Ohnana: The Coolest Tent for Festival Lovers. Ask My Anything how it works!

Jun 27, 2017

We made this tent for people who want to make the most of their festival experience.

The Ohnana tent stays 55ºF cooler than conventional tents. Through the tent’s reflective coating on top of two separate layers of 170T polyester, infrared light is reflected, preventing the tent from heating up to unbearable temperatures. The polyester material has a unique coating that reflects the heat and the sunlight, being used on both the outside and the inside of the tent.

Click here to see our Kickstarter campaign.


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Is this tent actually easy to set up? A lot of tents say they are, but actually aren't.

Jun 27, 10:15AM EDT39

The Ohnana consist of two poles, which makes it easy to set up. Within ten minutes you should be done!

Jun 27, 11:12AM EDT40
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What was your inspiration for making the Ohnana tent?

Jun 27, 9:30AM EDT39

Because of the hot sun during festival mornings. We never could sleep longer than 07:00 in the morning because of the sun. And we saw that other people had the same problem. Thats why we invented the Ohnana. 

Jun 27, 11:11AM EDT45
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What do you do for a living when you aren't creating tents?

Jun 27, 7:51AM EDT36

We are student at the University in Amsterdam. So besides creating this tent we are studying.

Jun 27, 8:22AM EDT38
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Can you customize the amount of windows in the tent?

Jun 27, 7:22AM EDT30

We have two windows. Ofcourse you can open them or close them, but we cannot create more windows anymore.

Jun 27, 8:21AM EDT30

Does the tent come in a variety of different colors?

Jun 27, 4:17AM EDT49

This year not but maybe next year. In which colors would you like to have the Ohnana?

Jun 27, 8:17AM EDT44
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Could you also use the tent for regular camping trips?

Jun 27, 3:10AM EDT0

Ofcourse you can! We just fixating on festival lovers, but this tent is quite usefull for regular camping trips as well (especially if you are going to countries with a hot morning sun)

Jun 27, 8:16AM EDT25

What's the worst music festival you have been to?

Jun 27, 2:35AM EDT41

It was a small music festival in the Netherlands. There were some bad artists and the speakers didnt work that good. But it was a longe time ago.

Jun 27, 8:15AM EDT25

Is it easy to repair if the tent breaks?

Jun 27, 2:32AM EDT0

Yes it is. Currently, we are negotiating a money back guarantee. So that would solve it all:)

Jun 27, 8:12AM EDT33

That's good!

Jun 28, 8:34AM EDT18

Do you plan on selling this product in stores?

Jun 27, 2:09AM EDT32

Yes we do! But our first goal is to succeed on Kickstarter.

Jun 27, 8:09AM EDT30
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Can you customize the color of the tent?

Jun 27, 2:06AM EDT13

Unfortunately not. Maybe next year. How would you customize the Ohnana?

Jun 27, 8:08AM EDT27
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How many music festivals have you been to?

Jun 27, 1:52AM EDT66

To many to count!

Jun 27, 7:59AM EDT36
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Can you fit an air mattress in this tent?

Jun 26, 11:25PM EDT29

The size of the Ohnana is: 2.1m x 2.1m x 1.3m /6'8" x 6'8" x 4'3".  So a two persons air mattress would defenitely fits! 

Jun 27, 7:58AM EDT42

Can I try the tent and see if it actually does the things you claim?

Jun 26, 11:10PM EDT26

Unfortunately this is not possible. Currently, we are trying to negotiate a money back guarantee so that will help.

Last edited @ Jun 27, 7:57AM EDT.
Jun 27, 7:55AM EDT9

How much will the final product cost?

Jun 26, 11:09PM EDT0

The Early Bird price is now €87/$95. But you have to be fast, because they will run out!

Jun 27, 7:54AM EDT37

How did you decide on donating a portion of your profits to that particular charity?

Jun 26, 10:38PM EDT11

Because this guy is same like us: he is a young student, is a big fan of durability and he is from the Netherlands as well! Besides, did you know that 30% of all tents are thrown away after a festival? We want to counteract this!

Jun 27, 7:51AM EDT44

Why should we have to donate more for you to improve your product?

Jun 26, 10:38PM EDT27

So we can improve our tent and design, which will give the tent nice add-ons, like seeing the stars from inside of your tent!

Jun 27, 7:48AM EDT51
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Is the Ohana allowed at most festival grounds?

Jun 26, 10:17PM EDT25

yes it is!

Jun 27, 7:47AM EDT44

If I purchase the tent, does it come with anything else you mention?

Jun 26, 9:32PM EDT27

You will get the Ohnana with 2 Ohnana 3D eye-masks and 2 sets of ear-plugs. If we meet all our strechgoals, the Ohnana will also have:

-210T Polyester

-A raised airgap for even better airflow,

- The inner tent with the Ohnana blue color

-possibility to see the stars from inside your tent.

Moreover, you can buy a fan if you want to (we still have an Early Bird discount while stocks last)

Jun 27, 7:47AM EDT27

How long did it take you to come up with the final prototype of the tent?

Jun 26, 9:29PM EDT47

It took us 9 months [it is kind of our official baby now;)]

Last edited @ Jun 27, 7:41AM EDT.
Jun 27, 7:40AM EDT51
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Do you offer a money back guarantee on this product?

Jun 26, 9:10PM EDT29

We are still in negotiation with our partner.

Jun 27, 7:41AM EDT43
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