Ask Me Anything... the first Criminological study in its class_ theory of restructuring in Mexico_AMA

Azucena Simpson
Nov 28, 2017

Restructuring of the population's politics, culture, education and socio-psycho-sexual Mexican development.

Have you ever heard of Mexico?, Did you hear about drug trafficking in Mexico?, Have you ever been a victim of theft?, Do you know someone who was a victim of harassment?, Have you heard of someone who was a victim of rape, family violence, aggression, racism, or even discrimination? Yes, I live here, my house is Mexico, I study with people who are already practicing corruption, I live with people who are racist, misogynists, or people who discriminate to other.

Everyone tells me that it is impossible, but the dream of every criminologist is to discover the origin of the crime, perhaps because he wants to live without fear, or because he wants people to live without pain. I believe in this.

Studies in criminology say that education is the first factor of crime, family is also talked about, and strategies are focused on fixing damaged nuclear family. I will try to prevent a damaged nuclear family from forming.

The institutions of my country are denying me information of public access. But others try to help with the limited resources available.

The information I am analyzing is very extensive, my compatriots deny that there is any problem that should be corrected, but the statistics do not lie.

I need money to hire various experts in my country, I will not give up, ask what you want, in Spanish or English, I will try to answer you as clearly as possible.

I started my collection on Kick Start to hire the necessary experts to continue _ I leave here the link... But everything is in Spanish, because I try to make my population responsible for our mistakes, but you can contribute if you wish or just ask me anything do you want and spread the word.


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Why do you think the authorities can not stop the illegal drug traffic?

Dec 3, 11:13PM EST1

The first and most heartrending reason is that ordinary citizens cooperate with drug dealers, I have knowledge of history of a woman who called the military when a drug spot was established in her neighborhood, she told her neighbors, and they "for fear of being murdered", they went to the vendors and told them who had reported them, the woman was killed because of gossips, because nobody had asked who had been the informer at first, no one had threatened, the woman left 3 orphaned children who depended on her, and like this story there are many.The second reason is that the authorities agree to receive money in exchange for ignoring those who sell, transport or sow drugs.The third reason is that the citizens hide behind "fear" and do not denounce.The fourth reason is that many of the drug traffickers have reached the government and public service institutions.The fifth reason is that the jails are full of drug dealers.The sixth reason is that every day children are recruited to "evade laws".Those are the most important reasons.

Dec 3, 11:38PM EST0

Your aspirations are so pure and positive, and I want to wish you good luck because I think that your research may not be allowed to develop.

Dec 3, 10:39PM EST1

Why can not it develop? Why is it impossible? Why do I depend on others? Why do I need money? Opportunity and perhaps causality will always be the key, any invention, advance or investigation only needs that, I do not need the magic of support, I do not need hope or faith in others, I just need perseverance, it was once said that man would never reach the moon, that it was impossible to find a cure for diseases, which was physically impossible the human could fly, at some point it was thought that China would always be of the third world, at some point it was thought that the country that is now the USA would always be a place of conquest and is now a world power. Anything will always be impossible if you think about its impossibilities, anything will always be difficult if you never think about its easiness. Crime in my country is intelligent, it modernizes by leaps and bounds faster than any authority, but hey, never forget that discipline sooner or later will defeat intelligence.

Dec 3, 11:06PM EST0

What reforms do you need in your country?

Dec 3, 8:13PM EST1

We have many laws, all laws or the vast majority are the cheap copy of the laws and strategies of other countries with other cultures, with other citizens, with another thought. Do you know what we need? What my project intends to do ... Only reforms in the population, Mexico has a very complete constitution, contains the basic guarantees of all Mexicans and foreigners, we have laws for infants, laws for criminal processes, laws for prisons, laws for reinsertion and treatment of criminals in the society , laws to provide security, laws for the protection of humans or animals, health and hygiene laws, laws for laws, but we do not have good citizens. Despite all this, we have mediocre people in politics, public office and citizenship, people who "are lazy to read or study", people who "hate their work" but studied for that for money, we have citizens with double moral that encourage corruption, negligence and mediocrity in any public service position, we have people who educate their children to profess the "moral" in public and violate any criminal or moral law when no one judges them.

Dec 3, 10:42PM EST0

What is your take on Human rights?

Dec 2, 11:12PM EST1

Human rights are basic to any type of criminal process, they ensure the basic rights of any person, but unfortunately here the criminals have more knowledge of human rights than ordinary citizens and even policemen. Here in Mexico there are cases of men and women who obtained their freedom, because the police were impulsive and attacked them during the process, for this very reason people who have killed, dismembered and mutilated children, women and men, or have committed chilling crimes, they have obtained freedom, and the people affected are even more affected knowing that their aggressor is free thanks to human rights.

Dec 3, 10:09PM EST0

Why do your compatriots deny a problem of a crime and a domestic violence?

Dec 1, 12:39PM EST1

We live trapped in a social dogma, someone at some point taught us a phrase widely used in Mexican society; "Dirty rags are not displayed, they are washed at home". This is also reinforced with the belief based on stereotypes of the population. In violence against women or family violence for example; Mothers, women, and wives encourage and approve of violence towards women. Why? Because someone taught them that it is the right thing to do, that this must be taught to boys and girls from an early age, and above all they must pretend to society that they are in a happy and perfect family with an exemplary husband / father. Someone taught us that the family is sacred and should be accepts with all the defects, that to society you are in the best of families, and if your family hurts you then you should keep it for yourself and your family.

For this reason psychologists are stigmatized, you can not go with a third party to tell the problems, because he could tell you that the problem is the family, because the first thing the psychologist is going to do is break those dogma and show you that they are only social paradigms, and that is unforgivable, because the family is sacred, although of course only a competent and professional psychologist would do it, because there are also those who reinforce this type of beliefs because they are also educated in this way.

For everything that happens outside the home, it applies the following saying, "If it does not affect me, is not my business", of course, nobody taught us that many things affect us indirectly, nor did anyone teach us to reason exactly why affects us And why not. For example;

In my country there were hundreds of marches when gay marriage was approved, all marchers were against, their argument was that if they obtained the right to marry, then someday they would have access to adoption and would not allow their children to study with children from "Gay families" because they could get infect "gay feelings" to they childrens.

In my country there was never a single march when a child trafficking network was discovered that operated in a kindergarten in the state of Jalisco. Their argument was that their children "did not study in that kindergarten", " those were dangerous things that should not be discussed "and" that did not affect them and therefore it was not their business ".

And all this thanks to the social dogma in which we live.

Dec 1, 7:39PM EST0

Probably the core problem which needed to be addressed, aside from less or mis-education is poverty. How can you help people eliminate this problem first?

Dec 1, 10:57AM EST1

At the UN this issue was discussed at some point, and of course for criminology is a fact that poverty is one of the main factors that lead people to commit crimes, in Mexico it is tried to fight poverty with programs such as scholarships and food for low-income people, however people living in poverty are accustomed to depend on the government and do everything possible to stay in poverty, they are not all, but if they are enough.

As explained above, they take poverty as their comfort zone, something even more regrettable is that many of the people who depend on this type of program are not those who have extreme poverty, because those who are in extreme poverty do not know how to access this type of programs.

In order to understand how poverty must be fought, it is necessary to understand exactly what has triggered poverty in a certain social group, once the problem has been identified, the solution should be set for that social group, and it should not be globalized , but that is not enough, because when you have offered the solution, you must verify and demand that results are obtained, without forgetting of course that you can not focus only on the exogenous factors, as there should be emphasis on endogenous factors that could have a relationship with poverty, for example.

Dec 1, 6:16PM EST0

How do you think religiosity of Mexicans can help diminish killings and abuse?

Dec 1, 9:47AM EST1

In Mexico there is a wide variety of religious practices, at this time religion causes perhaps more crimes in Mexico, and yet the solution is not to prohibit the practice of any religion, in the end the key will always be to know and guide who interprets and not supervise how they practice. Religious Mexicans, atheists, and even Gnostics would collaborate equally for the prevention of crimes,with the exact knowledge, it is easier to decide what is functional for society and what is harmful. It does not really matter much the religion of the people, it matters their level of reasoning and interpretation for their decision making.

Dec 1, 5:26PM EST0

If this involves crimes, should you have talks with interpol, United Nation Peace Keepers or other international crime control organizations which can possibly help you in brainstorming for solutions?

Nov 30, 5:03PM EST1

When people meet at the UN they also comment on their progress in the fight against insecurity and crimes in their countries of origin, to help others improve, when the child was recognized as a thinking human being with rights, it was also recognized in certain way that the minor was directly affected by the adult, for the first time the phrase "educating children and it will not be necessary to punish men" of Pythagoras took on a real meaning.If I had the opportunity to talk with representatives from countries such as Iceland, New Zealand or Portugal, the first thing I would ask is: How is the population socially ?, Then, I could be asked: How is the perspective that citizens have with their sistem political, economic, social and cultural?The UN has already made many recommendations to Mexico, we only apply some deficiently and others have not yet given hopeful results, to be able to talk with international organizations of crime control, first I must finish my project to obtain the most exact problematic of my country, make recommendations and corrections, apply them and then present them to international crime control organizations to get the opinion according to the results obtained, may seem curious, but the recommendations made by these organizations are based on "trial and error "of the experience of each country.

Nov 30, 10:42PM EST0

Do you think war on drugs has achieved any milestone.

Nov 30, 6:46AM EST1

No, in reality it has lost focus, we have forgotten why we are fighting against drugs, we have forgotten why drugs have become so popular and striking, we have forgotten why only certain types of people are attracted to certain types of drugs. Whoever has forgotten or ignored the main purpose of fighting drugs becomes actively involved in the damage. People say "anyone can be a victim of drugs", but have you ever wondered why there are people who have had the opportunity to access and has not caught their attention ?, Why are there people who try drugs and do not become consumers ?, Many say that legalizing certain drugs will end with the empire of the sellers,but forget the consumer, forget the main reason to drink from the man with alcoholism, forget the main reason of the drug addict to take refuge in drugs, so maybe to win the war on drugs we may have to change perspective to return to the main purpose.

Nov 30, 10:14PM EST0

What was the most compelling factor that caused you to step up and get out of your comfort zone?

Nov 29, 7:10AM EST1

There is a book called "Who has stolen my cheese?" by Spencer Johnson, the ending is open and intriguing, and in a way speaks to us of the comfort zone. In the comfort zone you forget the option and the choice. In my life I learned a lot about pain, today I finally realized that no matter how much I know about pain, I never learned what caused the pain in me. When you are in the comfort zone you learn to adapt to an environment, if the environment is harmful, you learn to endure the pain, you learn to be part of the chaos, you learn to live in an unhappy way to try to be happy, you even learn to cause unhappiness. I decided to take the step when I realized that I was part of that chaos, because I realized that I lived in an unattainable fallacy of happiness, because I realized that we all learn to ignore what causes us pain, you learn to ignore what happens in the news, we learn to deny it as part of our reality, and unknowingly condemn our future, the future of our loved ones, in other words I left my comfort zone when I woke up from my ignorance, when I understood that it was my choice to try change my reality, when I discovered that it was my choice to go out into this labyrinth of life and that was always my option.

Nov 30, 9:43PM EST0

You have such a big ambition for a Mexicana and this is admirable. How do you think you can carry this forward with all the challenges you are being faced including discrimination and corruption?

Nov 28, 9:59AM EST1

A person with hunger for power and much ignorance will be corrupt, a person with a feeling of power will discriminate, the only thing I need is cunning and opportunity, the ignorant with power is dangerous but with the exact words it is easy to to convince, if this person has any feeling of power, he could push anything while trying to "take advantage to have more power", for example; push a project to claim any positive achievement, I just need to find the right person at the right time.

Nov 29, 12:56AM EST0

There are countries also fighting against drugs and resorted to extrajudicial killing to eliminate addicts and pushers. What do you think about this?

Nov 27, 8:49PM EST1

There are avengers everywhere, anti hero in the shadows, I do not deny it, I fight myself to sublimate this feeling, the problem is that you focus on eliminating something that you have already identified as "something damaged", but you forget the origin, Who has damaged it? Why has it been damaged? When has it been damaged? Where has it been damaged? If we eliminate the people who cause the damage, we would be killing people who have not even committed an "illegal action", have you ever heard of the term " mother trash" or "trash parents"?

when you are the son of a mother trash you have only 4 options in your future;be delinquent, be mentally ill, be a trash father, or in some miraculous way identify the negative factors of your education, sublimate what you can not completely eliminate from yourself and be against all your beliefs and family. In fact, everything points to the fact that criminals and people who murder extrajudicially are the product of "mother trash", for the simple reason of the "psychological" composition of the "avenger".

Last edited @ Nov 27, 10:36PM EST.
Nov 27, 10:33PM EST0

What do you think will be the reaction of your people in what you plan to do?

Nov 27, 5:12PM EST1

Fear, it is always fear, they fear the new and that is why they do not risk trying things "that do not work", that is why we have criminal policy programs from other countries "adapted" to our culture (without scientific studies in Mexican society ), they will also enter into a negative, because they do not like you to tell them that they live in a dangerous city, they will deny everything that in any way indicates their "unhappiness", but that will be at the beginning, then they will begin to cooperate in a very passive way, and I hope that after a certain time they begin to take it as a new lifestyle.

Nov 27, 8:25PM EST0

Have you tried seeking for help from international organization or other country's governmental bodies?

Nov 27, 5:06PM EST1

No, I also have no idea how to contact with them, the national organizations do not want to help me, they would only help me if I made an organization of more than 100 people, but it would be great to be able to contact an international organization that focuses on peace, family, children or victims

Nov 27, 8:12PM EST0

How do you plan to gather all the experts? Are all of them from outside of Mexico?

Nov 27, 8:19AM EST1

I am trying to reunite them in my country, I am sending applications to all the prestigious educational institutions in my country, until now I have not received an answer, but I will keep insisting, the experts in criminal politics, law, sociologists and historians must be from my country, Because they are the key to the "natural" behavior of Mexican culture, however, sexologists and biologists or even psychologists can be of any culture or nationality, because their knowledge is needed to be applied to other areas.

Nov 27, 10:19AM EST0

It Must be scary to fight as a female protagonist against all these criminals, who unfortunately are in power. How did you muster all the fears that you're facing?

Nov 27, 7:50AM EST1

When you are a girl you learn that the world is magic, that everything is possible in it, but when you acquire reasoning, when you get access to the news, you realize that the world is not a dream, the world is a nightmare and unfortunately you are going to be part of her. When I was under 5 years old, my parents told me that everything I wanted would be possible, now they tell me to abandon the project, that it is impossible to change reality, that I must accept living in fear for the rest of my life. It is not easy, I had to change myself to try to change the world, at this moment I am only encouraged 3 people to continue and they are not my family. I must get up every morning and feel disappointed by my country, consider that if this does not work I should work in a corporation where you accept corruption or die, knowing that I when leaving home I could be a victim of something terrifying. At some point you stop being afraid, there is something else inside you, but that gives you strength, you decide to leave that comfort zone that does not make you happy and you start looking for happiness and peace. If you do not like something, you should not just demonstrate it with words, you should demonstrate it with actions and fight for it.

Nov 27, 10:14AM EST0

What could be the best ways to protect women against rape and other crimes?

Nov 27, 7:46AM EST1

First you must treat the victims of rape, you should give them free psychological attention (something that in my country is not given), second you must teach the children and adults the measures they should consider to avoid being victims, as well learn to identify when you may be in danger of being a victim of sexual abuse or rape, but even that is not enough. We must remember that the rapist is not created overnight, the rapist has a significant psychosexual and / or social damage, the rapist of children was mostly victim in childhood, the rapist general had access to pornography at an early age and has been exposed to various social factors. To prevent a rapist from "forming" we must teach the children social skills, we must eliminate the inappropriate sexual stimuli at an early age, they should be taught sexuality and biological physical changes by sexologists, and most importantly, They should be given immediate psychological attention and at least until puberty to the children who have been victims to avoid becoming victimizers. Why not adults?Adults could only be taught the prevention measures and signs that they could be in danger, to replicate their knowledge with their children in a positive way, but can not be "re-taught to develop in an environment", adults are already part of the environment for development.

Nov 27, 9:58AM EST0

What is the time factor involved in your attempt to cover everything that you need to do as an initiator of this campaign?

Nov 27, 3:34AM EST1

Is relative, I have only one opportunity, my opportunity is feasible and easy until March 2018, where my research must already be completed at least 90% in order to be presented to a project, if I do not take advantage of a candidate's despair, to be more difficult to apply this project, because Mexicans only "apply what works". At the time of application, to see the results once have accepted my project, is slower because I focus on creating a healthy environment in all senses for the new generations, basically it is like "rehabilitating" the immediate generations,so that the new generations have more development opportunity, the changes will be seen in 5 or 6 years, and the real and definitive changes will be reached within 15 to 20 years, because there you can already consider has been developed almost completely a generation ready to procreate with new bases and new beliefs.

Nov 27, 9:37AM EST0

I understand that you'd like to hit the monster in the eye or at the heart. What is your strategy for your approaching?

Nov 27, 3:06AM EST1

in the implementation of the project or in the application?

For the implementation I want to take advantage of the despair, of a person or a team of people, the presidents are allowed to create or apply new strategies, most of the candidates for the presidency of 2018 already have "strategies" for citizenship, but not they have studies that give them credibility, they are basically opinions without a scientific basis. If I present myself with a candidate with the project already finished, he will present it to the citizenry and he will be "morally" obligated to apply it once he reaches the mandate. For the application is more difficult, I must create "strategies" of criminal policy for each state, and for each problem, should be implemented all at the same time, not only focus on the criminals, I will focus on the victims and citizenship in general, there are people who have never committed crimes or have never been victims of one and yet are part of the problem, create "unknowingly" the environment or opportunity perfect for a criminal situation.

Nov 27, 9:24AM EST0

Do you still have faith in your government to help you eliminate crime to the family level?

Nov 27, 1:30AM EST1

I do not have faith in the government, I have faith in the opportunity, the citizenship and the government is the same, the only difference is that one has the power to "lead", I will only need the opportunity with one or few people within the government to implement the project.

I can no longer leave my destiny in the hands of a government that has been elected by a sick citizenry, "If you want something well done, do it yourself", or at least I will try to do it, and the good thing is that once someone is encouraged with something as risky as my project, they begin to gain that trust and reinvent new things.

Nov 27, 9:06AM EST0
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