Support WOLF: A Brand New Play Exploring How Two Female College Students Try to Keep Their Friendship Intact Whilst Dealing With the Gentrification of Intersectionality on a Modern College Campus. AMA About The Show, Who We Are, And How You Can Help! Featuring Our Director/ Co-Writer, Elizabeth Lanier!

James Ferrero
Dec 26, 2017

WOLF is a new play featuring original music and choreography. This ensemble-driven show was co-written by Elizabeth Lanier and Briana McLean, with the script being developed in collaboration with the cast.

The play explores themes of intersectional feminism, female friendship, mental health, and desirability politics on a modern college campus. Bria & Brandon, a black couple, find themselves thrown into the position of unwilling mediators between their two friends Tara & Taalim. An undeniable attraction between Tara & Brandon makes everything more complicated. Who is crying wolf? Who has the most to lose? And in a world of illusion, who's in control of their own story?


Our production was selected to premiere in late January as part of Son of Semele's Company Ceation Festival. CCF is a festival of new works generated by ensembles using unconventional means. Four productions are presented in repertory over four weeks, through January and February.


By donating, you are breathing life into an original work centering intersectional feminism by helping us cover the most basic costs of production: set, props, costumes, actor/crew stipends. No dollar goes unappreciated. You can follow our link to donate at;

If you're unable to donate, help us get the word out by following us on:





We appreciate your support and hope to see you at the show!


WOLF Producing Team

Elizabeth Lanier

Briana McLean

James Ferrero

Alexa Giuffre (associate)


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Is Tala also a black person? If she is, would the story turn out different if she is otherwise?

Dec 27, 4:30AM EST0

Hi there! Tara is a bi-racial white presenting character. A lot of the play deals with the complications in her friendship with Bria, who is black but also bi-racial. Our play deals with negotiating privilege and desirability politics. We’re interested in exploring how our identies affect our interpersonal relationships in an era where the commodification of social movements can lead to an erasure of community and identity. 

Dec 27, 4:34PM EST0

What does it take to be qualified for the Company Creation Festival?

Dec 27, 4:17AM EST0

The Conpany Creation Festival is hosted by Son of Semele. They accept applications once a year. To learn more check out their website!

Dec 27, 4:35PM EST0

How well prepared are for the CCF?

Dec 27, 2:55AM EST0

Hello! We have a fantastic cast of actors who have been working very hard. We feel prepared for the festival. That being said, Wolf is an original play so we’re excited to receive feedback at the festival and hopefully develop the piece even further. 

Dec 27, 4:38PM EST0

Were you always a character in every play you involved in?

Dec 26, 11:03PM EST0

I’ve mostly worked as an actor on every play I’ve been involved with so yes. Sometimes I’ve worked only as a designer or tech crew, in which I don’t have a character.

Dec 27, 4:18PM EST0

How do stage actors avoid being distracted by the annoying audience while delivering your lines?

Dec 26, 10:32PM EST0

Excellent question. You need to have faith in your actors onstage to support you, as well as your own knowledge and preparation of the material. Sometimes your natural instinct will be to respond to the distraction, which isn’t a bad idea sometimes. Feel it in the moment.

Dec 27, 4:17PM EST0

Should a stage play always have singing by actors all the time?

Dec 26, 10:13PM EST0

If the story warrants a character to express themselves to an extent that words cannot accomplish, singing or dancing is often the next move.

Dec 27, 4:15PM EST0

Would you understand any shift of relationship just because of finding another love unexpectedly, while within one?

Dec 26, 9:56PM EST0

Hi! I think that anything is possible when it comes to falling in love. Love is often nuanced, non-linear, and highly complicated- probably part of why it’s so fun to write about! 

Dec 27, 4:43PM EST0

Who developed the plot for the story?

Dec 26, 3:14PM EST0

Hey there! The plot was originated by me and my co-writer Briana McLean. We then had a month of script workshopping with our cast. Our process was highly collaborative so the actors voices certainly had a major impact on the development of the story. 

Dec 27, 4:45PM EST0

What is the significance of the Wolf to the story?

Dec 26, 1:43PM EST0

One of the major questions of the play is: Who, if anyone, is crying wolf? We’re interested in examining social responses to a “cry-wolf scenario” and how people are treated differently given their identity. The wolf is a recurring figure in multiple mythologies ranging from an aggressive predator to a conjuring witch. I hope that answers your question without revealing too much. :) 

Dec 27, 4:50PM EST0

Where do you find the right people fitting for the character?

Dec 26, 1:06PM EST0

As theatre artists we already knew a number of actors who fit the characters. We offered roles rather than auditioning for this production because we were writing with certain actors in mind already. We’ve auditioned in the past and will probably audition for future projects as well. 

Dec 27, 5:17PM EST0

How do you determine your next opportunity? Do you just wait for it or make it?

Dec 26, 12:52PM EST0

We love creating new work so we plan according to which new opportunities are on the horizon. Briana and I had already begun writing this play and then we learned about the CCF and decided to submit. Making your own work can be scary but it’s definitely worth the risk! You learn so much about yourself and the industry along the way! 

Dec 27, 5:12PM EST0

How demanding for an actor/actress is a live play compared to movies when it comes to delivering the lines?

Dec 26, 10:33AM EST0

You generally have more lines in live theatre but more rehearsal and time to learn the lines. So it evens out! 

Dec 27, 5:08PM EST0

Have you been working with the same people all along?

Dec 26, 8:14AM EST0

Yes we have a community of artists who we continue to work with. Every show has a different set of needs so we have some new artists involved this show mixed with some veterans from Narcissus & Echo. We’re always looking for new people who interested in creating this kind of work...but we love the actors we’ve been lucky enough to work with in the past and would love to incorporate them in future projects as well. 

Dec 27, 5:07PM EST0

I understand this isn't the first of the shows. What was the first title?

Dec 26, 2:35AM EST0

Our first show was a dark musical comedy called Narcissus & Echo. It premiered as part of the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival! 

Dec 27, 5:02PM EST0

How long have you been involved in plays?

Dec 26, 1:53AM EST0

I’ve been seeing theatre since I was a child and have been studying it since I was 13. I’ve been a professional actor in Los Angeles for the past 5 years.

Dec 27, 4:14PM EST0

If you will be in such a myriad like in the story, how would you react as Brandon? Would you just abandon Bria for Tara?

Dec 25, 11:19PM EST0

I think every story (whether fictional or not) has a unique and complex set of circumstances. It’s hard to really know what you’d do in someone else’s shoes unless you’re there for every step of the journey. That’s what I find so exciting when I write or watch can see the same situation with different characters and it becomes an entirely new story. As for what would I do in Brandon’s shoes...come catch me after the show one night and tell me what you think! :) 

Dec 27, 5:23PM EST0

Are you basing your story on a real-life event? How did it turn out for the people involved?

Dec 25, 5:19PM EST0

This play is not based on a real life event...but I would say the characters personalities definitely have a lot of us in them. :) 

Dec 27, 4:59PM EST0

Expound what is intersectional feminism?

Dec 25, 6:28AM EST0

Great question! 

Intersectionality is a term that was coined by American professor Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. The concept already existed but she put a name to it. The textbook definition states:

Quote The view that women experience oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees of intensity. Cultural patterns of oppression are not only interrelated, but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society. Examples of this include race, gender, class, ability, and ethnicity.”

Dec 27, 4:57PM EST0

What is always the most important aspect of creating a stage play?

Dec 25, 5:58AM EST0

Briana McLean and I have been long-time collaboraters and whenever I get stuck she always says, “But what is our message? What are we trying to say?” I think the most important aspect of creating is truly knowing why you want to make something. :) 

Dec 27, 4:55PM EST0

What is the most challenging part of organizing any play?

Dec 25, 4:39AM EST0

Scheduling! Hahah 

Dec 27, 4:51PM EST0
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