Burial costs for my mother. AMA

Shannon Hummell
Sep 22, 2017

A donation of any size would help, even just the amount of a cup of coffee. 

Hello everyone. My mom suddenly died on Sept 10. We are very very poor, We lived on her ssi. I'm also disabled myself and am fighting for an income. We have no family either, it was just us. I went to make arrangements and found out that a direct bural will cost me around 4500. This is with us already owning the plot, no headstone, no flowers, and they won't even allow me to be there when she's buried. I was also told that I only have 30days guaranteed before the corner will take her and do as they please with her, which would be cremation and dumping her ashes wherever they want. Cremation is against my mothers beliefs and wishes. So I'm begging if Anyone can help either with donations or just Sharing this to help make it go viral I will be eternally grateful.

Shannon Hummell says:

This AMA will end Oct 11, 2017 2PM EDT

Update (Sep 26, 1:29AM EDT):

Shannon Hummell says:

Currently at $770 of my goal, but don't have too long left, please help If you can, even just a share. I'm trying to make this viral. 


Update (Sep 29, 3:48AM EDT):

Shannon Hummell says:

At 780 but running out ofbyime, please share

Update (Oct 1, 6:17AM EDT):

Shannon Hummell says:

Only at 900, way less than what I need, i still need to raise 3600, please help!

Update (Oct 4, 1:57AM EDT):

Shannon Hummell says:

Almost out of time, need donations asap, still need about $700 left. Please help!


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Still need to raise about 700. Donations can be made directly to the funeral home. However I need them quicky, I was warned today I need the money right away. So please if You can donate anything or share. 

Oct 4, 12:27AM EDT0

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Oct 2, 11:43PM EDT0

At $780, but running out of time. Please share. 

Sep 29, 3:41AM EDT0

So sorry about your loss! How are you coping?

Sep 22, 2:34PM EDT0

Thank you. Not well at all, she was my entire life. 

Sep 22, 3:23PM EDT0
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So sorry for your loss. Where are you from?

Sep 22, 1:56PM EDT0

Thank you. California 

Sep 22, 3:22PM EDT0

Condolences to you. Do you need to sort out your mums stuff? Why don't you bring some to a local charity shop and ask them if they can help?

Sep 22, 9:21AM EDT0

Thank you.

Sep 22, 12:45PM EDT0

I am sorry Shannon, losing a loved one is always hard. How are you doing? Do you have any friends that can help you and be with you?

Sep 22, 8:03AM EDT0

Thank you. I'm not doing well in any respect. I unfortunately don't have any friends or family to be with me. I'm completely alone now. 

Sep 22, 12:54PM EDT0
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So sorry for that Shannon... Share this post on your social media accounts any friends near you may be able to help directly. Have you shared this post already?

Sep 22, 7:55AM EDT0

Thank you. Yes, ive been sharing everywhere I can. 

Sep 22, 11:48AM EDT0
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I'm so sorry Shannon, what type of work are you able to do? Have you thought about maybe teaching English online?

Sep 22, 3:57AM EDT0

Thank you. I havent been able to do any work in the last few years. But I I'll look into it. 

Sep 22, 12:46PM EDT0
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So sorry Shannon, do you have bereavement counselors in your country that could help?

Sep 22, 3:30AM EDT0

Thank you. None that I am aware of at this time. 

Sep 22, 12:55PM EDT0
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What is your health condition if I may ask?

Sep 22, 1:27AM EDT0

I have many health serious health conditions. 

Sep 22, 11:49AM EDT0
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Are you sharing your fundraiser on facebook and other social media?

Sep 21, 11:49PM EDT0

Yes I am

Sep 22, 12:48PM EDT0

So sorry for your loss! Did your mum know that she was going to pass or why did you talk about cremation or burials?

Sep 21, 9:23PM EDT0

Yhanknyou, no it was sudden and unexpected. She was very against cremation. 

Sep 22, 12:47PM EDT0
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Have you tried to talk to your church?

Sep 21, 6:21PM EDT0

I don't have a church.

Sep 22, 11:50AM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter and can you share a link so we can follow you?

Sep 21, 5:41PM EDT0

I do have a grief diary on facebook. Besides my main profile.

Sep 22, 12:59PM EDT0
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My thoughts are with you Shannon. Do you have a counselor you can talk with?

Sep 21, 4:39PM EDT0

Thank you. No I don't at this time. 

Sep 22, 11:51AM EDT0
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My condolonces to you! You obviously have a computer. Have you tried finding a job online? There are lots of platforms like fiverr, upload, etc. where you can offer your services.

Sep 21, 4:37PM EDT0

Thank you I don't have a decent working computer or internet , I only have my cell phone. I can try looking at those, but I've never been ablentobfind a legit work from home job. I am doing avon. 

Sep 22, 12:50PM EDT0
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So sorry for your loss Shannon. I found this website www.sciencecare.com/blog-4-ways-to-get-help-paying-for-funeral-expenses/ Do you think it might help?

Sep 21, 4:17PM EDT0

I'll look into it. Thank you. 

Sep 22, 12:41PM EDT0

I'm really sorry for your loss. Have you tried contacting your local radio station to ask for help?

Sep 21, 3:10PM EDT0

Thank you. Yes I've been trying, newspapers as tv channels as well. No luck yet. 

Sep 22, 11:52AM EDT0
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Was your mum involved in any clubs or groups?

Sep 21, 2:40PM EDT0

No she wasn't. 

Sep 22, 11:52AM EDT0
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