New TCG Game is looking for your support to share the word of our game. Want to know about Battle of souls? Ask me anything!

No Limit Games
Jun 26, 2017

Our Indiegogo Campaign is now LIVE!!!! and so that everyone is aware, any perks that include the Samurai Starter decks; those decks will be sent out immediately. The Viking and Aztec decks will be sent once printed. Come and show your support for this very fun game If you can't contribute with cash you can contribute by sharing our project everywhere on social media. Everything helps!!! Prepare yourselves for battle. #soulsbattle

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Have you created other games prior to Battle of souls?

Jun 26, 9:11PM EDT0

we worked on another game called Vengeance, however we had to put it aside due to the fact that we are a small unfunded company. So battle of souls is meant to help generate the revenue we need to push itself forward as well as help our other game

Jun 27, 9:42AM EDT0

What are some of the best places to market to trading card fans?

Jun 26, 8:53PM EDT0

I think the best places are forums and TCG groups online, but in the real world, I think getting them directly at conventions, card shops and tradeshows work best

Jun 27, 9:43AM EDT0

What kind of marketing ideas have you thought of, tried?

Jun 26, 4:59PM EDT16

I've been marketing on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, for the most part. I don't really have money to do PR firms because they are rather expensive so just been going with what I can afford

Jun 27, 9:44AM EDT0

How are you using social media to garner interest?

Jun 26, 4:50PM EDT0

Mainly i'm just posting it on facebook and twitter, then whenever I go to conventions I take some pictures and put on instagram and pinterest.

I'm not a social media guru I really actually need someone to do it who knows it better

Jun 27, 9:45AM EDT0

How do you network with other game developers and fans?

Jun 26, 3:13PM EDT0

I go to conventions such as E3 which was a few weeks ago

Jun 27, 9:45AM EDT0

How do you get the best return on your game marketing budget?

Jun 26, 2:47PM EDT19

Right now my budget really isn't much, I've actually have gotten better response in person then online marketing

Jun 27, 9:46AM EDT0

What kind of challenges have you encountered as a company founder?

Jun 26, 2:46PM EDT0

Getting funding has been the biggest challenge. I have a great team but I can't pay them, yet.

Jun 27, 9:46AM EDT0

How long did it take you to go from concept to product?

Jun 26, 1:49PM EDT0

It took us about 2  years to finish Battle of Souls

Jun 27, 9:46AM EDT0

Have you tried social media to spread the word?

Jun 26, 1:07PM EDT0

I have, and I do, just I'm not great at it, and I don't have 10,000 followers like other people

Jun 27, 9:47AM EDT0

What kind of perks are your offering for investors?

Jun 26, 12:37PM EDT45

If you're referring to the crowdfunding, it's basically decks, tshirts, and some random cards. If it is an outside investor, It's a high ROI. We have plans for this game which we're starting to work on this year to bring it to the PC/Mobile/Console market which in turn will also push sales for the tabletop game.

Jun 27, 9:49AM EDT0

How do you market trading cards for collectible value?

Jun 26, 12:16PM EDT0

I've actually have been trying to figure that out. (how cards values are determined) But I think it has to do with their popularity in tournaments. We're not quite there yet with our game

Jun 27, 9:50AM EDT0

Who is the target demographic for your game?

Jun 26, 11:58AM EDT44

Kids 10 and up to adults in their 40's

Both men and women 

Jun 27, 9:50AM EDT0

How did you decide on a price for card decks?

Jun 26, 11:43AM EDT0

We went with a standard starter deck price of $10. makes it not too expensive and still gives us a small profit from each box.

Jun 27, 9:51AM EDT0

Do you have tips for setting up a convention booth?

Jun 26, 11:23AM EDT0

You need to make it somewhat visually appealing. I've learned this on my own from a few conventions. Each one, I try to improve from the one before. I also take visual tips from how others have theirs set up.

Jun 27, 9:52AM EDT0

Why do you think trading card games have enduring appeal?

Jun 26, 11:17AM EDT0

TCG's have a high replay value. If the game is fun, people will keep playing it especially if new cards (content) keep coming out.

Jun 27, 9:52AM EDT0

What is the setting of the Battle of Souls world?

Jun 26, 11:09AM EDT0

Battle of Souls is set within an alternate plane. This plane is called the immortal realm. Think of it like the Soul Society on Bleach Anime

Jun 27, 9:53AM EDT0

How much of the game market do trading cards represent?

Jun 26, 10:48AM EDT18

I'm not sure, because that market is enormous. There are table top games which include TCG, boardgames, pathfinding, and alot more. Even in the card game genre there are deck building games, as well as trading/collectible games.

Jun 27, 9:55AM EDT0

Have you tried to pitch it to investors?

Jun 26, 10:23AM EDT24

I have in the past, but it's not easy to be able to get in front of an investor

Jun 27, 9:55AM EDT0

What is the story line behind Battle of Souls?

Jun 26, 9:56AM EDT0

Well, here's the full story (from our site)

The Battle of Souls Story

The plane whispered of labored breath, the storm had ended, the fire was burned out. Torn flags, broken blades, spears, and shattered shields were dispersed about on the field like flowers. The sky was ambiguous, changings colors from the darkness of night to the dawn and dusk of day. The fake earth was ruptured, like a stampede had happened yet not a person or animal had passed. A robed person glided along the earth like a reaper of death, touching the broken swords, spears, flags, and shields as if he was a collector. Each thing he touched dissolved like water, and was collected into a jar held out by the reaper.


“Come” he whispered as everything he touched flowed into the seemingly empty jar. “Fight for me again. Fight you legends of earth. Fight for your legacy of battle. Fight for your glory. Fight for your might. Fight for your soul!”  Now everything flowed into the jar, a storm of water whipped around the robed person as if he controlled the storm.  The storm ended like an exhale of breath. The robed person held up the jar, it was finally full, with the water being liked blood sloshed about as he tilted it back and forth.


“Finally I have enough.” The man said as he put the jar next to 6 others clipped onto his belt. He glided swiftly from the plane of earth. Even though there many items of war craft about, the man did not collect them.  He glided to what looked like a small fortress of glass and stone. He looked back to the plane he saw many other robed figures gathering their collections; he must hurry to be prepared for the next battle. He could already hear the plane gathering its breath as it was about to scream with battle once again.


The battle of souls will happen soon. The battle for the ruler of all souls was about to begin.

Jun 27, 9:56AM EDT0

Do trading cards have real value as a collectible?

Jun 26, 9:47AM EDT0

In a way, yes. There are cards in Magic and Yugioh that are work hundreds of dollars.

Jun 27, 9:56AM EDT0