Three years through the Polar Circle. Ask me anything and if you like, share it!

Alejandro de Paz
Jan 3, 2018

My name is Alejandro de Paz, I am 25 years old and I am a freelance photographer of travel and landscapes passionate of the mountain.

I prepare to finish an adventure has taken me two years for the Polar Circle with an eye to Denmark and its Faroe Islands. I will make a photographic report of these wonderful lands and their local people respecting the nature and making my followers aware of it.

I´m promoting a kickstarter will serve to finance part of the photographic equipment that has been deteriorating and breaking after the harsh weather conditions that support ... -20ºC chasing northern lights, large columns of water after giant waterfalls and snowfalls that catch you by surprise in the middle of the nothing, windy regions ...

I am offering a series of products exclusively. You will see that you have to contribute a certain amount of money. Once you have decided what you would like and how much you would like to contribute, you can click on the large green button and follow the steps below.

If you decide to contribute with the amount of € 5 you will be able to access a private facebook and instagram group. Through these accounts, I will share updates, behind the scenes and live stories! Offering exclusive content is important to me because I want to share it. Of course, you will also have access to the group if you contribute more than € 5!

Offering different products (postcards, prints and photo albums) is also important to me because of their contribution. I offer it with a personalized message on the back, as well as signed prints and photo albums! The postcards will be sent from the places where they were purchased, the prints and photo books will be signed and sent from Spain when I return from the trip.

Thank you all for your contributions in advance! The support means so much, and I can't wait for you all to receive your exclusive goodies!



Kickstarter link:


Alejandro de Paz says:

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Where are you from? Do you have scenery like this in your home country?

Jan 5, 1:29PM EST0

Can you describe how you start your normal day?

Jan 3, 7:15AM EST1

I take my breakfast and start a hard study session

Jan 3, 10:15AM EST0

How did you develop an interest with photography?

Jan 3, 7:05AM EST1

I think buying an iphone and my father's gift: my old compact sony were the enhancers for me 

Jan 3, 10:14AM EST0
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Where can people see to find out about about you and your works?

Jan 3, 6:12AM EST1
Jan 3, 10:09AM EST0

What was the feeling like when you first captured the northern lights?

Jan 3, 5:45AM EST1

There is a saying that:  "if someone tries to explain what a northern light is or what it feels like, he has not seen any". Nowadays, I don´t have words to describe it.

Jan 3, 10:07AM EST1
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Apart from Europe what other continent you would most likely consider to visit?

Jan 3, 4:43AM EST1

I´m considering Asia or Latin America :)

Jan 3, 10:01AM EST0
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What is your full time job other than being a photographer?

Jan 3, 2:09AM EST1

I´m a nurse :)

Jan 3, 4:12AM EST0

When can we expect your final work from the Polar Circle adventure?

Jan 3, 1:53AM EST1

I will finish it approximately in May :D

Jan 3, 4:12AM EST0

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

Jan 3, 12:37AM EST1

The one thing I wish to know when I started taking pictures is to be able to capture the moment and the scene as I feel it. That is not always possible and it´s very difficult

Jan 3, 4:10AM EST0

Can you recommend the suitable camera brand for beginners?

Jan 2, 7:46PM EST1

I think there is no camera mark specific for beginners, I started with Canon :)

Jan 3, 4:06AM EST0

Do you have a target date for the funding of your campaign?

Jan 2, 10:01AM EST2

Yes Ron, you can support it from now until January 29! Do you like the project?

Jan 2, 10:26AM EST0

Are you limiting yourself to this genre of photography?

Jan 2, 9:50AM EST1

What I like the most is landscape photography but I also like portraits, for me, portraits are the most difficult modality of photography.

Jan 2, 10:16AM EST0

Do you have something to show us that someone else cannot?

Jan 2, 9:19AM EST1

I think that every photograph is unique: the time, the moment, the weather, everything is constantly changing! And your mood or what you want to show too, so I think you can show people or unique places!

Jan 2, 10:13AM EST0

Are there any organizations that a professional photographer are expected to join?

Jan 2, 9:10AM EST1

I have not researched about organizations, at the moment I like to be freelance and be without works or contracts that "force" you to photograph certain things.

Jan 2, 10:09AM EST0

Do you collaborate well with second shooters or assistants?

Jan 2, 8:36AM EST1

Most of the time I like to photograph alone, it´s very wild places where you are very sleepy (especially chasing the northern lights) but if my itinerary matches another photographer and there is a good feeling it is very positive and you learn much more.

Jan 2, 10:06AM EST0

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Jan 2, 6:39AM EST1

I have learned with what I call, test-error method. I take many pictures, and from there, I notice what I failed, maybe only 15% of all the shots are good, and I try to improve. You have to practice a lot. For photographic techniques and revealed in Lightroom I have learned with videos on YouTube and asking a lot.

Jan 2, 10:03AM EST0

What major problem have you encountered in photography and how did you deal with it?

Jan 2, 4:53AM EST1

The major problem in places like Iceland and Norway is bad weather, I always like to have a plan B with other routes in case I can´t photograph the desired place. The humidity and water deteriorate the equipment and the batteries below 10 degrees Celsius last very little, so you have to carry several spare parts.

Jan 2, 9:58AM EST0

How do you evaluate success in photography?

Jan 2, 2:13AM EST1

It´s not easy to answer that, and I think there isn´t a simple answer... Number of awards, followers, praises or works for big brands???? As in the art world, there will be many people who like your photos, and others will not. I think that your are satisfied with your work is the most important thing.

Jan 2, 4:13AM EST0

What is your favorite memory from childhood?

Jan 2, 1:33AM EST1

It´s a difficult question, but in this context, I would say the first time I shot with my compact camera

Jan 2, 4:06AM EST0

Can you name what kind of gears you used?

Jan 1, 9:16PM EST1

Mainly, Canon 750D with tokina 11-20mm f/2.8 :)

Jan 2, 4:05AM EST0
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