One year into the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh - AMA

AMA about our new card game MONSTER COMBAT

MenuX: say yes to the FUTURE is now live on IndieGoGo. Help us meet our goals, claim your perks-exciting perks are awaiting you. AMA

U.S Healthcare is in shambles, we're trying to crowdfund a solution. AMA!

Ask me anything about SAUL BASS || DESIGN & FILM POSTER on Kickstarter

100 years, 200 posters, 2 Books! A fascinating journey through the art posters of WW1 on Kickstarter. Ask Me Anything!

Dark clouds hover over survivors in camps - AMA

Rohingya Crisis Still in a Dire Status - AMA

Addressing the Urgent Needs of the Rohingyas - AMA

OLD-FASHIONED is NOW - A new Generation of Furniture -Keep alive Artisan Skills and Support Creative Handmade Work! made in London by an Italian Artisan - AMA

Jun 24, 2018

Ask me anything about the Diaper Bag by Vianetic!

IndieGoGo Pre-launch page of MenuX is live now. MenuX-an Evolved system of producing food that doesn't harm animals and the environment and anser to the world woes of Food Security. AMA!

Ask us anything about this best damn clip. We just launched our PENCLIP Type-B on Kickstarter and funded in sucessfully !

Help bring MenuX to life, an evolved system of producing food that doesn't harm animals and environment, is coming soon on IndieGoGo. Creating a food secure FUTURE. AMA

The Bracelet !!! AMA

IN THIS DECADE.. MISSION THE MOON. Ask me anything about my new Book-Interpretation of the NASA Paperback from 1969 // 50 Years Moonlanding.

King of the Mountain Card Game, Kickstarter. AMA!

Around the world in 200 days. I had a good career in IT, I lived in a city that I loved. But I understood that IT will never be the deal of my life. In 2016 I had a severe fracture of the skull. 5 months of wrong diagnoses, 1 year of nothing. Coma. And I lost everything. AMA

Handcrafted Metal flower business looking to expand audience and product. Ask me anything about my flowers!

Walletic Slim: Thin Soft Light Leather RFID EDC Micro Wallet. Hi! We are launching our new project next month, could you give us some comment about our project, what you like, what you don't like or any details that you like to know about. | Ask Me Anything

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