Did you know that people with house plants worry more while on vacation? Ask me anything about The First Ever Automatic and Wireless Plant Watering Device "AquaFons".

Sep 23, 2017

AquaFons is the modern and ultimate solution to have a worry-free, and most of all, fun vacation or if you simply work long hours… we strongly believe it will help you because it doesn't require you having to give a neighbor access to your house just to water your plants. Set up and go.

We are live on Kickstarter  to spur the mass production of these devices.

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A very big THANK YOU!

To everyone that has taken time to join us today. Also please check out the AquaFons Official campaign page to learn more about AquaFons, and see it in action. Please do feel free to ask more questions, that's what we are here for.

Sep 23, 9:58PM EDT0

How are we doing guys? Are the answers satisfactory? Please do feel free to suggest improvements. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Sep 23, 5:37PM EDT0

Good Morning friends,

How are you doing this morning?

Sep 23, 4:05PM EDT0

What are the drawbacks of platforms like kickstarter?

Sep 23, 3:09PM EDT0

Gooday Michael,

The major drawback in recent times [in my opinion] is the over saturation of the platform, data says there's around 350-400 campaigns launched daily, and that means if you don't have a certain marketing budget or a big network of followers to get ahead of he pack, then your campaign might drown in the noise.

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Thank you all for your interest! We are looking forward to spending quality time with you in a moment. Please visit AquaFons Campaign to learn more.

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Sep 23, 2:40AM EDT0

What do you feel the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Sep 23, 1:02AM EDT0

Hi Monica,

The biggest benefit of crowdfunding is being able to communicate and get inputs or feedbacks from the people that believe and share your vision, and willing to use the product with optimism and eagerness. You know they have good intentions for your campaign to succeed or they wouldn't be there in the first place.

Sep 23, 1:15AM EDT0
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Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Sep 22, 9:38PM EDT0
Sep 22, 10:09PM EDT0
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What made you choose crowdfunding as your platform to host your campaign?

Sep 22, 4:08PM EDT0

Hello Crystal,

As you probably know already, fundraising for anything can be quite difficult, and then building a community around the project is another necessary step. We decided on crowd funding because it not only help raise the funds we need to get a project to the masses, but also in finding out how we can make the product better, even before the final stages of development. That really helps us to provide more value to our supporters.

Sep 22, 10:30PM EDT0
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Did you hire specialists for areas that you are either not proficient in or simply don't have the time to do and what areas are those?

Sep 22, 4:08PM EDT0

Hi Dennis,

Unfortunately, we didn't have the luxury of hiring a PR firm due to the amount of money we already put into research & development, and also because most of the PR companies we met with charge a significant upfront fee (setup and evaluation) which doesn't guarantee their assistance, and then a 25 - 45% commission of the funds raised, and that will definitely make fulfilling every backers reward impossible. Fortunately, we know quite a few professionals in various fields such as graphic design, web design, and social media marketing. We then gathered them all in our facilities to lend a helping hand. That enabled us to acquire and execute a significant amount of the online resources we otherwise would have paid a PR firm for. On the bright side, we get a first hand experience communication with our audience.

Sep 22, 10:50PM EDT0
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Where did this idea originally come from?

Sep 22, 2:28PM EDT0

Hello Ycohen, 

I travel often and apart from always worrying if my plants are taken care of, there was once an incident whereby I had a neighbor plant sitting while away, and she apparently also had an important trip come up at the last minute which resulted in them giving someone else keys to my apartment. The only logical step was how do I avoid not only having a stranger in my house while away, but also how to avoid giving my neighbor plant sitting duty, she doesn't even have plants :)

Sep 22, 11:07PM EDT0
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How long will this water your plants for?

Sep 22, 12:10PM EDT0

Howdy Brandon,

It depends on the amount of juice left in the batteries, the type of plant, and also the amount of water/reservoir the unit is atached to. Let's assume we are running on fully charged batteries and 1.25 gallon reservoir, for a table top snake plant. We can set it to water (0.5 liters) twice a day (1 liter/day) for 5 days. Since it's usually in sleep mode if not watering, the battery can last around 35 days before needing to recharge.

Here is a preview of AquaFons in action

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Sep 22, 11:29PM EDT0
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Does it cost anything to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 22, 11:35AM EDT0

Hi Bradley,

I honestly can't speak for everyone, but in my opinion yes. The costs can vary, especially if you have set a high funding goal. You've got to reach the masses, and if for instance, it cost a quarter (25¢) to reach one person via the advert, multiply that by the amount of people you are trying to reach; and that's just the campaign marketing and promo aspect.

Sep 22, 11:42PM EDT0
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What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Sep 22, 10:30AM EDT0

Hi Billy,

This has been a very enlightening process, but to keep it short and honest, I'll have to say the most important lesson is realizing the real work begins once you push the launch button. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, or that everyone's experience will be the same, but I can say for certain that it's a constant process from product development to campaign launch and then we still have to get to the fulfillment stage. It might be a better or less stressful experience if a PR company is handling the crowdfunding process, but that also comes at a steep price of losing almost 45% of the money committed to deliver promised products to backers kind enough to help fund your startup dream.

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Sep 22, 11:57PM EDT0
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What has been the most challenging aspect so far with this project? 

Sep 22, 7:07AM EDT0

Hello Tiffany,

Ironically, we've been loving every minute. The AquaFons team and I are built to thrive under pressure "on the record". On a serious note, it can be a bit disheartening to see the funding goal stagnant for a day or two, but the only choice is evaluating present strategies, revising them, and reach-out to people some more. We always bear in mind that everyone has very important things going on in their lives, just as important as the project is to us so we can understand that if we don't get any response today, tomorrow is another day filled with different and more possibilities.

Sep 23, 12:19AM EDT0
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Are you planning on selling your device in supermarkets or garden centers?

Sep 22, 6:55AM EDT0

Hello Marie61,

Hope all is well. Yes! we are planning on selling the AquaFons in as many markets as possible, both brick and mortar retailers, as well as online. We even have a crazy dream of making it to Mars with Mr. Musk someday, a slightly different version of course :)

Sep 23, 12:33AM EDT0
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How much research did you do in regard to crowdfunding before you settled on this particular site?

Sep 22, 12:24AM EDT0

Hi Acampbell,

We have been doing a great amount of research on several platforms over the years, and as a consultant for tech R&D companies I have gotten familiar with quite a few crowdfunding platforms. AquaFons Campaign is on Kickstarter, which is somewhat the most regulated and accountable crowdfunding platform out of the top 3 because of their "all or nothing policy" so if we don't meet our funding goal, all the funds get returned to our backers. Regarding market research and promotion which ironically can cost more than the project itself, we have been doing most of that in house via Facebook and Google ads, email campaigns, data analysis and a variety of ways. In addition to our plan of attack, as luck would have it we met with AMAFeed via Facebook and they're the first platform that not only offered us a great community to voice our intentions and raise awareness, but they also helped us promote without asking for anything. So honestly being on this awesome platform is a no brainer, because AMA has been so helpful and sincere since our first encounter. So if you're wondering which platforms to utilize when you're ready for your future campaign, I'll definitely recommend including AMAFeed in your arsenal.

Sep 23, 1:05AM EDT0
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Where will you manufacture your products?

Sep 22, 12:19AM EDT0

Howdy Mr. Smith,

All American made sir, down to every bit of code.

Sep 23, 1:07AM EDT0
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Is crowdfunding just about money or are there other benefits?

Sep 22, 12:05AM EDT0

Hi William,

Absolutely not, on the contrary as previously stated, the biggest benefit of crowdfunding is being able to communicate and get feedbacks from people that believe and share your vision in making the product perfect. The money is sweet icing on top of a beautiful cake; in other words, even a failed crowdfunding is still successful because it's an opportunity to learn from mistakes, know what to improve on and very insightful for your products growth.

Sep 23, 1:27AM EDT0
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Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own kickstarter campaigns?

Sep 21, 10:54PM EDT0

Hi there,

The best advice I'm qualified to give is to have a plan for every step, (from promo to successful launch, to fulfillment arrangements) and then be very flexible and willing to change those plans because as boxer Mike Tyson said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched." But don't be dismayed, for if I've learned one thing, it's that once you learn to roll with the punches (be flexible) then you'll have nothing else to worry about. I do wish you luck and success in your upcoming campaign.

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Sep 23, 1:43AM EDT0
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I am sure I've seen this AMA before and asked how much this device will be when it's on the market?

Sep 21, 10:42PM EDT0

Hi Tonya23,

I wish so too, but this is our first time here. The units start at $99.

Here's the full reward list: AquaFons Kickstarter

Sep 23, 1:58AM EDT0
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