Hi there, my name is Lyos and I´m a Video Producer/Climber/Motivational Speaker/Explorer and my new project in LYOS.TV is a motorcycle Vlog trip crossing 33 countries from Kuala Lumpur to Barcelona, visiting kids orphanages along the way so you can Ask me Anything about the projects.

Jan 6, 2018

LYOS.TV is a VLOG of a motorcycle trip in Asia.

You can see the first Chapter of the project

Chapter 01 | The Dream...


And the video explaining you the next project...

Chapter 00 | Motorcycle Trip Kuala Lumpur - Barcelona


The main purpose is to get inspired to explore the unknown… authentic cultures, places, and persons.

We will be visiting orphanages on the way to make kids happy donating in the name of our supporters.

This project offers the real traveling… good and bad stuff just like the ups and downs of life.

You can help to support the project here:


And the Social Media are here:










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What is the key to success when communicating with the public?

Jan 4, 11:12PM EST0

Just being really you...

Nobody wants a  puppet or a fake person

Put your real you, then let the public choose

Jan 5, 2:33AM EST0

What particular show have you posted on youtube that draws most of the attention?

Jan 4, 8:48PM EST0

The Chapter 01 - The Dream...

Has all my life in a 15 min video


Then the video of LYOS.TV Vice and TV Interviews


Jan 5, 2:27AM EST0

How do you capture your audience attention?

Jan 4, 5:45PM EST0

Don´t know yet...

But I think giving always the truth will make the difference

Jan 5, 2:21AM EST0

Who has impacted you most in your advocacy and how?

Jan 4, 8:16AM EST0


Don´t undestand exactly that word, but the person that has impacted me the most in my life was Jimmy, a 7 year old kid.

I was 15 years old and was an instructor for a summer camp when I had to take care of him, Jimmy was blind.

So all this experience of taking care and helping him in everything every time, opened my eyes to actually do as much as I can, climb, swim, run, travel... helping him with his handicap hit me to the core of my brain that if I have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes... were to use them... to use them as much as I could...

So since then I can´t find excuses to not  doing anything I want or wish...

Jan 5, 2:17AM EST0
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What is the vision of Lyos.TV?

Jan 3, 11:01AM EST0

That would be to grow an audience all around the world...

Last time we had 11 languages subtitled

The plan is to grow in all the countries where LYOS.TV will cross with the motorcycle

Check and please support the project here:


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Jan 3, 11:48PM EST0

What was the most challenging moment in your journey?

Jan 3, 8:26AM EST0

I think it will be hard to tell

Every stage has ups and downs, so challenges never stop

Something I will not repeat would be climbing 44 days Mount Everest...

And maybe the hardest thing was to convince the expedition that I could do it

Jan 3, 11:40PM EST0
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How do you plan details such as framing, composition, camera movement, sound, and actor movement for each shot or scene?

Jan 3, 7:19AM EST0

Not really

There are no actors in this project... only reality

Jan 3, 11:36PM EST0

Why do you think many people fail to achieve success?

Jan 3, 6:18AM EST0

Don´t really know that answer...

Destiny? Perseverance? Giving up?

I think in capitalism... you can´t have many successful people... if you have only rich people in the world, who would clean, pick up the garbage, construct their houses?

The system is designed to be the opposite...

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Jan 3, 6:59AM EST0

How do you earn a living and sustain a career doing what you love?

Jan 3, 5:59AM EST0

Extra to my production projects, I have a business with my brother building houses

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Jan 3, 6:56AM EST0

When considering a visit to an orphanage, what do you think is the long-term sustainable impact of your presence and work?

Jan 3, 4:49AM EST0

I just want the kids to realize we are all the same...

That they can achieve whatever they want in their lives

Want to inspire them... to tell them they can do it...

Jan 3, 6:54AM EST0

Can you describe to us how you choose settings and locations for films and determine how scenes will be shot in these settings?

Jan 3, 2:14AM EST0

My project is reality, so I don´t choose locations for films

I just shot what happens to me in the place... good or bad... nothing fake

Jan 3, 6:50AM EST0

When did you start traveling and on which location?

Jan 3, 1:55AM EST0

2006 in Tasmania Australia

Jan 3, 6:46AM EST0
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Does your organization have language that geared toward tourists or very short-term travelers?

Jan 2, 7:55PM EST0

Yeah... I´m including any type of traveler or even non travelers...

Sometimes people are scared to get out of their confort zone.

LYOS.TV  is ready to inspire you to change that, doesn´t matter what type of traveler or type of life you are living...

Last edited @ Jan 3, 7:07AM EST.
Jan 3, 12:40AM EST0

When traveling to a specific country, do you already have a base knowledge of its culture, politics, history, and economy?

Jan 2, 6:26PM EST0

Yeah, but I have only the basics...

I know the religion, if it´s going to be expensive or not...

But the rest I will discover it when I get there to explore...

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Jan 3, 12:34AM EST0
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There are so many factors shaping a film’s success or failure, and so much required to go into a film just to make it, what can be done so it does not ever feel not worth the effort?

Jan 2, 4:40PM EST0

Well, Im in the middle of a project that nobody knows if it will have success or not... not even me... so I have no answer to tell you...

The only thing I can tell you is to give your best... to give 110% and something unique so people will like it...


Trust your feelings and just do it...

Last edited @ Jan 3, 7:11AM EST.
Jan 3, 12:29AM EST0

How do you refine your public speaking skills?

Jan 2, 1:12PM EST0

I guess there is no other way than practise... a lot...

With friends, with strangers, with family...

You can only get better by doing it many many times

See you

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Jan 3, 12:07AM EST0

Why do you choose Asia as your travel destination for your program?

Jan 2, 12:00PM EST0

I didn´t choose Asia... I was in Australia in the middle of a project in 2015, but got problems  with my visa, so I ended here...

The LYOS.TV project is crossing Asia and Europe... then Africa and America...

So is not that I chose Asia, is only the beginning of a global project.


Any help will be really useful


See you!

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Jan 2, 11:57PM EST0

What makes your work different from other competition?

Jan 2, 11:26AM EST1

In my opinion the difference is that everything that happens is real, no script, no camera crew, no rules, no money, no plans, no sponsors....

All the Vlogs that I have seen are not a series, are not explaining why you went from point A to B and then to C...

And most of them follow the rules of their sponsors or have some kind of schedule in their chapters.

Maybe if you can show me some competitors I can find more differences.

You can check the Chapter 1 here:


Take care!

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Jan 2, 11:53PM EST0
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What exactly happens during an orphanage visit?

Jan 2, 10:10AM EST1

Speaking and playing with them, Football or any kind of games.

Putting them videos, giving them advice, trying to teach them anything you can.

I have visited orphanages in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India... any type of attention puts  them a smile in their faces.

If the people of the crowdfunding campaign helps, we will donate toys, games and school stuff to them.

You can help LYOS.TV here:


Take Care!

Last edited @ Jan 3, 7:17AM EST.
Jan 2, 10:43AM EST0
When do we expect to see your new project for Lyos.TV?
Jan 2, 10:00AM EST1


www.LYOS.TV is already there...


The Motorcycle Vlog will start as soon as I get the money of the crowdfunding campaign...


So hopefully march 2018!

Take care!

Last edited @ Jan 23, 10:42PM EST.
Jan 2, 10:37AM EST0
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