Help Bring This Smart Insole for the Elderly to the Market in This Crowdfunding AMA Event

Maria L.
Jan 31, 2018

Old age make the elderly more prone to accidents, and what’s even worse is theses accidents happen without you knowing. Atish Khatri plans to bring an end to this risk with his ingenious SoulSens, a smart insole engineered for protection through notifying designated family members when an accident occurs. Check out some responses we got from the AMA event to know more about the brilliant idea:

QUESTION: What makes SoulSens unique? What are the main advantages of the product?

There is no product out there like this. The only product similar to this is a pendant the health service in the UK give out which is worn around the neck and if something happens you must press the button on it to notify the health service who have a box installed in one of your rooms to talk to a specialist advisor. 

That all relies on user interaction where as I am looking at automation of the process.

QUESTION: Should elder people live alone?

In my opinion No however not everyones circumstances are the same and not everyone in the world think the same and so there are many elderly people who find it comfortable living on their own. Not only that but some families may not be able to afford a big enough house to keep parents/gran parents with them.

QUESTION: What technology is required for the smart insole to work? What materials will be used?

It will be a complex circuit board made up of a range of sensors working in harmony, only when the specific criteria is met will it send a message. 

Materials would include a gel based insole to ensure the feet stay cool and comfortable with the circuitry embedded inside it.

QUESTION: Do you have any other images of your product / prototype, besides the photoshopped image taken off the internet? Sounds like a great idea, but I'm sad to say I am rather cautious, as all you have done is taken an image and added an electronic board to the image. Confidence in something is key when backing a crowdfunding project. Some actual prototype images would be great!

Hi, As mentioned in below questions a prototype has not been made yet as the funding I am after is to get the board designed so that a prototype can be made. Once production of the board begins more images will be uploaded to provide backers with an update.

QUESTION: How would it detect the difference between someone falling and say dropping their shoe?

It has more than one type of sensor built into it and so the critieria of the fall would be different to someone dropping their shoe, one of the key sensors used to detect this would be a pressure pad sensor

Read more about SoulSens as you view Atish’s complete AMA event here.

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