I am Srishti and I am the only Indian writer selected for an expedition to Antarctica for sustainable change! Ask me anything about my mission and fundraising campaign.

Srishti Mehta
Sep 17, 2017

This project is my attempt to raise funds to join an expedition to Antarctica for understanding the effects of climate change first hand by witnessing the pristine wilderness on Earth, Antarctica, and to be trained in sustainable ways of living and interacting with the ecosystem. This expedition is organised by 2041 Foundation under the leadership of Sir. Robert Swan, the only man to have walke don both North and South poles.

About Antarctica and the Antarctic Treaty Antarctica is such a hopeful place. It is protected by the Antarctic treaty, signed in 1959. In 1991, a 50-year agreement was entered into that stops any exploitation in Antarctica. And this agreement could be altered, changed, modified, and even abandoned starting in the year 2041.  

I plan to write a book after I come back from the expedition, a book on climate change that uses methods of 'feminist historigraphy' viz to talk about climate change from the lens of stories and not numbers and carbon taxes in order to build direct connection with readers. I believe that people do not think in terms of numbers, rather they connect with stories!

Watch my crowdfunding video- 


Visit my crowdfunding campaign page and contribute- 


Read my full story- 




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What is the biggest benefit of Crowdfunding in your opinion?

Sep 17, 12:07PM EDT0

Hi Darryl,

The biggest benefit in my case is to spread the cause of saving Antarctica. 

Sep 17, 12:13PM EDT0
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Does it cost anything to set up a fundraising campaign or is it free of charge?

Sep 17, 1:45AM EDT0


There are sites that charge some fee to use their portals for the campaign. There are also platforms that are free of charge.

Sep 17, 11:48AM EDT0
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Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns?

Sep 16, 10:01PM EDT0


There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when going in for crowdfunding!

Do your research about different websites offering you the portal to promote your campaign. Study their policies in terms of payment cuts and marketing. Choose the one that suits best to your project. This was the bit about online campaign for crowdfunding. Now it needs to be successful also and you can’t just rely on marketing your campaign on social mediums. You need to reach out to people directly. So try to organize events for people/different communities and tell them about your campaign.

The online portal for your campaign gives your audience/ supporters/potential supporters a kind of way to know that your endeavor is credible. While social media marketing reaches a lot of people, a face to face interaction about your campaign is always more impactful.

Sep 17, 11:50AM EDT0
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How much research did you do in regard to crowdfunding before you settled on this particular site?

Sep 16, 12:19PM EDT0

Hi Kristina,

I took into consideration a lot of sites, their fee structure and other policies before selecting BitGiving. BitGiving seemed most suitable to me at that time.

Sep 16, 12:28PM EDT0
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What preparations have you been able to do so far?

Sep 16, 9:18AM EDT0

Hi Mary,

Your question is a bit vague, I'll try to answer you though.

Since I am still fundraising for the expedition, there are no preparations on the front of preparing for the expedition (equipment wise). I am preparing myself fitness wise though. I'm also reading up for the book I intend to write after the expedition.

In case this is not what you intended to ask me, I'd request you to please specify. 

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Sep 16, 10:47AM EDT0
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How long have you been writing for?

Sep 16, 6:42AM EDT0


I have been writing since the last seven years, in the initial years for my school and college magazines and later as a part of my journalism project I worked for a online travellers portal in Tripoto (check my work: https://www.tripoto.com/profile/srishtimehta )

I have recently finished my Masters in English Literature and have writter different kinds of academic papers and fictional excerpts. Following are some of my areas of academic works,

Sem 1: ‘Jhelum laal hua’: Critically analyzing the ending of the  Bollywood reworking of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Haider   

Sem 2: The classical construct of characterization, plotting and  effect of tragedy (majorly Aristotle’s definition of tragedy) and  how Haider deviates from the construct, and its effect on the  audience and form of tragedy.   

Sem 3: Does Sethe have a self?’: A post-colonial,  psychoanalytical study of subjectivity and identity of Sethe’s  character in Toni Morrison’s Beloved   

Sem 4: Writing a collection of  five short stories under a  compilation titled ‘Kisse kuch uss waqt ke’ set in Partition and  post partition period. 

Now I work as a freelance writer and translator. Following is the links to my blogs-



Sep 16, 10:37AM EDT0
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Are you planning on writing your experience more as a journal or a technical paper?

Sep 16, 6:03AM EDT0

Hi Richard,

I am going to write this book more as a journal. I plan to interview all my team members and their endeavours and compile this in a narrative with my personal experience and learning in the expedition.My book is for the purpose of creating awareness and empathy in my readers about the cause. I do not intend to write any technical papers.

Sep 16, 10:29AM EDT0
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Did you apply for the job or how did you get involved?

Sep 16, 5:35AM EDT0


This expedition is not a job. I am one of the 80 participants in this 14 day journey in Antarctica. I got to know about the expedition through a social media advert calling out for writers and journalists to apply. 

Sep 16, 10:24AM EDT0
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 What can we do? What simple changes can we make to help?

Sep 16, 1:10AM EDT0

Hi Ashley,

On an individual level there are a lot of simple and small ways by which we can make a difference. Some of them are like,

Using renewable sources of energy, it’s cost effective and environmental friendly like using solar panels.

Do you know that the toothbrushes you’ve used since childhood still exist in the world! So much of unnecessary plastic is creating health and environmental hazards in the world. What can you do? Switch to wooden bamboo brushes! (check more here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI1Pf2gMFCs)

Stop using unnecessary plastic item such as straws! (read up more here, a page started by an IAE alumnus- https://www.facebook.com/nostrawsattached/)

We will be trained better in this expedition to find out more ways of bringing about a change in our lives and our interactions with the environment. If you want to join me in my mission and believe in my cause, you can do your bit by also helping me make it to the expedition.

Contribute here: https://www.bitgiving.com/srishtiantarctica

Sep 16, 4:33AM EDT0
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 Are the effects of climate change already detectable to us?

Sep 16, 12:09AM EDT0


Yes they are! It's a political choice, I wont engage in statistics and numbers, I'm sure there are lot of important works published in that front, but from a lay man's perspective you see, Today, floods in Texas, India and China are engulfing entire cities and affecting the lives of people in myriad ways. This year an iceberg the size of Wales broke away from the Larcen C ice shelf in Antarctica, one of the giant ones thus reflecting the health of our environment and the horrors that follow. Antarctica contains 70 per cent of the world's fresh water and imagine what will happen if all the ice shelves begin to melt there? It has the potential to drown the whole world!

Sep 16, 2:09AM EDT0
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Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Sep 15, 11:51PM EDT0

Hi Karen,


Facebook: https://www.tripoto.com/profile/srishtimehta

Instagram: the_bougainvillea_chic

Twitter: @Srishtiliterary

My Tripoto profile: https://www.tripoto.com/profile/srishtimehta

My blog links:



Sep 16, 2:04AM EDT0

great thank you!

Sep 17, 3:59PM EDT0

What is meant by the natural carbon cycle?

Sep 15, 11:08PM EDT0


As much as I remember from our climate sensitivity modules in school and college, carbon cycle is a cycle by which carbon is exchanged among different spheres of earth like the hydrosphere, atmosphere etc. the carbon cycle comprises a sequence of events that are key to make earth capable of sustaining life. The global carbon budgets are determined keeping this cycle in mind. I’m not an expert on this subject.

One of the key things in our mission with 2041 Foundation is to save  326 million tones of carbon dioxide in the next 7 years by 2025.

Sep 16, 4:22AM EDT0
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How does the greenhouse effect work?

Sep 15, 10:08PM EDT0

Hi Denise,

As much as I remember from our climate sensitivity modules in school and college, there are two components in the greenhouse effect — a natural one caused by the amounts of greenhouse gases naturally found in the atmosphere — and a man-made one caused by the amounts of greenhouse gases that man adds to the atmosphere as a result of his activities.

The man-made component of the greenhouse effect is caused by man’s activities that emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The most important of these is the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels contain carbon, and when they are burnt this carbon combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form carbon dioxide. Changes in land use are also important sources of greenhouse gas emissions. For example deforestation results in the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere that was previously stored on the Earth’s surface in the form of trees and other vegetation, or locked up in soils. We emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in enormous quantities because we burn so much fossil fuel and the changes in land use that we have implement are so widespread. This is why carbon dioxide is the most important gas in the man-made component of the greenhouse effect.

Sep 16, 4:47AM EDT0

What are the effects on the earth caused by the green house effect?

Sep 17, 4:13PM EDT0

How many people will be going on the expedition in total?

Sep 15, 10:01PM EDT0

Hi Akey,

For the IAE 2018, there are 80 people who are selected from all across the world.

Sep 16, 1:56AM EDT0
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What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Sep 15, 9:32PM EDT0

Hi Karen,

Before we get into counting back-ups, my philosophy is a bit different. (get to know here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q__aQFmhig)

You can help me make this campaign successful by actually contributing if you feel for the cause and are moved by my mission. Spread the word. Contribute here- https://www.bitgiving.com/srishtiantarctica

All my efforts at the moment is towards the success of my campaign through which I am raising only a part of my expedition fee. The total fee is 20,000 USD including my cabin fees, flight expenses, heavy duty equipment and insurance.

Crowfunding isn't my only way to raise funds for the expedition; it's one of the ways. I have also applied for funds from various NGOs, educational instituitions. And I have also sent in various marketing packages and proposals to various companies and organisations as a part of corporate sponsership.

Last edited @ Sep 16, 4:40AM EDT.
Sep 16, 1:54AM EDT0
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Do you believe that chemtrails and other weather manipulation could be a major contributing factor to the changes in Antarctica and how could you prove it?

Sep 15, 9:23PM EDT0


To be honest I'm not aware of this. Now that you've mentioned I will read up on this to be better informed. I'm not an environmentalist or an expert in this subject. I'm afraid I am not the best person to answer this question.

Sep 16, 2:36AM EDT0

Thank you.

Sep 17, 4:15PM EDT0

Is climate change caused by human activity?

Sep 15, 9:07PM EDT0

Hi Sandra,

1. We know that climate is changing and rapidly. The evidence is out there in terms of abnormal rise in CO2 levels and temperature rise.

2. Climate is changing both due to natural causes (such as volcanic eruptions etc ) and human activity ( fossil fuel consumption etc) It's debatable that what's the exact ratio and how different kinds of human activities lead to climate change. But it's for sure that human activity has some role.

Our best bet is to switch to renewables and secure our future. It's like getting an insurance for your car even though you feel there are very less chances you will meet an accident.

Last edited @ Sep 16, 5:24AM EDT.
Sep 16, 4:52AM EDT0
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Where do you start from and when?

Sep 15, 8:36PM EDT0


Our host city is Ushuaia, Argentina. We tentatively begin on the 27th February 2018. It can be subject to change depending upon the weather.

Sep 16, 1:39AM EDT0
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Is it a woman only expedition? There is a similar project on another AMA about a lady doing a podcast, have you seen it?

Sep 15, 7:03PM EDT0


No, this is not a woman only expedition!

I wasn't aware of that podcast. Thank you for sharing.

Sep 16, 1:40AM EDT0
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What are your expectations of this expedition?

Sep 15, 6:32PM EDT0


Well in one of our conference calls with our team leader, Robert Swan, he told us that Antarctica is the greatest teacher he has ever known! I think this left an impression on me. 

I expect to learn from the journey and stories of my team. I'm a very curious person. 

I want to be a part of this expedition because I wish to learn, to grow and to experience a land where human life has not prospered and yet it’s a land whose surface stimulations reflect the health of life on Earth. This expedition can be a great learning experience. I wish to become more self-aware about how my interactions with nature impact the ecosystem. This expedition seems to me a perfect opportunity to learn, travel and probably move beyond my individual self and extend to other lives in meaningful ways, maybe even end up finding a sense of purpose in what I’m good at.

Sep 16, 1:49AM EDT0
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