Are you thirtsy and looking for some fun with your friends? Its time to present our drinking board game, so people, its time for AMA!

Nov 8, 2017

We came up with an idea for the most exciting drinking board game that reveals your dirtiest secrets, makes you accept the craziest challenges and lets your imagination run wild.

Are you up for a challenge?

TIPSY is a drinking board game for up to 6 players. Game is packed in a small can that fits in your backpack, purse, or bigger pocket. It features creative components and unique playing style.

Our goal is to get people to hangout, instead of hanging on their phones. 

Tipsy in designed to travel with you everywhere you go!

You are wellcome to visit us on:


Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Tipsy.can/

IG: Tipsycan

You can also pre-order your Tipsy or show us your support on our Indiegogo campaign.


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my country is Kenya in the east africa. i wish you one day you will introduce it.

Nov 9, 6:53AM EST1

It would be our pleasure to be present on all continents. At the moment shipping to Africa is quite expensive and it is 36 USD but that are the best quotes we got from our shipping company. 

Nov 9, 7:39AM EST0

This is cool! Is it available in the market?

Nov 9, 6:04AM EST1

Hello James. We are happy to hear you like our game. At the moment you can pre-order it at our Indiegogo campaign but later it will be also available on our website and Amazon. Thank you.

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Nov 9, 6:23AM EST0
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how man countries have you introduced this game.. because we so much need it in my country

Nov 9, 5:47AM EST1

Hello Bmokamba. The game is selling online and it was available only in Slovenian language until now. Currently we are running Indiegogo campaign but later it will be available on our website. May we ask you where are you from? Thank you for your question.

Nov 9, 6:20AM EST0

Will be shipping worldwide?

Nov 9, 4:38AM EST1

Hello Adrian. Yes, shipping will be worldwide. Thank you for the question.

Nov 9, 5:28AM EST0

How amaziiingggg! OMG, I need this! Are you gonna sell it internationally? I'd like to play this with my friends!

Nov 8, 9:20PM EST1

Hello Ladyd. We are happy to see that you like our game. Yes, we are going to sell it internationally. Now you can order it on our Indiegogo campaign https://igg.me/at/get-tipsy/x/17341427 and later we are going to sell it on our website and Amazon. Thank you.

Nov 9, 5:26AM EST1

What are other effective platforms for launching campaigns aside from crowdfunding sites?

Nov 8, 6:37PM EST1

Hello Dewayne. We are not sure we completely understand the question. What platforms did you have in mind? Internet sites, social networks, ...? Please explain it a bit more and we will do our best to answer on your question. Thank you.

Nov 8, 7:00PM EST0

What is your favorite type of board game?

Nov 8, 11:46AM EST1

Hi Ivy. We like to try and play as many differenet board games as we can but if we would have to choose Andrej is saying his favourite is Monopoly and I would go for good old chess. Thank you.

Nov 8, 6:24PM EST0

What do you prefer dice or spinner?

Nov 8, 11:44AM EST1

Hi Melodyama. We would definitely go for dices especially for those eight-sided we choose for our game. Thank you for the question.

Nov 8, 6:27PM EST0

What is your favorite color for a board game?

Nov 8, 11:00AM EST1

Helo Jctorrecilla. We don't have any favourite colors for board games but we think it has to be in accordance with corporate visual identity in order to be successful. Thank you for the question. 

Nov 8, 6:32PM EST0

How do you plan to distribute this game globally since this can possibly solve a social issue, which is pretty much happening all over the world?

Nov 8, 4:27AM EST1

Hello Marsha. We have signed contracts with global shipping companies (DHL and GLS) that enable us to ship products globally. However we are planning to start selling our game on Amazon to offer better shipping conditions to our customers but in business every step takes some time. Thank your for the question.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:32PM EST.
Nov 8, 9:49AM EST0

Do you think colors are important for a board game? If so, why?

Nov 8, 3:15AM EST1

Hello Liudmyla. Our answer is definitely yes! Colors are really important, not just for our games, but for everything. We will give you an example. Colors are part of human perception and parts of non-verbal communication. Green color is symbol of harmony and balance. Red color represents life energy, passion, courage and desire. Blue color represents peace, reliability, intelligence. Those are colors that we also use in our board game, for our playing cards. We want that our game communicates with you, and that's why we respect colors.  We hope we have answered your question. Thank you!

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:52PM EST.
Nov 8, 5:47PM EST0

What is your preferred game length?

Nov 7, 8:19PM EST1

Hi Diana. It turned out that the average game length is around 1 hour and 1 hour and a half but it again depends on the group of people you are playing with. Sometimes you fall into the game so much that even two hours pass in a blink of an eye. Thank you for the question.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:30PM EST.
Nov 8, 8:01AM EST0

How difficult it is to raise funds through crowdfunding sites compared to traditional fundraisers?

Nov 7, 5:57PM EST1

Hello Frank. Every fundraising has it specialities. When you are raising funds in traditional way focus will be on your bussines idea, team behind the idea and most importantly economic indicators and cash flow you are generating.

On the other hand raising funds through crowdfunding emphasizes the idea. That doesn't mean it is easier it is just that steps toward your goal are different. You have to be prepared in advance and you really need to know how you will spread the word about your campaign (before and during the campaign). You also need to know that a lot of funds will need to come from your family and friends before you will be able to build big enough traction (Indiegogo calls it gogofactor). And only after you have big enough factor you will have a good position on their site etc. We would also recomend to have big enough team when you decide to lunch your crowdfunding campaign because you can quickly get drowned in too much work.

At the end we would tell you that from our experience next time we would do some things differently than we did but however the expirience itself was rewarding. Thank you for the question.

P.S. You can also read some guidelines written on their site but also don't forget to read some articles and blogs that are more objective.


Nov 8, 8:21AM EST0

What's the best price for a high quality board game?

Nov 7, 3:31PM EST1

Hi Tamara. This one is a tricky one. You must take into consideration different variables. Own price of the product, prices of similar products, country you are going to sell, are you going to calculate shipping into price or not. For clasical board games it also depend if they are produced by well known manufacturers and we still probably didn't take everything into account. We hope we have answered your question.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:27PM EST.
Nov 7, 5:10PM EST0

How many times have you played this game?

Nov 7, 3:05PM EST1

Hi Katerina. We don't count but the number should be around 100 times. Thank you for the question.

Nov 7, 5:18PM EST0

How difficult was the setup?

Nov 7, 3:04PM EST1

Hello Faye. We would lie if we'd say it was easy but on the other hand it was challenging and we had a lot of fun. And what is even more immportant now we are having a product we are proud of and experience no one can take away from us. Thank you for the question. 

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:26PM EST.
Nov 7, 5:21PM EST0

Were there any phases of the game or elements of play which stood out as engaging?

Nov 7, 11:33AM EST1

Hello Giada. We think that from 90 cards that you get with our game, 30 love theme cards definitely stand out as engaging. Thank you for the question.

Nov 8, 6:36PM EST0

About how long did it take to set up the game?

Nov 7, 8:41AM EST1

Hello Poorvi. It took us little less than half a year to come from the concept to final version of the game. First part, clearing our mind around what we want was finished quite fast but the most difficult part was to find all the partners we cooperate with and make sure they will deliver us the right and best quality components. To get a better picture Tipsy is set up from five different components plus the packaging and almost every component comes from a different country. Thank you for the question.

Nov 7, 5:04PM EST0

Have you ever considered selling your idea as a whole to a larger more well-known company and staying on their team?

Nov 7, 8:34AM EST1

Hello Mvidal. This one is hard... We have talked about it and dreamed about one of the big players approaching us with an offer we couldn't say no to. However at this point we are only pass the point where we created our game and started selling it. And now comes the exciting part how to penetrate the market, how to generate sales and create brand awareness. So first we have to survive on the market and then step by step follow our dreams. Thank you for the question.

Nov 8, 6:57PM EST0

What makes popular board games like Monopoly, Chess or Scrabble so successful?

Nov 7, 8:28AM EST1

Hello Nicz. We think there are more factors that contribute to the popularity of a game.

1. Game has to be interesting and have something new

2. It has to be the right timing when releasing the game

3. Marketing (Big players on the market have big advantage how to reach their pottential custumers)

There are probably dozens other factors but this are the one we think of right now. Thank you for the question.

Nov 8, 6:42PM EST0

How does this game compare to other games you enjoy?

Nov 7, 8:26AM EST1

Hi Shilpa. We like to make fun and say that our game is on steroids because it has everything we like in other drinking games plus some features that are unique only for our game. Thank you for your question. 

Nov 7, 4:55PM EST0

What would make the game more fun?

Nov 7, 5:53AM EST1

Hello Hanahb. To be frank that is when you have a mixed group (guys and girls) who are funny, open minded and know how to spice up the evening. However we have tried playing the game while having men's night out and it was also fun.  Thank you for the question.

Nov 7, 4:51PM EST0

Is this a game you see yourself playing frequently?

Nov 7, 5:24AM EST1

Hello John. The short answer would be yes but let us explain it. We take Tipsy almost everywhere (sailing, hiking, picnic,...) and play it with as many different people we can because there may be only 90 different cards but everyone holds different answers to questions written on those cards. Thank you for the question.

Nov 7, 4:47PM EST0

About how many turns does it take for you to "get into" the flow of the game?

Nov 7, 1:13AM EST1

Hi Maureenwambui and thank you for the question. To be honest it depends on the group of people you are playing the game with. If you and other players are open minded and whilling to answer all the questions and do crazy challenges  you will get into the flow with the first throw of the dice. Also the game is designed in a way that doesn't force anyone into anything. If you don't want to answer the question or do the challenge you have to drink or face the punishment determined by other players.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:16PM EST.
Nov 7, 4:42PM EST0

Would you say that perhaps people need to see your idea from a new or different perspective?

Nov 7, 12:36AM EST1

Hi Brittany. Quite a challenging question. From when we remember we traveled the world and met new people everywhere we came so our perspective to creating the game was similar to our way of thinking on how to live our lifes. Our goal is to bring people together and to encourage them to live their life at the fullest not to be affraid of telling what they did or what they think. Thank you for the question.

Nov 7, 4:31PM EST0

When and how did you think of this idea?

Nov 6, 9:32PM EST1

Hi Joseph. We came up with the idea while studying and wanted to do a project that would be fun and maybe something we could turn into a business. So first we sat down and spent some time thinking what are we good at and it turned out that we don't know how to rob a bank but we know that we are really good at partying and bringing people together. Also we had a desire to make a board game and as a result we decided to make a drinking board game. Thank you for the question.

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:11PM EST.
Nov 7, 4:21PM EST0

How clear were the explanations for the rules of the game?

Nov 6, 8:42PM EST1

Hello Rebekah. Well certainly we can tell that they are more clear now than they were at the begining. We thought ehhh there won't be any problems with rules because at the end of the day we are making drinking game but it turned out that there were quite few catches. But now we think they are clear and game is easy to play and to understand. However from time to time we stil get feedbacks what could we change or do better so we look at our game as it is living organism. We hope that we answered your question.

Nov 7, 4:12PM EST0

Our goal is to get people to hangout, instead of hanging on their phones.


Nov 6, 7:56AM EST1

Hi there, Josipa. That was somehow our idea so we are happy to see that someone thinks the way we are. Today there is not enough interaction between people especially the young ones who only know how to make friends through social networks but forgot how to spend time with them in real life. 

Nov 7, 4:06PM EST0
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