Protect your deliveries, packages, and personal property all with one cool product with multiple uses. Ask Me Anything!!!

Sep 29, 2017

Check us out! Help us reach our goal! Package Security at its finest. SecureApak Inc."Always Come Home To What You Own!" Fashionable fortified containers for your safety. 

We are a newly established company that creates products for protection. We are currently in the development stages gearing for production.


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Your product is awesome, congratulations!! Thought you may like to check out this  AMA out -CrowdfundingAMA

Sep 29, 4:05PM EDT0

Thank you, you have a nice product too. We should network together.

Sep 29, 4:42PM EDT0

What if I forgot the code, can I still access it?

Sep 29, 12:47PM EDT0

Yes you can you will also have a rfid card and you can reset your code once opened after it resets

Sep 29, 1:57PM EDT0

What are the drawbacks, if any, on using crowdfunding platforms?

Sep 29, 4:43AM EDT0

Not having the right calculations. Crowdfunding your business is a strategic move. Every move must be accurate to be successful. All possible outcomes should be considered. All research should be verified.

Sep 29, 12:14PM EDT0

Would you consider getting a specialist onboard in order to help you make this campaign a success?

Sep 28, 6:14PM EDT0

It depends most specialist or companies that advertise campaign assistance are rather expensive. If the cost was reasonable yes, otherwise I would rather put my money towards my business.

Sep 28, 6:29PM EDT0

How does it work for example if I expect a delivery and I'm not at home, how does the courier put the package into the box if it is so secure?

Sep 28, 4:58PM EDT0

The courier will have it's own lock code or rfid card to access the container, which is still a secure point of entry because each code is particularly for that courier and the lock keeps an audit trail for recorded access.

Sep 28, 6:26PM EDT0

How much research did you do in regard to crowdfunding before you settled on this particular site?

Sep 28, 1:32PM EDT0

Well, actually Kickstarter is the first crowdfunding site I was introduced to. I have researched the other sites as well.  I personally like Kickstarter's foundation, as it was founded in the USA. Given the funds are not released immediately like Indiegogo. We still believe Kickstarter has a huge fan base.

Sep 28, 3:45PM EDT0

Is your product fire-proof?

Sep 28, 12:24PM EDT0

No, our product is not fire proof, but if customer's want that option, that could be a feature in an upcoming model.

Sep 28, 3:38PM EDT0

Considering you have an early bird offer, how realistic are your delivery timelines? 

Sep 28, 11:38AM EDT0

Our delivery has been calculated and would be scheduled for delivery in a timely manner, if not before the promised date.

Sep 29, 12:17PM EDT0

Are they like a safe?

Sep 28, 10:09AM EDT0

Yes, It can be without the heavy external shell.

Sep 28, 3:36PM EDT0

Do you plan on improving the product to make it smart-enabled?

Sep 28, 7:20AM EDT0

Yes, we are currently working on that as well to roll out in 2019. Those models will be wifi enabled.

Sep 28, 3:35PM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Sep 28, 5:16AM EDT0

Because we are new and we are in a fairly niche market 30-35 days. We have to do a lot of marketing and branding.

Sep 28, 3:34PM EDT0

Is crowdfunding just about money or are there other benefits?

Sep 28, 2:49AM EDT0

There are other benefits such as exposure and networking with people that are interested in your idea, service, or product.

Sep 28, 3:32PM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Sep 28, 12:43AM EDT0

To continue to move forward with funding ourselves as well as fundraising.

Sep 28, 3:31PM EDT0

Where will you manufacture your products?

Sep 28, 12:00AM EDT0

Manufacturing and distribution is in Illinois.

Sep 28, 11:06AM EDT0

Where do you ship to?

Sep 27, 11:46PM EDT0

We can ship anywhere, in the USA and out of the usa, the customer would pay port fees.

Sep 28, 11:03AM EDT0

Is it completely weather proof or will my stuff get wet if it rains?

Sep 27, 9:37PM EDT0

Yes it is weatherproof, the design helps keep rain out even if it rains on an angle.

Sep 28, 11:04AM EDT0

Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Sep 27, 9:08PM EDT0

Please be patient as our website is under construction at the moment, we had to change some things from our previous site as we have made design changes. 



Twitter: @ secureApak_Inc

Sep 29, 12:20PM EDT0

What material are the boxes made of?

Sep 27, 8:55PM EDT0

The material of the container is made from a polypropylene plastic, which is weather resistant.

Sep 28, 10:55AM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Sep 27, 8:16PM EDT0

Do as much research on your market as possible and market your self or company in crowdfunding groups on social media and in blogs before launch.

Sep 28, 10:53AM EDT0

What inspired you to come up with this idea?

Sep 27, 7:59PM EDT0

Having presents and deliveries taken off of our porch that was labeled as delivered, which I never received. Thousands of dollars and time spent in purchases and recovery. I hated it, the longest unnecessary process ever.

Sep 28, 10:52AM EDT0
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