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Jan 8, 2018


My name is Theo Goyvaerts and I am the CEO of GeX - Centralised gaming platform which brings Web TV, Social Media, Third-party Apps and a diverse marketplace all under the one roof for gamers! Ask me anything about GeX or my past work in gaming/esports!

GeX is a Centralised Gaming Platform that will have a number of unique and in-high-demand features, with the focus being for gamers. These are just some of the opportunities that the platform will offer:

  • Web TV (up to 100 channels on esports, Games and everything geek).
  • Social Media Platform (Connect your Facebook and Twitter into the ultimate meme dream steam train, or professional social hub, depending on your preferences).
  • Fast-Food/Take Away, Event Tickets and Coaching Lessons can be bought on the platform.
  • Large Marketplace that you can buy games, hardware or merchandise on (Like Amazon!).
  • Chat to friends in games on any platform.
  • Find out your profile rank based on your gaming library and devices.
  • Challenge your friends with mini-games.
  • Capture moments on Streams and TV channels.
  • Voice chat with friends, groups or lobby's while watching the channel.
  • Keep track of your gaming performance, find out what games you are best at or where you need to work on your KDA.
  • Keep a record of where all of your games are online (So you don't lose the accounts with them on it; it won't happen again!)
  • Sweepstakes on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • More features to come too!

The platform on launch will be available on PC, Mac, IOS and Android. Some features will not be usable on mobile version but will have its own unique take on some of those features.

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Are you going to continue improving and adding more to `GeX`?

Jan 5, 5:11AM EST0

Hi Arjetamullatahiri,

Thank you for your question, We will indeed look to improve and add more to GeX over time. We will look to the gaming community to see what they want to add to the platform, instead of adding random features or trying to squeeze money out of users (which we are against!).

Sebastiano has also vast experience working with communities as part of Riot Games, from this we are planning to put a strong emphasis on building a fun and rewarding community for gamers all over the world.

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Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0
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How do you plan on incorporating every game that gamers want to see on `GeX`?

Jan 5, 12:51AM EST0

Hi Mackeba950,

Thank you for your question, we will look to implement this by adding a number of platforms into the platform such as Steam or Origin where we can pull the game data and populate the platform with the details. When it comes to buying games on the platform, we will be contacting the above platform's and work with them in adding these games to the marketplace.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

What was the first job in your line of work that you have ever had?

Jan 5, 12:26AM EST0

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your question, my first job in this line of work would be G-Series which was the esport gaming events which I started to do in 2014 which in my time there have organized 10 gaming events.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

This app represents everything that a gamer could need - how did you know what was in demand? Are you a gamer yourself?

Jan 4, 11:15PM EST0

Hey Kimberly,

Thank you for your question, I am indeed a gamer myself although I have yet to have time to play anymore. When it came to the features of the platform, I have done some market research before implementing them and also added some features that I would find handy as well.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

What previous projects did you work on? How succesful was it?

Jan 4, 6:11PM EST0

Hey Josienette,

Thank you for your question, I had a lot of different projects that were successful but il summarise it up to this. I had 2 successful business, I ran 10 gaming events, I have consulted with more than 14 different companies around the world and worked doing charity events.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

What level of popularity do you want to reach with `GeX`? Do you see it as a main platform for gamers in the future?

Jan 3, 11:01AM EST0

Hey Timknows1,

Thank you for your question, I would love the platform to be used for everything for gamers. That GeX would be the go-to source for finding communities, new games, looking at tv channels for gamers or helping gamers make a living from the gaming industry.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

What did you study? Was it related to app design?

Jan 3, 7:20AM EST0

Hi Liz,

Thank you for your question, I studied software design in CarlowIT in Ireland but I never finished the course at the time. Instead, I went out on my own and started working as a ski instructor (i know, totally different) later I came back to the tech industry and started my own web design business which was very successful. Later after that, I started to do esport gaming events in Dublin for 4 years, 2 years later and I am now starting my third venture which is GeX

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

Do you think it will be used more on mobiles or on computers?

Jan 3, 6:25AM EST0

Hi Maricell,

Thank you for your question, I believe some features will be used more on the mobile than the desktop version. But in the end, it will depend on the users. I can see it becoming popular after time when more and more users start to game on mobiles more often than desktop.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

When did you know that you wanted to create `GeX`? What is the story behind it?

Jan 3, 6:01AM EST0

Hi Janineparc007,Thank you for your question, GeX is an evolution of ideas. I started off at first looking to create Esports Tv, which was an esports TV channel. This changed though when I wanted to start adding add-on features after awhile it began to look totally different and thus evolved into GeX. The main esport tv aspect is this there but is less important compared with the other features.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

What were the challenging parts of designing `GeX` and incorporating all the different elements?

Jan 2, 7:58PM EST0

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you for your question, a design is very important for me and is something that I constantly look to improve at all times. The original designs for GeX were quite bland, and the latest designs are much better. We want to make sure that gamers will have a very simple and easy experience on the platform without getting fried by a million different functions that are practically pointless.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

In your opinion, what is the most useful feature of `GeX`?

Jan 2, 4:50PM EST0

Hi Noshah31,

Thank you for your question, that is an interesting question and one that would vary from person to person. Personally, though, I would say the player 2 player coaching would be the most useful. You can look and find players that will coach you on how to improve your KDA in League of Legends (Which I suck big time, so this will be handy for me) or ask a streamer to coach you in setting up your stream for the first time.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

How will this program be useful to those who stream games of film them fo YouTube?

Jan 2, 1:13PM EST0

Hey Mariakaroliina,

Thank you for your question(that's some name!!),  you will have a feature on your profile that you can connect your Twitch, YouTube or Mixer stream which will then show on your profile. All your friends or followers on GeX will get a notification when you go life and will be able to chat on your profile with others on the native platform. Basically, your streaming account will be in two places instead of one.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

How do you plan on promoting `GeX` to users?

Jan 2, 12:03PM EST0

Hey B.Codrut,

Thank you for your question, we will be looking to promote GeX to communities all around the world but online and at live events. The main point of GeX will be the fun and rewarding community, but also to find those communities around the world for you to interact with and make friends with.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

Will `GeX` include both mobile and computer games? How about Xbox games or PlayStation games?

Jan 2, 11:38AM EST0

Hi Zoran,Thank you for your question, Yes it will!! You will be able to connect your Xbox Live, PSN or google play into the app so that you can keep track of all your games. We will be looking to add multiple platforms on GeX in the future.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

Do you have any other simmilar projects in mind?

Jan 2, 11:33AM EST0

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your question, at the moment I am not considering any other projects in mind as I wish to solely focus on GeX. But I do have sub-projects of GeX such as esport gaming events that we will be looking to do!

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

What is going to be the main difference between the mobile app and PC or Mac app?

Jan 2, 10:02AM EST0

Hey Happily,Thank you for your question, the main difference will be mostly between Mobile vs PC/Mac. The mobile app will have access to all features of the desktop application, but the designs will be slightly different to make sure that users can get the most out of the app.

Jan 8, 3:21PM EST0

Will `GeX` be free in app stores? What features will be available for free and which will be there for users to buy?

Jan 2, 10:00AM EST0

Hey Ron, Thank you for your question, GeX will be free to use and will also have a paid membership. Those on the free plan will have access to the 10 channels, Social media, third-party apps and the marketplace while those on the paid plan (€3/M) will have access to 100 channels, invites to special events, enter into sweepstakes, unlock extra features for profile and much more!

Jan 8, 3:20PM EST0

How many people will you need to work on `GeX` ?

Jan 2, 9:50AM EST0

Hi Gorgette,Thank you for your question, to be honest, we will need a lot of people to run the company. Starting off, we can operate with a minimum team but eventually, we will need a large full-time team.  If I was to put it into numbers, I would say we would need around 100 people when the company is operating at full capacity

Jan 8, 3:20PM EST0

How did you meet the members of your team and how did you overcome your differences working on `GeX`?

Jan 2, 9:16AM EST0

Hey Stelapolaris,

Thank you for the question, Adam was the first to join the team and I met him when I was working as the CMO of GameX. He began to work with me creating interesting and exciting content for GameX, he followed me when I created GeX and is now our Head of Content. Our next member is Sebastiano Passarello who reached out to after recently after he left Riot Games, Sebastiano is now our Chief Operations Officer and excels in agile project management and QA testing. He basically kicks our ass's into gear and makes sure all the work is done.We found that our chemistry work's pretty well and especially when it comes to brainstorming or reaching a deadline, we understand how each of us has strengths and weakness which as a team overall creates a super team!

Jan 8, 3:20PM EST0

What are your main competitors and how do you plan to deal with competition?

Jan 2, 9:06AM EST0

Hey Rexter,

Thank you for the question, our main competition would be a number of existing services that currently run. While we will be the first centralized gaming platform which brings these services together, Gamers can often feel that going to several different websites instead of going to the one website.

Jan 8, 3:20PM EST0
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