Around the world in 200 days. I had a good career in IT, I lived in a city that I loved. But I understood that IT will never be the deal of my life. In 2016 I had a severe fracture of the skull. 5 months of wrong diagnoses, 1 year of nothing. Coma. And I lost everything. AMA

Katerina Mishkova
Apr 10, 2018


My name is Katarina. 

And I'm here to present my project on

It's about 200 days around the world travel. But not for funny and not for vacations.

It's for the recovery after fracture of the skull.

Before you close this message and think - what a stupid joke, I want you to think about one thing:  there is hundreds way to take a money on a funny travel with promising of the funny story. But I can't write you a funny story.

In this time one girl from Russia, who was studying, working hard and traveling all of her life - from a small city to big, career, etc - this girl trying to recover after terrible medical mistakes. 

All the information in the project is real.

I really want to do all I can to recover and take a new deal of my life.

I trust that it's possible only because I knew - how was it happened day by day.

And I want to go back to my country in a good shape to win the legal process to the 4 hospitals, that destroy one life. My own life. 

I'm really asking for help. Ask me anythign about my experiences, help, share and advice are much appreciated!

Information about the project:

FB page:

Iceland photo collage (with sound):



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What countries have you not visited yet, but you intend to?
Apr 17, 2:46AM EDT0
Are you planning to make friends on your travel, or do you prefer to remain alone during the trip?
Apr 16, 7:25PM EDT0
Which nation was a positive surprise for you?
Apr 16, 10:32AM EDT0
What was the best place you have visited during your trip?
Apr 14, 5:09PM EDT0

Iceland. Best of the best in this moment.

Apr 14, 5:15PM EDT0
Did you prosecute the doctors that diagnosed you improperly for doing so?
Apr 14, 1:14PM EDT0

I need to recover for this.

I was trying to take a lawyer. 

But it’s one year of the process. 


And self protection.

I was trying to write in a newspapers, radio - to take an information support. But there is silence everywhere.

I need to prosecute them.

But now they feeling free because see that i’ve got no support.

Apr 14, 5:00PM EDT0
What advice would you give to those wanting to embark on a trip around the world?
Apr 14, 6:14AM EDT0

If you don’t have reason like mine, for around the world travel you have just to start.

It’s possible with any sum at any age.

Apr 14, 6:54AM EDT0
Were you alone at the treatment facility where you had 5 months of diagnosis? Could you share about the treatment process in brief?
Apr 13, 1:49PM EDT0

Yes, I were alone.

First treatment i’ve got in a march of 2017. A year and 3 months after injury.

First was nootropics and max antidepressants.

Later - nootropic.

In this winter I took a procedures of bioacoustics correction - that helps to start sleep and remember.

Before this winter I couldn’t even sleep with very strong medicaments.

Apr 14, 6:51AM EDT0
Where are you originally from? How has your family helped you with your skull fracture treatment and other emotional aspects?
Apr 13, 6:14AM EDT0

From Russia, middle city. Cherepovets.

Apr 13, 6:26AM EDT0
Where are your parents right now? What do they think about your plan of travelling?
Apr 12, 7:07PM EDT0

I can't see my parents at this moment.

I loved them very much.

But after what happened - can't.

Can't answer more on this question.

Apr 13, 5:54AM EDT0
Is there a particular emotion that you wish to experience and feel again? If so, what do you want it to be?
Apr 12, 7:02PM EDT0

Emotions are very important part of recovery.

It has to be good emotions. Because it's impossible to leave something good after 2 years like this.

5 lost jobs. That killing.

Trying to speak as it was - and no.

Loneliness and good emotions. Is a part of recovery.


Apr 13, 5:53AM EDT0
Who gave you the idea to start a crowdfunding campaign on
Apr 12, 6:13AM EDT0

That was my idea. When i decide to try to recover. After no about euthanasia. 

2 Days after tomorrow I will fly to the Paris. Print photos, link on a project on another side and give it to the people. Maybe with music. Maybe with support. I don’t care. I have to try to do this. 

Last edited @ Apr 12, 9:33AM EDT.
Apr 12, 6:27AM EDT0
Your crowdfunding project is for your travel that you plan to do. Why not crowdfund for your injury treatment to get back to how you were earlier?
Apr 11, 10:02PM EDT0

Because I’m writing honesty.

That for recovery I have to go out to another places there I won’t remember every day - how it was before.

People could not trust that this travel is for recover. But there is one way to recover. 

Apr 12, 4:42AM EDT0
As you mentioned that you wrote lots of letter to different foundations, organizations for the help, what was their response? Did they ever respond and why do you think is the reason for not getting enough help?
Apr 11, 8:33PM EDT0

Most popular respond of foundations - sorry, we not working with the individuals.

It’s very difficult to take help then you alone from nowhere, understand?

Anyone know about cancer. A lot of foundations. No laughing.

Because people know about it.

What people know about head injury and recovery? No foundations, no socials.

That’s why I suppose.

Last edited @ Apr 12, 11:18AM EDT.
Apr 12, 4:33AM EDT0
Could you talk about the impact of stress on a person that has suffered a closed head injury like yours?
Apr 11, 2:23PM EDT0

There is no any stress for a person with head injury. Absolutely.

I know as no one or not a lot, what could happen with the human with a head injury and long strong stress.

No any stresses for people with head injury. Never.

Apr 11, 3:31PM EDT0
Why do you believe that donation-based crowd funding is the right avenue for you to pursue in order to attain funds for your endeavour?
Apr 11, 5:26AM EDT0

Because i haven't another variant.

Before creating this project I wrote a lot a lot of letters to the different organizations. Foundations, air companies, etc. Only after no from everywhere, I create a project like this.

Last edited @ Apr 11, 5:42AM EDT.
Apr 11, 5:31AM EDT0
What are some of the medications and treatments you have had to undergo as the result of your injury and how do you plan to obtain these medications and maintain your treatment during your travels?
Apr 11, 3:59AM EDT0

It’s only nootropic in this time. That’s possible to take it in a travel and buy on a place. I still got no another medications. Also I’m going to buy a small machine for bioacoustical correction. This procedure help me a lot.

Last edited @ Apr 11, 4:26AM EDT.
Apr 11, 4:21AM EDT0
In what ways can your travel endeavor help in your recovery process?
Apr 10, 7:23PM EDT0

I wrote it before.

In this time every day I came on a work, looking in monitor and can’t. Don’t remember anything. And killing myself with this every day more and more. Come home at night, sleep and go back. Day on a 1 hour of work before. I read a lot. A lot of books about how. Find a book about neuroplasticity. And understood that this is only one way to recover. Because all my life before - moving, emotions, study new. That’s why was a lot before. That’s why not working now.

Apr 11, 4:18AM EDT0
What emotional problems you have had to deal with as a result of your injury and how are you dealing with it?
Apr 10, 5:54PM EDT0

The biggest problem I have. I lost all emotions in a first year. If I have an emotions - my brain is working. If you have emotions you didn’t lost 2 years of your life.  I need to back it. Without emotions you will never do something.

Apr 11, 4:12AM EDT0
How has your life changed after suffering your skull fracture and what was the incident that caused the injury?
Apr 10, 5:22PM EDT0

There is no life anymore. 2 years.

it was stupid injury. Just a cellar lid on a head in January of 2016.

Apr 10, 5:27PM EDT0
How much financial assistance do you require in order for you to fulfill your project needs?
Apr 10, 3:39PM EDT0

55 000$

Apr 10, 5:16PM EDT0