I have created a new sustainable alternative to disposable plastic contact lens cases, AMA!

Nov 14, 2017

Optometrist's recommend disposing of your contact lens case once every 3 months. Bacteria builds up in the case and becomes contaminated. Glass contact lens cases are completely non-porous and dishwasher safe. They are not subject to contamination when disinfected reguarly (about once a week). These are a great alternative for people with contacts looking to reduce their waste generation. 

Please see my Kickstarter Page for more information.

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Do you wear contact lense yourself and use this product?

Nov 17, 11:07PM EST0

How do you rate your product, safety wise?

Nov 15, 8:33AM EST0

How long do you think lens glasses can stay if people clean their lens cases?

Nov 15, 7:46AM EST0

Interesting! Can you tell us more about your inspirations and advocacies? 

Nov 14, 9:28AM EST0

What was the feeling when you got your first manufactured case?

Nov 13, 3:40PM EST0

It was super exciting! Itis always great to see all your hard work come together in a physical product! These things seriously look awesome. I never thought I would be getting compliments about my contact lens case. :)

Nov 13, 8:19PM EST0

It seems so smart and simple as an idea, it is crazy nobody has done it before, have they?

Nov 13, 3:16PM EST0

Shockingly enough I was not able to find a product like this on the market. There was a project called the MOON contact lens case that previously sold on Kickstarter, but beyond that nothing! I thought it was crazy that there wasn't really any reuseable contact cases out there. So I made my own!

Nov 13, 8:18PM EST0

Did you do all – the idea, the design, manage production?

Nov 13, 2:53PM EST0

The design was really a combination of me and a friend that does product development work. I drew up 2d views in CAD software and my friend created 3d models for me to make prints of. Production is managed by my supplier. 

Nov 13, 8:17PM EST0

Do you offer different colours?

Nov 13, 10:00AM EST0

No not at this time, we really wanted to keep the material input to a minimum! Although colors would certainly be cool :)

Nov 13, 8:16PM EST0

How long did it take to produce the first sample?

Nov 13, 9:40AM EST0

It was really a bit of a process. I was working with one supplier for awhile then out of nowhere they hiked the prices substantially on me. From getting the product dimensions and specifications nailed down to actually have it in my hand was about 4 months! This was followed by subsequent re-prototyping to get the design just right, all said and done it was about 8 months!

Nov 13, 8:15PM EST0

Why did you choose Kickstarter to fund and not an investor for example?

Nov 13, 9:08AM EST0

Crowdfunding has its benefits and drawbacks. The main benefit being you get to see interest in your product before you spend a lot on production. I wanted to see if I could get enough people interested in the limited time period I have to get a product order in. I would like to avoid having an investor, I am in enough student debt already! Hopefully I will be able to fund it myself if the Kickstarter doesn't work out!

Nov 13, 8:14PM EST0

Did you hire a company to do your marketing, including the Kickstarter campaign?

Nov 13, 8:30AM EST0

I have done most of the marketing on my own. Trying to raise and spread awareness to people I think would enjoy my product. 

Nov 13, 8:11PM EST0

Where do you produce the cases?

Nov 13, 7:37AM EST0

I am working with a supplier in the United States to produce them!

Nov 13, 8:11PM EST0

Do you deliver the cases worldwide?

Nov 13, 6:38AM EST0

Absolutely! Please contact me if you are interested :)

Nov 13, 8:09PM EST0

How much would you sell them for?

Nov 13, 5:38AM EST0

I am really hoping to get them down to the sub $25 range. Right now they are at $45 with discounts if you buy more than one. With such low order quantities it is hard to make it economical for everyone. 

Nov 13, 8:09PM EST0

Do you have any other projects?

Nov 13, 5:29AM EST0

No not as of now! I am working full time on top of this project of mine. Trying to not stretch myself too thin!

Nov 13, 8:08PM EST0

Does one have to pass some regulations to produce a product like that?

Nov 13, 5:25AM EST0

Glass is considered by the FDA as a "generally regarded as safe product". This means you do not have to get any sort of special certification for use on 'food products' which is more or less what contact lens cases fall under. 

Nov 13, 8:07PM EST0

What gave you the idea to design those?

Nov 13, 4:15AM EST0

I was looking around one day to see if I could find a more permanent contact lens case and I wasn't able to find anything. That's when I thought I could make my own!

Nov 13, 8:05PM EST0

How many people are in your team?

Nov 12, 7:55PM EST0

Officially it is only me but I have had immense support from friends and family along the way. My friend who created some 3d solidworks models has been a tremendous help to make the product come together. 

Nov 13, 8:04PM EST0

What are the stats on people using contact lenses over glasses?

Nov 12, 6:00PM EST0

Hi Diana, 

I am really not sure the statistics on that but I do know a majority of people have some sort of corrective eye wear. I personally prefer contacts even for how much of a pain it is to take them in and out. 

Nov 13, 8:03PM EST0
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