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Greg S Sanon
Jan 29, 2018

This project is set up on behalf of all the busy moms, dads, students, and hard workers, who may not have the luxury of going to the gym every day

Martial arts workouts are a great way for you to get fit, have fun, and learn self-defense. You can burn up to 750 calories in just one hour of a kickboxing workout.

However, finding time to go to the gym can be tough and paying for a membership at a boxing gym can be really expensive (up to $100 a month).

Our goal is to show people a new, fun way of getting in shape and to help as many as possible reach their fitness goals without them having to spend too much money or sacrifice time they don’t have.

That's why we came up with Strike Fit Online. An affordable website that gives people the access to workout anytime, anywhere, with 30-day workout programs such as Interval Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, 30-day abs, Yoga, and much more! for only $19.99 a month

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Would you use this as a platform to help victims of violent crimes learn self defence?

Jan 31, 4:19PM EST1

What does it take to become a professional kickboxer? How long do you have to train?

Jan 30, 10:56AM EST0

Most professional fighters train 4-6 hours a day 6 days a week. To becoome a professional fighter you will first need to fight through the amater circuit and make a name for yourself so promoters will notice and recruit you to fight on their promotion

Jan 30, 1:05PM EST0

How long is a standard workout and what does it look like? Do you need to stretch before or after?

Jan 30, 9:39AM EST0

a standard workout should be 20-30 minutes (not including stretching) and I would recommend stretching before and after an excercise for at least 10 mintues combined. 

Jan 31, 10:05AM EST0

What are the benefits of kickboxing? How is kickboxing different from other martial arts?

Jan 30, 8:53AM EST0

How long does it take to see results when starting the 30-days program?

Jan 30, 5:59AM EST0

You should see results at least 3 weeks into a 30-day program 

Jan 31, 10:06AM EST0

How did you get started with kickboxing? What first inspired you to start training and how long have you been doing it?

Jan 29, 9:41PM EST0

What is the best part of the day for a workout?

Jan 29, 6:52PM EST0

The best part of the day to workout is in the morning before you eat because when you workout on an empty stomach you burn more fat from your fat stores 

Jan 31, 10:17AM EST0

What equipment is needed to start kickboxing? Where to buy the necessary gear and how to choose the right one?

Jan 29, 1:48PM EST0

You do not need any equipment for these workout videos, but if you wanted to train at a gym you would need boxing gloves, shin guards, a mouth piece, and headgear

Jan 29, 1:52PM EST0

What a beginner should know before signing up? How do you motivate people to try?

Jan 29, 1:34PM EST0

How big is your team? How do you select the instructors for the different workout programs?

Jan 29, 11:37AM EST0

We currently have 5 instructors, a kickboxing coach, boxing coach, yoga instructor, pilates instructor, and a HIIT fitness trainer. We travel to different gyms around the South Florida area and find instructors with the most experience and recruit them for the workout videos. We also have a web design team that consists of 2 people, and a production/editing team that consists of 3 people.

Jan 29, 12:09PM EST0

How fit do you have to be to start the kickboxing program?

Jan 29, 10:50AM EST0

The fitness levels vary. I have had clients that are professional athletes and I have had clients that haven’t worked out in years start a kickboxing program. Our kickboxing programs vary from Beginner, intermediate, to advanced, so it doesn’t matter how fit you are to start a kickboxing program.

Jan 29, 12:14PM EST0

What meal plan would you recommend for a maximum result?

Jan 29, 9:55AM EST0

I actually created a meal plan for my blog. This is the meal plan I give to all of my clients and it always shows good results.

Jan 29, 12:16PM EST0

People tend to have many excuses when it comes to exercising at home, such as lack of time, family commitments etc. What is your best advice for overcoming these common barriers?

Jan 29, 9:03AM EST0

My advice for overcoming family commitments would be to get your family involved in the workout, you can have your kids and your spouse join you as you do your workout which can help keep you motivated. One of the best parts about working out at home is that YOU create the rules, whereas at a gym you have to follow certain guidelines.  As far as lack of time, working out at home actually saves you a lot of time because you no longer have to worry about getting ready to drive to the gym. Here is a blog post I created that actually list all of the benefits of working out at home.

Last edited @ Jan 29, 12:30PM EST.
Jan 29, 12:29PM EST0

How are you running your crowdfunding campaign? What is your key to success?

Jan 29, 8:10AM EST0

What are the differences between kickboxing, interval boxing and cardio kickboxing?

Jan 29, 5:29AM EST0

Interval boxing involves a series of low- to high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods to keep the heart rate active enough to burn calories while getting the adequate amount of rest needed to jump back into a high intensity exercise.

Cardio kickboxing is an aerobic exercise that is great for burning calories and increasing cardiovascular/pulmonary functions. This helps with decreasing heart disease, increases how long you can last throughout a workout, promotes weight loss, better sleep, and also reduces stress.

Basic or beginner kickboxing/boxing workouts focus more on self-defense techniques that can be used in real life situations, and sets the foundation for more intense kickboxing/boxing workout programs such as Interval and cardio kickboxing/boxing and even MMA/Muay Thai.

Last edited @ Jan 29, 1:35PM EST.
Jan 29, 1:34PM EST0

Thanks! Def think I am a beginner ;)

Feb 2, 4:14PM EST1

In terms of self-defense, what are the best kickboxing techniques?

Jan 28, 8:14PM EST0

The best kickboxing techniques in my opinion would be the bob & weave and the push kick. The ability to bob & weave is important for being able to dodge punches and to use your opponent’s momentum against themselves when you counter back with your own punch, and a push kick is great because it gives you the distance you need to stay away from attackers. 

Jan 29, 12:34PM EST0

Is kickboxing good for women and why?

Jan 28, 7:49PM EST0

Kickboxing IS good for women, and is actually becoming extremely popular for this demographic.. Here is a blog post I created that explains 3 benefits of cardio kickboxing for women.

Jan 29, 12:37PM EST0

What other features will Strike Fit Online offer? Will there be an option for a personal consultation?

Jan 28, 7:45PM EST0

Strike Fit Online also comes with access to a nutrition page with health tips, meal plans, and even a weight tracker calculator that will help you calculate how many calories you will need to burn each day to reach your desired goal. These added features will help increase the effect of all the hard work you put in during the workouts and help produce results. There is currently no option for personal consulation, but we like the idea of having trainers available to consult members of Strike Fit Online.

Jan 29, 12:41PM EST0

What kind of influence does practicing martial arts (such as kickboxing) have on person’s life?

Jan 28, 1:13PM EST0

Practicing martial arts can create a huge change in a person's life. It teaches you self discipline, self-defense, and increases one's self esteem. I can personally say that starting martial arts has been one of the greatest decisions in my life and has changed me into a better person both physically and mentally. 

heres a blog post I read a couple weeks back of someone else's story on how martial arts changed his life.

Jan 29, 12:56PM EST0

You’ve mentioned that the website is also offering Yoga workout programs. How do yoga and kickboxing complement each other?

Jan 28, 11:10AM EST0

Yoga helps with focus, self-control, and discipline; 3 things that are crucial in kickboxing. It can cost you in a kickboxing match to not have these attributes because even though it is a hectic sport, you need to stay calm and relaxed or your opponent can take advantage of your weaknesses. It also helps with commitment, Yoga helps you stay on top of your goals. 

Jan 29, 1:03PM EST0
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