Phil LaMarr, Matt King, Tarol Hunt and Danielle Stephens have a pile of Goblins, a ton of the voices of your childhood and are putting them all together for a crazy cartoon nerd-venture! Ask Us Anything!

Goblins Animated
Dec 4, 2017

We are Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack, Futurama), Matt Yang King (WoW, GI:Joe), Tarol Hunt and Danielle Stephens (Goblins Comic). We've created the GOBLINS ANIMATED cartoon and we've launched it on Indiegogo!


We have a ton of the voices of your childhood from The Real Ghostbusters, Gummi Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Futurama, Samurai Jack, Pinky and the Brain, GI Joe, Transformers, Cowboy Bebop, not to mention Overwatch, My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls, Mass Effect and everything else!  If you want to come on a crazy D and D-like nerd-venture with us we have the amazing vocal talents of Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Matthew Mercer, Steve Blum and Jim Cummings! You've heard them in everything and now we have them pretending to be Goblins in a D and D world! Ask us Anything!

We are in Los Angeles and Vancouver, CAN so there might be a bit of a lag as we respond.


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How long will this project run?

Dec 8, 8:36PM EST0

What exactly inspired you to create this artwork (project)? If you become famous for your project , what would you do? 

Dec 6, 12:01PM EST0

How did you meet with your present team members?

Dec 5, 2:48AM EST0

I had a weird Goblins related dream last night that Thunt was at a convention but immigration came after him and I had to distract them while he presented on the Goblins Animated campaign. What's up with that?

Dec 4, 5:52PM EST0

How much money do you plan to collect for your project?

Dec 4, 4:19PM EST0

Why did you choose the cartoons with this voice acting?

Dec 4, 4:14PM EST0

What literary genres attract you the most?

Dec 4, 3:00PM EST0

What software do you use to create your own animations?

Dec 4, 1:38PM EST0

We actually won't be doing the animation ourselves. We'll be hiring a professional animation studio with their legion animators to help us out.

Dec 4, 1:40PM EST0

Do any other types of art attract you?

Dec 4, 12:11AM EST0

No.  And when GOBLINS Animated becomes so huge that we wrest control of the world from Facebook and the Rothschilds, this will be the only art left.

Dec 4, 1:26PM EST0

Have you been featured in any of the comic movies? What is the title?

Dec 3, 10:37PM EST0

Actually, Phil had a small part in SPIDER-MAN 2 (alongside fellow GOBLINS Animated cast member Chloe Dykstra) in the scene where Spider-Man is fighting Doc Ock on the train.

Dec 4, 1:20PM EST0

What is your financial goal in life?

Dec 3, 6:54PM EST0

To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women. And to fund Goblins igg.me/at/goblinsanimated

Dec 4, 1:22PM EST0

Are you recruiting new members to your team? What methods do yu use to test/interview them?

Dec 3, 2:13PM EST0

We collected the best VO actors in the business as well as some of the most amazing animators.  The only thing left is to fund it! igg.me/at/goblinsanimated

We use the voight kampff test.

Dec 4, 1:27PM EST1

Is this your first crowdfunding campaign? Why did you choose to crowdfund?

Dec 3, 11:40AM EST0

This is my (Phil's) first time doing crowdfunding but Tarol and Matt have both done it before. The reason we decided to crowdfund is so that we could maintain more creative control and create a version of GOBLINS that stays as true as possible to the web comic (www.goblinscomic.org) it's based on.

Dec 4, 1:17PM EST0

How many are you that worked on this project?

Dec 2, 11:55PM EST0

Our team of creators is four people. We have about a dozen voice actors to do character voices, and we'll be hiring an animation studio to create the animation itself. We'll be hiring a composer to do the soundtrack, and there are a number of other people involved. Making a cartoon is complicated. :)

Dec 4, 1:24PM EST0

Does your creativity bring you income? How do you make a living?

Dec 2, 9:40AM EST0

Matt: Yup! I've been lucky enough to be an actor/writer/director for the last 20 years.

Dec 4, 1:21PM EST0

What inspired you to create such cartoons?

Dec 1, 9:16PM EST0

When I was a child, I was struck by lightning while carrying a bag of radioactive dice. The power turned me into a super human with the strength of ten men (minus nine). I used my new powers to create the comic... Goblins.

Actually, I'm a huge fan of Wendy Pini (Elfquest), Heavy Metal Magazine, Phil Foglio (Girl Genius) and others. These folks inspired me.

Dec 4, 1:33PM EST1

What age brackets are you targeting for your cartoons?

Dec 1, 11:07AM EST0

The cartoon is PG13. We didn't set out to target a specific age group. The story was written, then we figured out what the rating would be for what we wrote.

Dec 4, 1:14PM EST0
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How does your family relate to your creativity?

Dec 1, 8:49AM EST0

(Matt) I'm going to ask my 4 year old, Wolf. Wolf: I relate that two men are talking to you. 

Dec 4, 1:16PM EST0

Where did you get your training from? Did you develop this all by yourself?

Dec 1, 5:26AM EST0

Phil and I (Matt) went to drama school. Tarol is a self taught and Dani was a self taught colorist and self taught organizer. Nothing is ever developed in a vaccuum.

Dec 4, 1:18PM EST0

Do you work from home or do you have an office?

Dec 1, 12:55AM EST0

Our team of four works from one home office in Canada and two home offices in Los Angeles.

Dec 4, 1:17PM EST0

Do you promote your cartoons in social media?

Nov 30, 1:36PM EST0

Yes! We are at @GoblinsAnimated on Twitter and Instagram and the Goblins Animated Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/GoblinsAnimated/ plus we all individually have social media accounts - Danielle @Dragonturtle, Matt @maddking, Phil @phillamarr, Tarol @Thunt_Goblins

Dec 4, 1:10PM EST0

All that you are doing requires a lot of time and effort. How many people are on your team?

Nov 30, 1:30PM EST0

Many. Think about it in terms of three different levels. There's the creators, and the cast, the folks to record them, the animators, the administrators, the people at SAG doing paperwork, the folks getting the animation back and forth to the studio, lawyers, accountants, and on and on and on... every stage requires new people to perform what that stage needs.

Dec 4, 1:14PM EST0

I'm just curious. Why did you choose goblins instead of other fictional characters?

Nov 30, 10:54AM EST0

I wanted to pick the lowest, earliest monsters that tend to appear in fantasy games. I started with kobolds, but I kinda hated how it looked and felt, so I restarted with goblins. :)

Dec 4, 1:10PM EST0

I would like to do a basic voice recording from a desktop but with a good quality result. I don't have the equipment like you do. I've got a noise reduction headset with a mic,  can you recommend a software online to use for dubbing?

Nov 30, 10:19AM EST0

You don't need much. A $100 Blue Yeti with Garageband will do. Put a towel over your head to reduce sound.

Dec 4, 1:03PM EST0
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