Traverse Crowdfunding AMA

Angelika Górska
Jan 30, 2018

Traverse is an action story about a teenage girl raised in an American colony in the 1700's, who discovers she can travel through time. Going forward 400 years, she sees that the world has changed astronomically. Now she must balance fighting in a fierce battle in the future against a tyrannical government and the rebels seeking justice against it, with trying to save her dying mother in the draconian patriarchal past. As times collide, will she survive the horrors of both the past and future?

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What is the story behind Traverse? What inspired you to write this story?

Jan 30, 4:40PM EST0

What are the main traits of your heroine?

Jan 30, 4:40PM EST0

What are you planning to write next? Do you already have an idea?

Jan 30, 4:30PM EST0

Why did you choose to write about time travel?

Jan 30, 2:43PM EST0

I really wanted to look into the change that happened between the past and the future, how balance between the genders changed. And I wanted to break the Hollywood tropes where usually you have a male main character. And doing so in such a patriarchal past isn't really done in many movies and shows, that is why I decided it would be good to boost a female character in those times

Jan 30, 2:58PM EST0

What authors do you like to read? Which book had the strongest influence on you and your writing?

Jan 30, 2:30PM EST0

I would say that Cassandra Clare had a big influence on my creative thinking, and story creation. I really liked how she created her world and followed the rules of it. Her organised way of writing had influenced me to understand the worlds I am creating and how  to make sure I don't break any of them

Jan 30, 2:37PM EST0

How did you set up your crowdfunding? What are the key aspects and stages of your campaign and which fundraising site are you using?

Jan 30, 2:16PM EST0

Hi, the link is right under the photo, to my IndieGoGo page. From the start I made sure to have my story finished so that the potential backers could see that I know what I am doing and that I'm planning to organise this campaign as well as I can. I made sure to calculate how much funding I will need and which departments it will go to. After that I made sure to make a pitch video which will detail all the important aspects that my backers have to know. After the site went live I made sure to share the link to it on as much social media sites as I could, and I have been in contact with potential backers.

Jan 30, 2:22PM EST0

Great! Thanks a lot. Very informative and simple to follow.

Jan 30, 11:48PM EST0

Do you think that the time travelling will be one day possible? If you could time travel where/when will you go and why?

Jan 30, 1:14PM EST0

If time travelling was ever possible, wouldn't we know about it. If people from the future would have came up with a tool that allows us to time travel wouldn't we have visitors from the future coming to our present time.  Maybe we do, and they just hide in plain sight. But time is such a relative aspect that it is very hard to see if we will ever break the continuum of it and be able to travel in time. But if it was possible, I would defenitely want to see the past, a lot of the historical figures that have shaped our world, as well as to the future to see how humanity is doing.

Jan 30, 1:23PM EST0

How would you describe your writing style?

Jan 30, 12:18PM EST0

I'm not a writer, that is explained in the link I attached, I am a filmmaker, I create stories and then my writer does that job. It's hard to talk about the writing style as it really isn't my specialism.

Jan 30, 12:23PM EST0

Have you always wanted to become an author?

Jan 30, 11:11AM EST0

No, I just wanted tocreate stories and be able to film them

Jan 30, 11:26AM EST0

What is more important in an action story: the character or the plot?

Jan 30, 10:53AM EST0

I think both are similarly important as good characters fuel the plot and good plot helps the characters to develop

Jan 30, 11:26AM EST0

Are any of the characters in your story inspired by your real life?

Jan 30, 9:54AM EST0

No not really, we started with only 3 main characters and as soon as we needed the characters to fulfill certain roles and we were missing characters that would help the existing ones with their missions we would think of supporting characters tbat could help them with that, none of them are based on real people

Jan 30, 11:24AM EST0

Where do you plan to publish your story?

Jan 30, 6:16AM EST0

I plan to submit it to film festivals, hopefully being selected to play in them

Jan 30, 11:20AM EST0

What do you think makes a good action story?

Jan 29, 4:56PM EST0

I think that it's all about characters as well as good plot twists, so that the action can revolve around them

Jan 30, 11:22AM EST0

Who was the most difficult and fun character to write about?

Jan 29, 4:56PM EST0

I think one of the most fun characters to write, was one of the main rebels as he has a bit of a plot twist going on in the story, don't want to reveal too much but it is a good one

Jan 30, 11:18AM EST0

The most difficult character must have been the protagonists mother, as we needed to make her show symptoms of her illness and gradually show that she's getting worse as the time passes

Jan 30, 11:19AM EST0

How long did it take you to write the Traverse? Do you have any writing routines and rituals?

Jan 29, 8:15AM EST0

Around 4/5 months, we used to meet with my writer, get some beers and start writing, honestly that was a really good experience

Jan 29, 8:57AM EST0

Is the tyrannical government the main antagonist in your action story?

Jan 29, 5:36AM EST0

There are 2 main antagonists in the story, but yes the tyrannical government is the bigger one, there is another man in the past who is an antagonist as well but his actions definitely reach out on a smaller scale

Jan 29, 8:53AM EST0

How interesting! Thanks!

Feb 2, 4:13PM EST0

Are you planning to establish and maintaining a career in writing?

Jan 29, 4:20AM EST0

As I said in the comments before, but of course you won't actually see them until the AMA starts, I am a cinematographer, and the creator of this story, I have a trusted writer who is doing that job for me

Jan 29, 8:51AM EST0

So my plan for life is to establish a career in cinematography

Jan 29, 8:51AM EST0

Is Traverse a novel, short story or novella?

Jan 28, 11:07PM EST0

It is a feature long movie. We're thinking that the genre of it will be sci-fi drama.

Jan 29, 8:49AM EST0

What was the most challenging about writing Traverse?

Jan 28, 7:59PM EST0

Keeping all the details to match throughout the movie and maintaining action

Jan 29, 8:55AM EST0

How do you keep everything straight in your storyline and organize your story ideas?

Jan 28, 2:50PM EST0

First of all, there's 3 of us involved in the creation and writing of the project, so you can imagine how hectic everything can be. But, to keep everything organised we have a shared google drive folder, inbetween ourselves. Each folder has a specific role, depends if it's the for scriptwriting, treatment, actors etc. We try to keep everything in its corresponding folder and date the new updates of the files so that everyone can be up to date with every document. Let's say we make changes in a specific document, we change the colour of the text to indicate to the other people what has been done. Also, when we do some changes we tell the others via WhatsApp or Messenger so that they can check the new files.

Jan 28, 5:06PM EST0

Talking about the storyline ideas, we make sure to have all the important aspects of the storyline in one document. Which is an outline of what is happening and when and where. Whilst writing the project we always make sure to stick to that document so that the continuity is in place. 

Jan 28, 5:09PM EST0
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