My name is Donya. 'I have launched a crowdfunding project to invest in my education for financial trading and marketing to reach my future goals and transfer skills to others.' Ask me anything! #education ''Rain is falling, sell rain sell sell sell''. #tradingjokes

Donya Willats E T
Sep 13, 2017

I am here to anwser any questions you my have related to my project.

More information about my crowdfunding project can be found here. 

  Welcome to my campaign: #DreamBIG

 My name is Donya and back in December 2016 I  had the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade in financial trading whilst studying internet marketing in pursuit of my goal to financial freedom.  My short term goals are to develop the skills and the knowlegde needed for my online business and trading skills to build a tremendous success. With this profound knowledge and success, I wish to transfer those skills to others and In the next 5-10 years I aspire to build shool and hospitals in countries that lack these facilities.  I continue to set journey to improve my cognitive skills. I intend to pass on all this profound knowlegde and raise awareness to help others in the same area in which I have struggled and overcome.

Two of my acamdemic pursuits are Finacial trading and Internet Marketing. 

I wanted to create my own economy and stop trading my time for money, ultimately become financially free! Do something I choose too, not because I have too. My reason is I want to be part of a bigger mission and encourage others to do the same. I want to add value to other peoples live on a bigger scale, realize my dreams and fulfill the dreams of my family! Support my mum when she retires.

If you have the capacity to donate please support my project. If you can't donate, please share on facebook! :) Thanks. 

Donya Willats E T says:

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Donya Willats E T says:

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You are really great person and I will hope, that you will get all you want) 

Sep 29, 6:35AM EDT0

How to boost traffic on kickstarter when momentum slows down?

Our project got funded right on the first day, but after 7 days the traffic got a lot slower and I could say there is no traffic at all. What should I do to boost the traffic? 

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Sep 19, 9:44PM EDT0

How much experience do you have in this field?

Sep 13, 8:38PM EDT0

Hello K,

In financial trading and Marketing less than a year and in crowdfunding couple of months.

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Sep 14, 8:01AM EDT0

What school will you be attending and what courses will you be taking?

Sep 13, 8:07PM EDT0

I will be taking courses in Rise Academy by Gerry Cramer and master trading strategies by Sandy Jadeja.

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Sep 14, 6:03AM EDT0

How much are you trying to raise and in how short of a time?

Sep 13, 8:05PM EDT0

I want to raise 10K and I have no deadline.

Sep 14, 6:03AM EDT0

What are your first steps in this journey towards financial freedom?

Sep 13, 8:00PM EDT0

To focus on one thing at a time, (financial trading and then marketing) and get the mentorship I need to support my growth in terms of coaching. I also read a lot of books about psychology because of self interested but in financial trading  to known how to emotionally detach yourself s is required to become a succesfull trader.

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Sep 14, 6:05AM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Sep 13, 11:09AM EDT0

Hello Tina,

I don't have a timeline. I have not had the experience in the past so I will update this once my campaign has been completed.

Sep 13, 7:23PM EDT0

Does it cost me anything to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 13, 7:01AM EDT0

Hello Matthew,

It doesn't cost you anything to start a crowdfunding campaign, besides  paying a fee to the site if you were to raise funds succesfully on a crowdfunders platform. You pay a percentage of the funds you raised.

Last edited @ Sep 13, 7:25PM EDT.
Sep 13, 7:25PM EDT0

Would you consider getting a specialist onboard in order to help you make this campaign a success?

Sep 12, 11:21PM EDT0

Hello Mario,

Yes I definitly would consider this. Any recommendations :)?

Sep 13, 7:22PM EDT0

What part of the population do you think are the best candidates for funding a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 12, 7:52PM EDT0

Hello Z,

Good question. I would target people who have a stable financial position just because they might be in a better position to support your project with the finances you need.

Sep 13, 7:28PM EDT0

How do you go about targeting these types of people?

Sep 13, 11:48PM EDT0

What is your favorite or special expertise in marketing?

Sep 12, 5:53PM EDT0

My preffered style of marketing is Direct Response Marketing. I like to keep things simple. 

Sep 13, 7:29PM EDT0

What determines if this style of marketing is successful?

Sep 14, 6:34PM EDT0

What sparked your interest in financial trading?

Sep 12, 2:22PM EDT0

Hello Z,

Location freedom is my main reason. I can trade from wherever I want in the world as long as I have an internet connection. I love travelling and exploring. Hence the reason. Others are, you can make profits no matter whether the market is bullish or bearish, if the economy is strong or weak. There is always money to be made. Another bonus is, you don't have to recruit staff so there is no overhead and extra costs. You can literally start trading with even less than 100 GBP.

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Sep 13, 7:21PM EDT0

Can anyone trade?

Sep 14, 2:29PM EDT0

What's the timeframe of your goal?

Sep 12, 12:52PM EDT0

I don't have any timeframe. I will just let this campaign run :). I am not in a hurry.

Sep 13, 7:17PM EDT0

I see that but when you reach your goal in the future, what's your next plan?

Sep 20, 7:04AM EDT0

How relevant is a Letter of Credit in a world where most trade is done under ‘Open Account’ terms?

Sep 12, 11:02AM EDT0

Is crowdfunding just about money or are there other benefits?

Sep 12, 9:17AM EDT0

With crowdfunding you can raise awareness and possible make new connections.

Sep 13, 7:29PM EDT0

Have you personally made any connections since you started your campaign who have been able to significantly help you achieve your goal?

Sep 14, 11:37AM EDT0

Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Sep 12, 8:18AM EDT0

Hello Trevor,

My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Donya957.

Sep 13, 7:30PM EDT0

What do you feel the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Sep 12, 4:11AM EDT0

Hey Brian,

- You can possibly make new connections.

- Crowdfunding can help people make there dreams come true.

-Using an online platform which is designed to raise funds and has already credibility in the online world is a bonus as apposed to a site that is unknown in the social media world. 

- It's not very cost effective

- Using an online platform, can be less time consuming as apposed to trying to raise money on the streets.

- To raise awareness (if you were to launch a product) since you can reach millions of users online everyday and by posting your campaigh on a designated site, you are in the right space because the people visiting the website  want to either create a project or support one.

- It's very simple to set up.

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Sep 13, 7:32PM EDT0
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Can you give me 5 reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Sep 12, 3:28AM EDT0

Hello X,

I am not launching a product. I am trying to raise funds to repay and invest further in my studies related to financial trading and Marketing.

5 reasons why I choose crowdfunding hmmm:

-Using an online platform which is designed to raise funds and has already credibility in the online world is a bonus as apposed to a site that is unknown in the social media world. 

- I was recommended crowdfunder through an aquintance.

- Using an online platform, can be less time consuming as apposed to trying to raise money on the streets.

- To raise awareness (if you were to launch a product) since you can reach millions of users online everyday and by posting your campaigh on a designated site, you are in the right space because the people visiting the website  want to either create a project or support one.

- It's very simple to set up.

Sep 13, 7:15PM EDT0

I love simple!  What was the hardest part about setting it up?

Sep 14, 2:11AM EDT0

Can you explain what avalization is?

Sep 11, 11:43PM EDT0

Hello John, 

I have never had to sign one of these so far. Investopedia is quite a good source and explains the term which you can find on the following link.

Sep 13, 7:36PM EDT0

Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns?

Sep 11, 11:14PM EDT0

Hello Michael,

I would suggest.

When writing your campaigns, research succesfull campaigns and. see how they have written theirs and modell it. Make it clear and concise, accruate and to the point. Offer rewards.

Target people on social media to gain support who you believe may have an intersted in your project. So find the right audience to promote your campaign too (join relevant groups, asks friends and family to spread the message).

- Start a conversation on AMAfeed around your campaign, it raises awareness and you might find people donating.

- Go for it, don't hold back!

Sep 13, 7:41PM EDT0

Any successful firms you are interested in working with when you get your degree?

Sep 11, 10:19PM EDT0

Hello X,

Just to be clear it is not a degree at University, but ongoing courses by top experts in the field and ongoing mentorship to further accelerate my growth. Good question. With financial trading and Marketing you can be your own boss. There is no need to work for something. I want to be my own boss. If I were to choose tough, I would work for Facebook on their adversting department so I can gain more knowledge and experience on how to complete succesfull add campaigns or Amazon to learn more about setting your own e commerce store.  With regards to trading I wouldn't work for a broker.  This is off topic, but if I had the capital let's say 100K to invest, I would like my protifolio to be managed by Creative Planning if I were to try a company suggested by Tony Robbins who I have been following for quite some time now.  I hope that anwsers your question. Thanks D

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Sep 13, 7:03PM EDT0

When you say financial trading, are you referring to stock market trading? Also, what kind of internet marketing projects will donated money go into funding..?

Sep 11, 9:41PM EDT0

Hello Brandon,

Thanks for your question. I am reffering to CFD trading which is taught by Sandy Jadeja. You can find more about his courses on the following site. However I would defintily like to know more about index trading and stock trading. ''How to be unschakable'' by Tony Robbins is a very good book about the financial world which cover Index trading.  The money would go to repayments and further investing into mentorship re trading so I can actually have a succesfull trader coach me  personally to accelerate my growth. With the marketing goal, I would like to get into Direct Response Marketing which is taught by Gerry Cramer through the rise academy, I would invest in their course and one to one mentorship. You can start to follow him on FB.  The first steps would be to focus on financial trading first and when I have achieved my goals with Trading and I feel competent enough I would take on marketing. I don't want to take on too much at once if that makes sense. Hope that anwsers you query.

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Sep 13, 6:55PM EDT0

Why should we consider you for the Crowdfunding over someone in a third world country, wanting to reach the same dream, of obtaining a degree?

Sep 11, 8:39PM EDT0

Hey Thudson,

when deciding on whether or not you will support a project, I personally wouldn't make a comparison. Each project is different from one another. Just as each country is different for their economic situation for instance.   Just because it may be harder to obtain a good education from one country to another doesn't mean to say that the person coming from a better economic country is less  worthy of another ones support.   Go with what feels right to you :). 

Last edited @ Sep 12, 7:58PM EDT.
Sep 12, 7:58PM EDT0

Who do you think controls the banking system?

Sep 11, 8:14PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Sep 11, 7:21PM EDT0

That you shouldn't get discouraged by not be able raising the funds you would like. Perserverance is the key to succes. If your campaign isn't working, discover why it's not working, look for ways to improve, tweak it and continue to work it untill you find what works.

Oh yes and use bitly.com you can shorten your URL's and it can show you where you traffic (which website) is coming from. 

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Sep 11, 7:31PM EDT0

Have you had to do many improvements to your campaign and if so which is having the most positive impact so far?

Sep 13, 9:57PM EDT0

Have you approached shops or retail outlets to donate money or to donate products that could help you as incentives?

Sep 11, 6:24PM EDT0

Thanks Sara, this is a good idea! Which type of shops would you approach? My reward is to volunteer my time to support a great cause.  Look forward to hearing back from you.

Sep 11, 7:16PM EDT0

Are you looking to raise your entire college tuition?

Sep 11, 6:17PM EDT0

The money which I will raise will go towards paying off my education that I conducted through e-learning and workshops and further invest in the one to one coaching support and courses that I need to become a succesfull trader and affiliate marketer :). I hope this answers your question.

Last edited @ Sep 11, 7:23PM EDT.
Sep 11, 7:22PM EDT0

How many years of college will you need to get your degree?

Sep 11, 6:16PM EDT0

It is not a college degree. My training  will be through e-learning, workshops and one to one mentorship. As far as I see this training is ongoing, as the latest techniques may change, you should always keep up. Learning never stops. Gorwth comes from continuing to develop oneself.

Sep 11, 7:27PM EDT0

How much time or how many courses will it take before you will earn an income?

Sep 14, 7:13PM EDT0

Have you already started college?

Sep 11, 5:16PM EDT0

Hello Daniel, thanks for reaching out! It is not College. I have already invested in elearning and workshops related to internet marketing and trading.

Last edited @ Sep 11, 7:28PM EDT.
Sep 11, 7:24PM EDT0

I read your story and I think a lot of us empathize, however, as a cancer survivor and knowing how many billions are wasted every year on making the pharmaceutical industry richer without any real benefit to the patient I don't think I like the incentive your offering. Plus if I donate to a cause I do it because I want to, not because I get something in return. I hope this doesn't offend you. How do you feel about that?

Sep 11, 5:05PM EDT0

Hello Andrew,

It great to hear you are a cancer survivorer. Bless you. I am not offended at all  and thanks for raising this point. In these types of campaigns you have the choice to add a reward. It is not mandatory, so I could of chosen not too. I personally thought this could mean a difference to my campaign in terms of support I can get by offering a reward but most importantly because I gain great fullfilment into supporting a great cause by adding value to another in return.  In the charity cases I have supported so far I have not been on the receiving end. I just volunteered because I wanted to contribute to others. Much like you I like to know what I am supporting. If I were to donate money to a cause like supporting people who are affected by cancer for example. My approach would be now as apposed to in the past, going directly to the source, given them the money rather than the organisation if that makes sense.  I look forward to hearing back from you.

Last edited @ Sep 11, 8:03PM EDT.
Sep 11, 7:45PM EDT1

What are the drawbacks, if any, on using crowdfunding platforms?

Sep 11, 4:57PM EDT0

Hey Kerri, I would say crowdfunding lacks open discussion like AMAfeed on their platform for possible donaters to ask questions and get to know more about the crowdfunder and their project.  I also think that with this growing trend, there are more and more projects taking place and some don't even see the light of day or let's say lack skills or marketing a campaign succesfully. I would suggest that their be a panel of people selecting cases at random or preselecting projects to support their campaign to make it launch succesfully and provide feedback with the objective to help raise the funds desired by the crowdfunder. I hope that gives some constructive feedback. Look forward to hear back from you.

Last edited @ Sep 11, 7:51PM EDT.
Sep 11, 7:50PM EDT0

How much research did you do in regard to crowdfunding before you settled on this particular site?

Sep 11, 4:00PM EDT0

Hey G, I searched Google for the top crowdfunding websites and thought I would give this one a go since It ranked in the top 10.

Last edited @ Sep 11, 7:53PM EDT.
Sep 11, 7:52PM EDT0

How would you rate it from your experience so far?  Is it living up to your expectations?

Sep 14, 4:29PM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Sep 11, 1:56PM EDT0

Hey Christopher, thanks for the great question. I will continue to explore new ideas how I can get more eyes in front of my campaign and target the correct audience. Such as AMA feed, it will allow me to launch my campaign on a platform to create discussion and get more ''eyeballs'' in front of my campaigh and hopefully more supporters who can relate to what I am trying to accoplish and see worthy of a donation. Apart from restructuring my campaign plan, I will set money aside each month to be able to invest in the education I require to gain the level of knowledge nd succes I wish to gain to build the future I want and promising one for generations to come. 

Sep 11, 7:00PM EDT0

Have you given your plan a timeframe and if so what is it?

Sep 14, 8:30AM EDT0

What is your view on cryptocurrencies?

Sep 11, 1:36PM EDT0

Hello Justin, I don't trade cryptocurrencies so I can't really give you my view point here. I trade Dow Jones and Gold.

Sep 11, 7:10PM EDT0

Are you intrested in trading bitcoins? 

Sep 11, 12:08PM EDT0

Not at this point in time.

Sep 11, 7:10PM EDT0

Do you know anyone who has successfuly funded their education on crowdfunding sites?

Sep 11, 8:51AM EDT0

Yes I have seen succesfull campaigns on education :).

Sep 11, 7:13PM EDT0
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