Ask my anything about sustainable and green events and why you should invest now.

Sebastian Grimm
Nov 8, 2017

Fairs and events are one of the major sources of waste and pollution. Until now only a few organisations care about greener and more sustainable events. But it starts to change and the product paprfloor (https://igg.me/at/waHP3nVIAAg/x/7546566) is one of the signs of this change. With more than 20 years of history in event organization i could discuss and share my knowledge about making events greener and more helathy.

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What can you suggest to more greener and healthy event?

Nov 9, 6:34AM EST0

My first advice will be: Don't look at events as an one time thing. Plan all the booth materials to use it more than 10 times or use materials that can be easily recycled or consist of recycled material like paprfloor. With that in mind you will find sustainable and healthy solutions. Avoid the cheapest solution. The cheapest flooring that you can buy is often also the one with the highest pollution and waste. And look at certificates and also aks the booth builder what they do for a more greener events.  

Nov 9, 6:47AM EST0
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Can waste management be controlled?

Nov 8, 1:10PM EST0

At fairs you normally need to use the waste management service that is offered by the organizers. And that you do not have under controll. But with paprfloor we will offer a recycling service that will collect all paprfloor after the fair and recycle it.

Nov 8, 1:54PM EST0

Is it suitable for outside use, say, over grass?

Nov 7, 8:32AM EST0

Hi, paprfloor is completely based on curragoated paper and so it only usable for indoor events. But if you have a sunny and dry day you really can give them a try. But we would not suggest it.

Nov 7, 9:26AM EST0

What part of the population do you think are the best candidates for funding a crowdfunding campaign?

Nov 7, 1:06AM EST0

I would say it depends on the product or campaign you want to fund. But in general the younger population are much more familiar with the concept of crowdfunding and the digital minded people with higher incomes.

Nov 7, 9:28AM EST0

I really love the idea, concept & look of what you're doing, but it doesn't excite me as much as other things - this could be a major factor for you to look into - buyer/consumer psychology in relation to your idea?

Nov 6, 9:28PM EST0

You are right. The emotions for that product come with the knowledge about the mass of waste that are generated each year at fairs and events. If you didn't see that and what happens with that mass of garbage then the sexyness of paprfloor is difficult to imagine. In Germany alone more then 19000 tons of flooring will be wasted each year - thats the waste of 30000 german people.

Nov 7, 9:33AM EST0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Nov 6, 6:19PM EST0

Collect as much friends as possible, make lots of great pictures and videos and communicate each day. We are not the eperts in that but we try.

Nov 7, 9:34AM EST0

How would you feel if this crowdfunding campaign doesn't meet your expectations?

Nov 6, 10:26AM EST0

I believe in our product paprfloor. If we don't meet our expectations than we will find other ways to bring it to the market.

Nov 7, 9:34AM EST0

Where do you see this product in 5 years?

Nov 6, 8:30AM EST0

We hopefully have a large market share and several additional products fur sustainable fairs. paprfloor itself would have some line extension and would become a brand for sustainable and healthy flooring. But we also want to invest in research and find new use case like a flooring information system that we will test at the hackvention end of month.

Nov 7, 9:37AM EST0

Is paprfloor durable enough to withstand the high traffic demands and abuse required at a fair or event?

Nov 6, 7:35AM EST0

Yes. We have lots of experiences with that. At Hannover fair we used it for a 5 day fair with more that 5000 visitors each day at the booth and we drove with segways on it and ist resist. At the viscom last month we had lots of printing machines on it and it stayed strong. But to be honest. One tile brokes during this fair trough to much water. But it takes just 5 minutes to replace it with a new one. And we will offer this kind of service for every fair with larger boothes.

Nov 7, 9:40AM EST0

Do you think that maybe your idea is just missing a bit of the fun factor?

Nov 6, 6:41AM EST0

There could lots of fun with paprfloor when you start t print it and when you see it not only as a flooring but more as a communication channel. And it was not our idea to create a fun product. We have seen the waste on fairs and want to do somethings against that massive ressource consumption. 

Nov 7, 9:41AM EST0

Do crowdfunding sites ensure the campaign's intentions are pure?

Nov 5, 11:48PM EST0

We don not have enough experiences to answer this question properly.

Nov 7, 9:42AM EST0

Would you say that perhaps people need to see your idea from a new or different perspective?

Nov 5, 10:58AM EST0

I'm not sure which perspective do you have but I believe that you can look with quite different opinions and meanings on this product. First of all there is the sustainability aspect, second the healthiness, third the individualization of the product and fourth just the different look of paper. But it is not a technology product today but it helps lots of people.

Nov 7, 9:45AM EST0

When and how did you think of this idea?

Nov 5, 7:27AM EST0

The idea came up in 2013/2104 where we organized a sustainble event and didn't found a sustainable flooring. And so we decided to build our own.

Nov 7, 9:46AM EST0

How can people attending be more green in their actions at an event?

Nov 4, 11:54PM EDT0

Use public Transportation. Ask the exhibitors about the sustainability of the booth. Don't take to much prospects with you that you don't need.

Nov 7, 9:48AM EST0

What's with crowdfunding that made you choose it as a platform to promote your cause?

Nov 4, 10:09AM EDT0

I'm not sure with that question. But crwodfunding for us is not only collecting money for perks but also a platform to get known and sell the products later on.

Nov 7, 9:51AM EST0

Do you think events should USE the products that are sold there if possible to be more green and cut costs?

Nov 4, 7:59AM EDT0

Yes, every event should use greeer and sustainable products like paprfloor to reduce waste and pollution. It not neccessarly cut cost.

Nov 7, 9:52AM EST0

Have you done other crowdfunding campaigns before?

Nov 4, 7:56AM EDT0

Yes, but it was not sucessfull

Nov 7, 9:49AM EST0

What other green tech should events be using?

Nov 4, 7:14AM EDT0

We have already some products to cooperate with. First of all flexiwall, a paper based wall system. A next step is to use energy efficient light and presentation technics.

Last edited @ Nov 7, 3:00AM EST.
Nov 7, 2:51AM EST0

Dirk mentioned all the things. And you should use green power it is available.

Nov 7, 9:50AM EST0
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