I'm a indie game developer and we have a project on Kickstarter. Ask me anything!

Gary Lude
Jul 9, 2017

Hello community,

we are the Maresa-Team and currently developing our first video game.

Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2ultRqq

Do mysterious stories, a lonely island and a crazy person living on it sound interesting to you? Then this is the right game for you!

You start off as a secret agent with the objective to catch a convicted murderer who is hiding on a lonely island. This leads to many difficult but exciting tasks since you have to survive while exploring and uncovering the island and its history as well as much more. To sum it up we are trying to achieve a balance between survival and story driven game-play.

If you’re interested in the game and want to know more head over to our Facebook, Twitter or IndieDB site, there you´ll always find the latest news and updates.

Furthermore, we have a Deviant Art site where we post new screenshots every once in a while. Kiodok.deviantart.com

Best regards, your Maresa-Team.

Gary Lude says:

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What kind of quests and side quests are included in this game?

Jul 9, 5:17PM EDT0

Herbalists and hunter side quests, you can read almost everything about it on our Kickstarter under "Quests and surviving" :)

Jul 10, 7:21AM EDT0

Is there interesting scenery and music in the game to make it an enjoyable experience?

Jul 9, 1:48PM EDT0

We planned this and will include it in the next weeks/months. We also will include monologues of the main character (player) so you can imagine how your character feels.

Jul 10, 7:23AM EDT0

Have you included any educational facts and figures in the games?

Jul 9, 7:06AM EDT0

No nothing like that and I don't think that we will include something like that, sry.

Jul 10, 7:25AM EDT0

What kind of activities players can indulge in while playing the game?

Jul 9, 4:55AM EDT0

Players who like story based games with a touch of survival elements and the feeling on an island of course.

Jul 10, 7:26AM EDT0

Is Maresa a single player or a multiplayer game for kids?

Jul 9, 3:52AM EDT0

Maresa is currently only a single player game for kids (12+), but we will include a CO-OP mode for 4 people, if we reach 3000€ on Kickstarter.

Jul 10, 7:28AM EDT0

What features have you included to make it easier to explore the island?

Jul 9, 1:00AM EDT0

Also interested in this question..

Jul 10, 1:54AM EDT0
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What kind of experiences have you had in game designing?

Jul 8, 11:50PM EDT0

In 3 years of game designing I learned that I can implement everything if I want. So I lost my fear about "I can't do this, it is too difficult for me". I hope this answered your question.

Jul 10, 7:35AM EDT0

Will this game be free to play or chargeable for use?

Jul 8, 10:10PM EDT0

No it will cost round about 10€

Jul 10, 7:35AM EDT0

Is the co-op mode a separate game from Maresa?

Jul 8, 9:37PM EDT0

Yes it is a separate game, but on the same island with a few little changes and many changes in the programming code. When you buy Maresa and the CO-OP mode is already launched at this point, then you will get it for free with the story version. When you buy Maresa and the CO-OP mode isn't launched then you will get the CO-OP version for free at the launch date.

Jul 10, 7:38AM EDT0

Is the hunter quest too violent and involves killing and stuff?

Jul 8, 9:21PM EDT0

You need to kill animals on island to do the questline, to get collectables from the quests and get meat to eat. But you can survive on the island with out killing anything, collecting herbals for example. The killing won't be violent, I mean there is no blood included and stuff like this.

Jul 10, 7:41AM EDT0

Is the hunter quest suitable for grade school children?

Jul 8, 7:46PM EDT0

No I don't think so, because there are weapons like a pistol included.

Jul 10, 7:41AM EDT0

Do players have to forage for their food in the game?

Jul 8, 6:52PM EDT0

No you have two options to get food. 1) You hunt animals or 2) You collect herbals and then you can eat the meat or the herbals. But you can also cook recipes with the herbals to make them more efficient.

Jul 10, 7:46AM EDT0

What is the basic premise of your game, Maresa?

Jul 8, 4:30PM EDT0

I will guess you must be 12 years old+ and you need a pretty good computer. I think something like an i3/i5, a gtx 660+ and 4gb RAM, we don't tested this it is only appreciated.

Jul 10, 7:52AM EDT0

What would be different in the co-op mode of the game?

Jul 8, 3:20PM EDT0

You will be on island without a story, without quests it's only a place to fight against your friends. But you will have many places to hide and I think a round will go long if you play it tactical.

Jul 10, 7:54AM EDT0

What kind of visual aspects can one expect on the island?

Jul 8, 1:16PM EDT0

I think that you mean the graphics, right? Then the newest screenshots on our DeviantArt site could answer this. I hope this answered your question a little bit.

Jul 10, 7:56AM EDT0

What kind of prizes have you included to make the game enjoyable?

Jul 8, 1:07PM EDT0

Do you mean in our Kickstarter? Because in the game you only have collectables, like audios and the items from the hunter quests and achievements on steam. If you mean the Kickstarter, you can see this on the right site on our project's site.

Jul 10, 7:59AM EDT0

How long have you been working in game designing field?

Jul 8, 9:20AM EDT0

I have been working since 3 years in the game designing field of the Unreal Engine 4. In our Kickstarter you can read more about me in the "Team"-section.

Jul 10, 8:00AM EDT0

What kind of graphics can one expect while playing the game?

Jul 8, 8:46AM EDT0

The newest screenshots on our DeviantArt site could answer this. I think not the best graphics that a game could have but I hope very good.

Jul 10, 8:01AM EDT0

When do you intend to launch or release this game?

Jul 8, 8:01AM EDT0

We do not know yet exactly when the project will be ready, but we are very confident that it at the beginning of autumn, 2017 so far is.

Jul 10, 8:02AM EDT0

What kind of tools are available for use to complete various tasks?

Jul 8, 7:44AM EDT0

A machete for the destructible vegetation and hunting, weapons like a pistol or a shotgun for hunting and a map to orient on the island.

Jul 10, 8:03AM EDT0