Hi! My name is Gray Leung - CEO and Head of Design of Startkiz. We have been helping YASHICA raising over USD 1.2 M with 6500+ backers for their new Y35 digiFilm camera's Kickstarter campaign. AMA.

Gray Leung @ Startkiz
Nov 13, 2017

Hi Everyone! My name is Gray Leung , CEO and Head of Design and Development of Startkiz. We just started a crowd funding agency startup based in Hong Kong.

I am a Product Deisgn veteran (a.k.a. inventor) in high-quality and functional home-ware and gadgets who also won the Japan acclaimed GOOD DESIGN AWARD and HONG KONG SMART GIFT AWARD . In the past couple of years, I  have desiged serveral successful crowd funding campaign's product incldung: HOLGA DIGITAL, PIECE 4 SIM and MUZO

Recently we are helping a Japanese lengendary camera's brand to relaunch their new camera after 10 years of slience. The  YASHICA Y35 . This camapign got 100% funded within 4 hours, reached 1M+ in 3 days with the support of 6500+ backers. 

Still a week left for the YASHICA Y35 campaign, your support is highly appreciated! 

Ask me anything about how to create a winning product on crowdfunding platform, how to market your product to reach your funding goal! or anything you want :) ! 


Gray Leung 

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Hi! Will it be okay to interview you in our podcast?

Nov 19, 12:31AM EST0

What did you imagine yourself being when you were little?

Nov 13, 5:20AM EST0

haha.... That's long time ago..mmm...Actually I imagined me will be a designer as well.

Nov 13, 9:32AM EST0

Where are the backers of your campaigns mostly based?

Nov 12, 12:39PM EST0

Most backers are based in the US, for the rest will depend on what product you want to create. Since YASHICA is a Japanese camera brand, so the second biggest base of backers are from Asia.

Last edited @ Nov 13, 4:59AM EST.
Nov 13, 4:32AM EST0

Wow! Did you pick that project, or they came to you for help for their campaign?

Nov 12, 11:44AM EST0

Actually, YASHICA was asking if I was interested to revamp with their brand with an innovative idea. I came up with the Y35 digiFilm idea and they loved it at their first sight. The rest is history :) 

Last edited @ Nov 13, 5:08AM EST.
Nov 13, 4:34AM EST0

Are there cases where you would not recommend crowdfunding?

Nov 12, 8:44AM EST0

Will be shipping worldwide?

Nov 12, 7:25AM EST0

Yes, Y35 will be shipped worldwide since Kickstarter is a globally well-known crowdfunding platform, and backers coming from all over the world. 

Last edited @ Nov 13, 5:04AM EST.
Nov 13, 4:35AM EST0

Any good platform or channel to draw external backer?

Nov 12, 5:19AM EST0

FB and IG

Nov 13, 9:34AM EST0

What would you say are the key elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Nov 12, 5:11AM EST0

1) Product idea

2) Marketing promotion

3) Pricing

Last edited @ Nov 13, 5:07AM EST.
Nov 13, 4:36AM EST0

What would one have to study to be good at your job?

Nov 12, 4:54AM EST0

I didn't study at school that's why I ended up being a product designer :P Frankly, study won't make you a better inventor, just be creative and willng to make mistakes and learn from it. 

Nov 13, 11:54AM EST0

What is the best use of the YASHICA camera?

Nov 12, 3:40AM EST0

If you mean Y35, I will say best use for street snap shoot. Because Y35 is a point and shoot camera and lot of possibilities in creation with different kind of digiFilm

Nov 13, 9:35AM EST0

What is your favourite tech gadget not created by you?

Nov 12, 12:57AM EST0

Apple Watch

Nov 13, 9:36AM EST0

What are the advantages of using a crowdfunding site over running a funding campaign yourself?

Nov 11, 8:11PM EST0

What is the best platform out there for crowdfunding nowadays and why?

Nov 11, 4:27PM EST0

There are ton of crowd funding platforms our there, but I suppose most people want to ask whether Kickstarter VS Indiegogo. Both platforms has its own advantage over each other. For instance, Kickstarter proberbly has a larger group of royal repeated backers, buy they have a all or nothing campaign policy while Indiegogo let you choose a flexible funding option. So the conclusion is really depends on your product and how you want to rasie your fund. However, all of our successful campaign started with Kickstarter and some of them were then migrated to Indiegogo as an Indemand campaign, it can still let backers place preorder even campaign is ends .

Nov 12, 4:18AM EST0

What other interesting projects are you working on?

Nov 11, 3:20PM EST0

This one is alerady busy enogh for me.... just kidding. I am planning another fun camera project and some high-tech "vintage" project.

Last edited @ Nov 13, 11:49AM EST.
Nov 13, 9:37AM EST0

What is your most widely used gadget?

Nov 11, 1:47PM EST0

Usually I spend all my time to create new gadget. Most widely used should be my Mac.

Nov 13, 9:39AM EST0

When running a crowdfunding campaign is it better to focus on a few backers with higher amount they put in or on many smaller backers?

Nov 11, 12:16PM EST0

Good question, usually you will need to find your niche market before launching, once you find out your targetd backers, you want to focus on these group of people to support your campaign at the beginning, Without these early adoptor, fans or supporters it is hard to get the many smaller backers you want. 

Nov 12, 3:37AM EST1

What is your favourite invention?

Nov 11, 10:11AM EST0

Definitely The YASHICA Y35 digiFilm camera!!! :)

Nov 13, 3:11AM EST0

Do you ever stop working when you are an inventor? As in you can’t really stop thinking about new things all the time no?

Nov 11, 9:37AM EST0

As an invertor ideas always flashing out non-stop, the only time that would make me stop thinking is when we are running a campaign.  LOL It is basically a 7/24 job for the 30-60 days during the campaign, and it is both mentally and physically draining  all your energy. 

Nov 12, 3:22AM EST0

What role does social media play in crowdfunding campaigns?

Nov 11, 8:12AM EST0

Social Media plays a very crucial role in crowd funding, you need it for your prelaunch, finding potential backers in facebook interest group and it is also an impotant channel to gain traffic when you are running your campaign too. 

Nov 12, 3:15AM EST0
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