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Muhammad Zaki
Aug 18, 2018

Our Goal is simple...

We want to end food adulteration, animal suffering and pollution. We want a food industry that’s sustainable. It means providing 100% organic food without harming the animals and the mother earth.

Yes, this is MenuX

We are now live on IndieGoGo for fundraising. To learn about us and to visit our page, just click here

Visit our page, watch the campaign video and if you have any query feel free to ask me anything

Be a food hero, and help us reach out to share our campaign page across your network. The link to the campaign page is below

Thank you

Muhammad Zaki says:

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As a start-up brand, how do you know if Crowdfunding is the right strategy for you?
Sep 5, 5:25AM EDT0
What is an important insight that you have collected along the way of this project?
Sep 4, 11:58PM EDT0
Is planning and implementing a crowdfunding campaign a useful discipline in social entrepreneurship?
Sep 4, 7:23PM EDT0
How do you see food and technology come together in the near future for consumers?
Sep 4, 6:53AM EDT0
What systems are being utilized by MenuX to ensure the environment is protected during the food production process?
Sep 3, 10:36AM EDT0
How does MenuX intend to ensure susutainability when it comes to food production?
Sep 3, 1:59AM EDT0
Many people are focused on consuming organic foods and this has influenced the decision by many companies to claim their products are organic as a marketing strategy, which may actually not be true. What are your thoughts on this? What role do government agencies play in protecting the rights of consumers of organic foods?
Aug 30, 8:03PM EDT0
When you say you want to see an end to animal suffering, what do you mean? How does MenuX alleviate this problem?
Aug 30, 6:45PM EDT0
Would you say food security has more to do with population explosion? Do you think food security and population growth trends need to be discussed concurrently?
Aug 30, 2:01PM EDT0
What strategies have you used to spread the word on MenuX to get more people to be aware of what you are trying to do?
Aug 30, 1:33PM EDT0
Do organic products taste different from regular foods and drinks?
Aug 29, 6:27AM EDT0
Is organic farming less productive than conventional farming and does it take up more land?
Aug 29, 3:50AM EDT0
What’s the difference between "natural" and "organic" foods?
Aug 28, 10:31PM EDT0
Why is organic food more expensive than conventional food? Can organic farmers produce enough food for everybody?
Aug 28, 5:59PM EDT0
How do you build a food industry that is sustainable? Where do you start?
Aug 28, 5:11AM EDT0
After MenuX is deployed, how much time will be needed to see some of the expected results in terms of reduction of food adulteration, establishing a sustainable model of agriculture and reduction of global warming effects?
Aug 27, 5:07PM EDT0
What are some of the consequences of food adulteration regarding consumers’ health?
Aug 27, 12:38PM EDT0
How did you come up with your approach to develop a new way to produce and eat food and why is MenuX necessary to achieve this change your propose?
Aug 27, 12:06PM EDT0

Would this be on a subscription box system? how would you distribute the food items?

Aug 25, 4:35PM EDT0

yes it will be on subscription basis later. Right now, food items will only be available at our company owned outlets

Aug 26, 5:50PM EDT0
Why do you need to crowdfund this project?
Aug 19, 11:09AM EDT0

Crowdfunding is the way to involve everyone in this sustainable initiative from anywhere. It is an opportunity for everyone to make themselve a part of this movement of big dhift towards sustainability. We are also short in funds and to bring this project to life we choose crowdfunding and involving all of you, as Zero Hunger is common goal.

Aug 26, 5:54PM EDT0