6:30PM EDT0


Sep 8, 3:20PM EDT0
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I am glad that you are educating people. Nobody chooses what they are born with. How long have you been active to educate people?

Sep 7, 6:08PM EDT0

Personally my entire life but this is my first film

Sep 8, 3:21PM EDT0
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What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Sep 7, 5:42PM EDT0

Do your research and overprepare

Sep 8, 3:21PM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Sep 7, 4:59PM EDT0

Rob little old lady's on the side of the road or start prostituting

Sep 8, 3:22PM EDT0

haha I definitely wouldnt advise that! 

Sep 8, 5:21PM EDT0
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