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Jeff Stoker
Feb 25, 2018

Hi my name is Jeff Stoker I am the founder of Camp Fire Ministries on YouTube I have been in ministry over 20 years. However due to some miner technical needs I have been limited on video length, amout, and quality on my channel for sometime now I am seeking help on tech updates for hardware, software and internet. My YouTube ministry is not for my personal gain which means any financial support goes towards upgrades to make better videos and to help others within my community that are in need. 

Please checkout the link to my channel so you can view my content. Just by simply subscribing, liking, and share content on my channel would help grow my audience.  Feel free to ask me anything.

God bless you!!! Thank you for your support!!!


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Why did you decide to go into this business?
Feb 26, 10:35AM EST1

This is not a business it is a ministry. After I accepted Jesus  as my Lord and savior I felt it was my calling.

Feb 26, 3:25PM EST0
How exactly are funds distributed in your community and can you provide proof to donors that their funds are being properly utilized?
Feb 26, 7:02AM EST1

In many cases such as a family in need of something I try and go and get it for them there are some cases  in which I do just give money straight to the person in need just depends on the situation. I do try and save recepts as much as I can. There are some cases in which PayPal is used as to send money to someone in this year I would be ble to show  proof.

Feb 26, 3:23PM EST0

Here is the link to my YouTube channel.

Feb 25, 7:01PM EST1
How do you deal with adversity or stress? Do you find working on your channel relaxing?
Feb 25, 5:50PM EST1

I deal with adversity and stress through much prayer and just getting into the bible. Yes I do find working on my channel relaxing as well. 

Feb 25, 6:55PM EST0
What fund raising initiatives have you tried, which ones worked and which didn't?
Feb 25, 5:11PM EST1

I normally only do fundraisers when I come accross someone who is in dire need and usally use Facebook's crowdfunding platform it usally brings in a little  kind of one of those thing that is better than zero. I do use a PayPal link for donations on my YouTube videos using the PayPal link is a more recent thing I've started doing in the discription box on my video. This is the first time I've ask help for ministry equipment per say.

Feb 25, 5:28PM EST0
Is the ministry a part-time endeavour or do you have a day job?
Feb 25, 4:59PM EST1

Due to back problems and 2 strokes I am unable work but I do get a disability check and minister full time. Any donation I get for ministry go strictly for ministry my disability is used for personal bills. 

Feb 25, 5:18PM EST0
How can donors or professional contact you in order to discuss options and assistance?
Feb 25, 12:32PM EST1

They I am on Facebook in which you can send me a private message you can also email me physical mail 2909 W. 2nd St Pleasant Hill, LA USA 71065.

If someone needs it I can call them as well. 

Feb 25, 3:23PM EST0
How much actual revenue do you receive through your ministry and is it enough to really assist your community?
Feb 25, 11:23AM EST1

This is actually a tough questions because I very rarely ask for funding I generally get funds as God puts it on people's heart to give. So I might go months with no " revenue" at all and sometimes get $400 or $500 a week in fund from donations in which I do my best to find someone to help with that. Sometimes I even pull money out of my on pocket not donate but from my personal income if we have it after bills to help. 

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Feb 25, 3:11PM EST1
What is your description of a person "in need"?
Feb 25, 4:48AM EST1

A person in need is could be a wide range of things but usally I refer to someone in need as them being in a situation where they are unable to get basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter. Can also be some that maybe had a crisis happen where they lost everything like in a fire or natural disaster. It could  be some that lost a job and can't pay a bill or it caused them to becomes homeless. Their are those in spiritual need such as the drug addicts that need guidance to break their addiction just as one of many examples.

Feb 25, 3:01PM EST1
How many years did it take you to get to where you are?
Feb 24, 2:31PM EST1

Good question thank you. It has taken me about 22 years as well as many prayer, lots of bible studing, and many tear shead. 😊

Feb 24, 3:08PM EST0
What are the main problems you face at the moment maintaining your channel?
Feb 24, 2:06PM EST1

At the moment the main problem is lack of funds to replace my PC which went out sometime ago which left me stuck using me smart phone to record my messages. The some lack of funds has left me without good internet service so I have to use my mobile data instead.

Feb 24, 3:06PM EST1
Would new equipment solve the issue you have? Do you think it would help improve your following? Is it not more about content rather than quality of the videos?
Feb 24, 12:40PM EST1

Actualy at moment all I have to work with is a smart phone as my PC went out months ago. On top of that due to lack of funds we have lost internet service which means all I have is my phones data plan and that hinders adding content to my channel. But also from my experience a combination of content and quality tends to draw more folloers than just content alone. 

Feb 24, 3:01PM EST0
Can you generate income with the youtube videos?
Feb 24, 10:54AM EST1

You can if you choose to monetize your video but unless you are getting 100,000 views or more per video the amount is very minute as it is as little as $0.01 per commercial shown on your videos. On top of that I choose to be viewer supported rather than monetized as the gospel of Jesus is not to be sold but is freely given. 

Feb 24, 2:51PM EST1
Why do you use YouTube as a means to talk to your constituents?
Feb 24, 10:38AM EST1

As a follower of Jesus Christ it is my calling to try and reach as many as possible with his truth love, mercy, and justice. And YouTube is a good platform to do just that. And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.Mark 16:15 KJV 

YouTube is a worldwide platform.

Feb 24, 2:40PM EST0
What is Camp-fire ministries? What do you promote with your channel?
Feb 24, 8:32AM EST1

Camp Fire Ministries is a ministry that spreads the good news of Jesus Christ using YouTube as a platform. We also as resources and/or funds are available do our best to reach out to those that are in need.

Feb 24, 2:31PM EST0
In what ways can a person assist your ministry?
Feb 24, 2:15AM EST1

Most importantly is prayer. However we can always use financial support. Being the vast majority of my ministry is uploaded to YouTube and I am in need of computer equipment right now that would help, Food clothing, shelter, and bibles (preferably King James Version) to pass out to homeless and needy. Thanks for asking.

Feb 24, 6:29AM EST0
Have you used social media as a mean to assist your ministry with funds and maintenance, what was your experience as a result?
Feb 24, 1:11AM EST1

Yes I have and have receive lots quite a few subscribers but very minimal financal  support.  

Feb 24, 6:06AM EST0
How long has your ministry been functional and what inspired its creation?
Feb 23, 9:44PM EST1

I have been in ministry for about 22 yrs. now. I was delivered from drug abuse and witchcraft When I gave my life to Jesus. I was inspired by hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ through another believer who shared his faith in Jesus with me. His name wad Ron Skaggs he passed away about 3 yrs ago. Feel free to see my testimony on YouTube here is the link. 

Feb 24, 6:21AM EST0