The Bracelet !!! AMA

May 14, 2018

Smart Bracelet that fuses Art, Fashion and Technology.

Re-imagine what a wearable can do ? Call, Message, Notification, Maps, Music, NFC and much more, All in one Compact & Smart Bracelet that fuses Art & Technology.

"New Technologies needs new business models, and this new wearable tech bracelet shows exactly what you mean."

The Secrets 

How it is Possible ? It only uses energy when new data is downloaded and display changes.Normally it saves energy while e-link display continues to show last image, even when power is off.

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* Valid for limited pre-orders 


This AMA will end May 20, 2018 11PM EDT

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What has been your greatest achievement/success in business?
May 18, 1:51PM EDT0
What advice would you give to first timers to run a successful crowdfunding campaign?
May 18, 9:55AM EDT0
What lessons have you learned in terms of marketing your products?
May 17, 12:12PM EDT0
How many patents do you currently own?
May 17, 10:34AM EDT0
From a design point of view, what would you say are the most selling attributes of the bracelet as a stylish wearable?
May 16, 8:24PM EDT0
Have you thought of adding a feature to alert when you get a phone call?
May 16, 4:16PM EDT0
What are the many uses of the bracelet in terms of healthcare?
May 16, 12:18PM EDT0
Is the display black and white or does it come in colors?
May 15, 10:19PM EDT0
How resistant is the bracelet to a scratch, a bump or if it falls from your hand by accident?
May 15, 9:28PM EDT0

Smart Bracelet that fuses Art, Fashion and Technology.

Kindly visit our campaign and even refer your friends,family by sharing our campaign on social networks,email,etc. You can get lots of free perks and benefits by referring someone too.

May 15, 2:22PM EDT1
Is there any way to “find this bracelet” in case you lose it - just like how there’s a Find my Phone app?
May 15, 7:35AM EDT0

yes there is inbuilt app to find in case lost

May 15, 2:18PM EDT0
How long do you believe would the lifespan of each bracelet be?
May 15, 5:58AM EDT0

there are many parameters of measuring life-span of any wearable but as long as this bracelet is concern i can assure min. 3 years 

May 15, 2:17PM EDT0

How does this compete with other wearables, like FitBit or AppleWatch? Is the primary edge that they are fashionable?

May 14, 9:36PM EDT0

In terms many features like display and battery life... specially look as no other wearable is such blend of fashion and art which match with any outfit that you are wearing

May 15, 2:20PM EDT0
Water-resistant, yes. But is this bracelet rust-resistant too?
May 14, 6:10PM EDT0

ofcourse it is rust and water resistant . Its made up of silver , steel and copper as you can see three different models

May 15, 2:16PM EDT0
What trends in development have you seen change drastically?
May 14, 4:02PM EDT0
Would you say that this bracelet would never go out of style?
May 14, 9:18AM EDT0

ofcourse these are designed uniquely keep in mind taste of future fashion so this can never go out of style

May 14, 1:15PM EDT0
Would you be shipping these bracelets anywhere in the world?
May 14, 8:22AM EDT0

ofcourse yes and even we have setted these bracelets as free perk those who contribute us on our campaign 

May 14, 1:14PM EDT0
Is this bracelet stylish enough for men to wear too?
May 14, 3:24AM EDT0

ofcourse it is unisexual and developed according to nowadays trend.

May 14, 7:41AM EDT0
What do you have planned for the future of this device cum accessory?
May 14, 2:40AM EDT0

nothing is planned as such as of now, but in future we may come with little upgraded version of same , if this campaign gets sucess

May 14, 7:42AM EDT0
From your experience, what are the ideal use cases for wearable applications?
May 13, 8:40PM EDT0

Real estate agency 

  • Location-based notifications for nearby listing matching pre-set criteria
  • Quick details of a viewing

Hotel / accommodation

  • Quick check-in showing a barcode/QR code or with NFC
  • Room unlock with NFC
  • Room service (order towels, breakfast, etc) from the wrist

Restaurant / coffee

  • Loyalty program: automatically recognised and favourite order preselected, more efficient and more personal
  • In case of a queue: scan a code displayed on the display when placing the order and receive a notification on the watch later, when the order is ready

Warehouses management / cleaning

  • After supervisors create the workflow plan, the workers will have a todo list directly available on the wrist
  • Time tracking app: the worker can manually check-in or check-out or with a location-based app it will be easy to automatically keep track of the time

Online newspaper / magazine

  • Using text-to-speech while on the move to listen to articles
  • The smartwatch will show the selected articles playlist and playback controls
  • Use of voice commands to search for an article by topic or keywords

Shopping centre

  • Quick shopping list
  • Indoor user location with special offers displayed on watch

Smart home

  • Quickly control appliances
  • Track indoor user location

More generic use cases

  • Share data using motion-based actions, for example handshake trigger at conferences
  • Fitness tracking with activity detection
  • Extension of other devices UI
  • Remote control for a bigger screen
May 14, 7:47AM EDT0