Our company is designing and writing material for the world’s most popular roleplaying game, we’re live on Kickstarter! Ask me anything about roleplaying, D&D or game design.

Joran Heimering
Feb 7, 2018

Windmill Slam Games is a Dutch company by gamers for gamers. Our first project, On the Shoulders of Heroes is live on Kickstarter (http://kck.st/2DA3Fk6).


The On the Shoulder of Heroes campaign setting is inspired by old school roleplaying games, traditional fantasy, Germanic and Japanese mythology. It is based on the idea that the world was built by the deeds of great people – both good and evil. I’d be happy to tell you all about the project and about myself.

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How does the creative process of making a game works? What is more difficult, making it graphically stunning or or writing the history?

Feb 13, 12:13PM EST0

Sorry, I don't make video games - just pen and paper/board games. From personal experience though, I can say that some of the best video games have rudimentary graphics.

Feb 13, 5:05PM EST0

What is your top 3 best fantasy games?

Feb 12, 8:32PM EST0

RPGs, or some other type?

Feb 13, 7:10AM EST0

What was the first game you played?

Feb 11, 4:17PM EST0

That was a long time ago. The first video game I finished was Zelda Ocarina of Time, and the first board game monopoly. How about you?

Feb 11, 5:47PM EST0

According to you what should every aspiring video game designer know about designing games?

Feb 10, 11:38AM EST0

I honestly don't know. I do board and card games only. The best of luck with your endeavours. 

Feb 10, 11:42AM EST0

Your twitter id is Vikingesque. On a fun part, do you like Vikings? Are you also waiting for the new episode?

Feb 10, 6:45AM EST0

I think Vikings are awesome! We've designed the setting to give it a Vikingesque feel. I do enjoy the show a lot as well. Are there any other shows that you would recommend?

Feb 10, 6:54AM EST0

Could you suggest few best roleplaying games on the xBox 360?

Feb 9, 12:47PM EST0

Absolutely! The Mass Effect series is great if you are into sci-fi. I also enjoyed Southpark - the stick of truth. Diablo 3 and Eternal Sonata are most fun when played cooperatively. 

Feb 9, 1:04PM EST0

Do you know of any good offline multiplayer role-playing video games?

Feb 9, 5:57AM EST0

I enjoyed playing through Eternal Sonata with my wife and a friend. The Borderlands series can also be a lot of fun to co-op! :-)

Feb 9, 7:15AM EST0

How widespread are roleplaying games in your country?

Feb 9, 3:40AM EST0

We don't really have a history with them, but interest is increasing. 

Feb 9, 4:18AM EST0

Do you think board games will come back into fashion over video games? 

Feb 8, 8:47AM EST0

I think they go hand in hand. 

Feb 8, 12:33PM EST0

Is this a board game? Do you think it will be able to compete well especially since we already live in a day and age where mobile and computer games are more popular?

Feb 8, 5:55AM EST0

 It's a campaign setting for a role-playing game. Because it's a different market we do not compete with video games directly. 

Feb 8, 12:34PM EST1

What would you say is another more popular game or book that’s quite similar to what you have created?

Feb 7, 10:38PM EST0

At this time any published campaign setting is more popular than ours. Ones I personally admire are Eberron, Forgotten Realms and The Inner Sea.

Feb 8, 2:39AM EST0

What makes "On the Shoulders of Heroes - Reborn" different than other games?

Feb 6, 10:48AM EST0

I’d say that we bring a unique mix between old school and new content. Something that is magical but makes sense at the same time.

Feb 6, 10:59AM EST0

What type of gaming engines do you use for developing games?

Feb 6, 9:36AM EST0

We do not actually program games. We work in pen and paper games.

Feb 6, 10:56AM EST0

Did you receive more advanced training in gaming design after you had completed your education?

Feb 6, 7:50AM EST0

Nope, I’m completely self-taught. I do have many years of experience playing games and I feel that my bachelor in language and culture helps me a lot to flesh-out cultures and to look at things from different perspectives.

Feb 6, 10:55AM EST0

According to you what is the major difference between Blender Game Engine and Unity3D?

Feb 6, 1:25AM EST0

Sorry, I know nothing about these things. We’ve written a book, we’re not programmers.

Feb 6, 10:52AM EST0

What is the process of character creation in the role-playing games? Does it demand a lot of creative outlook to each character or do you work on the plot and add characters accordingly?

Feb 6, 1:12AM EST0

Making a character in a roleplaying game can be a very personal thing. For me it starts with a concept. I typically will allow myself to be inspired by books, movies, or real life. From there I will investigate on how I can translate the personality, traits and abilities of the character into the rules of the game. A character can be as simple or complex as you wish, with a funny name and only basic stats, to a fully developed persona with a 10-page background story and a long list of friends, family, strengths and weaknesses. When running the game and when creating characters myself I prefer to discuss the story and party with the other players composition beforehand. It’s good to settle on some basic rules about the game and the game’s reality, which campaign settings help define neatly as well. When I am running a game myself I try to involve players in the storytelling as often as possible. If a player has written something in the background about their fighter having been a member of a mercenary company called ‘The Screaming Skulls’ they might encounter a group of their former comrades when they hang around in a tavern.

Feb 6, 10:50AM EST0

What are some of the common problems you might face while developing the game with Java?

Feb 5, 6:39AM EST0

The only Java we use is coffee. ;-) Our game is a pen and paper game.

Feb 5, 6:56AM EST0

What's more time consuming? Developing and designing a game or printing and production?

Feb 5, 4:09AM EST0

Design, and in our case writing, takes a lot longer. We’ve been working on this book for about 6 years (!), while production and printing can be arranged in under 2 weeks.

Feb 5, 5:49AM EST0

If someone is interested in the field of game design would it be smart to play a variety of different games?

Feb 4, 6:49PM EST0

I think so. When it becomes a job you are no longer just doing it for yourself. Investigate what is popular and what the community is looking for and likes.

Feb 5, 5:48AM EST0

Can you tell about the team you work with when building games?

Feb 4, 4:28AM EST0

Absolutely! I met my best friend Daan in high school, about 13 years ago. The two of us have an amazing mind link, which really helps us work together efficiently. We do most task ourselves. Several free-lance artists help us illustrate our works and some of our good friends and family give us feedback.

Feb 4, 5:46AM EST0
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