Are you a web developer? Become an automation engineer! My name is Orlando Ceci and I'm an electronic engineer with transversal experiences in software programming and in design of industrial automation plants. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 26, 2017

I'm enthusiast of PHP language since I was a student and I always thought he had a far higher potential than development of dynamic websites.

I am also very passionate about the world of automation, the field in which work every day.

It is from the union of these two worlds that my idea of a fully developed PHP-based controller is born, Php Controller: a preconfigured platform that combines the development of control logic and graphical interface into a single engine, powerful, versatile and easy to use!

orlandoceci says:

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1. What was the hardest project you took on?

2. What was the most challenging part of it?

Jun 29, 2:34PM EDT0

1. The hardest project will be a mine idea: an augmented reality application with 3D graphics.

2. The most challenging part will be to define the graphics for 3D vision, using web programming techniques.

Jun 30, 12:05AM EDT0

Have yo thought of open sourcing it?

Jun 26, 12:38PM EDT24

Yes I thought. But initially I didn't thinked that Php Controller can become a real product, general purpose, to promote.

I've developed the platform starting from a white page and day by day, month by month, I realised a real software!

Now is too late to imagine an open source development, because it's quite finished.

Last edited @ Jun 29, 12:36AM EDT.
Jun 27, 1:21PM EDT31

How hard is it to put together?

Jun 26, 3:00AM EDT35

Obviously this depends on personal knowledges in electronics and programming. In general I think that is not hard to work with Php Controller

My vision is to simplify the approach. For this reason I've actived a customer support (via mail and via WhatsApp group) very close to customer needs.

Jun 26, 5:09AM EDT33
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How young someone can be to get started with your php control board?

Jun 26, 2:53AM EDT18

I've seen a lot of very young guys with skills in programming and they are above of Php Controller requirements. I think that starting from secondary school a guy can be able to work with this platform.

Jun 26, 5:02AM EDT18

What kind of products has this been used for as of now? Anyone built anything with it?

Jun 26, 1:03AM EDT19

Php Controller is been used over pc platforms (different notebooks with Unix OSs), mini pcs like Raspberry Pi and it's tested with success the communication with Arduino boards (in particular Arduino Yun), used to share remote sensors parameters

Jun 26, 4:48AM EDT19
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How long would it take from getting it to putting it to work?

Jun 26, 12:47AM EDT53

Reading the tutorial you can install Php Controller and all that is needed (a web server and the PHP interpreter) in 10 minutes about!

Jun 26, 4:37AM EDT42
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Is this not similar to Raspberry Pi?

Jun 25, 7:54PM EDT14

Raspberry Pi is an hardware platform where you can develop your prototyps, Php Controller is a software platform: these two platforms are perfectly matched together and become a fantastic lab of ideas.

Jun 26, 4:34AM EDT36
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Can you use this to control a drone?

Jun 25, 7:51PM EDT58

This is one of my purposes. In particular I thinking about a "flying-laboratory", where you drone has a lot of sensors that measure environmental parameters at different altitudes.

One technical data. Currently the least cycle time is about 70 ms: this means that if we drive a drone we have this latency in response time.

Jun 26, 4:31AM EDT19
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How easy or difficult is the software?

Jun 25, 6:56PM EDT12

Considering the complexity of applications that we are treating is very simple to work with Php Controller. And my target is to simplify at the most is possible the approach at the platform.

My purpose is to give the possibility to the newbie users (and also more experienced ones) to program, write codes, develop the graphics in a simple way! This is possible because Php Controller contains a lot of scripts that produce the structure of running software (hardware checkings, enabling and disabling of cicling scripts, variables storing and sharing, statistcs, and so on) leaving to the user the chance to focus on control logic and graphical interface customization.

Jun 26, 4:21AM EDT51

How old someone has to be to really enjoy Phpcontroller?

Jun 25, 6:21PM EDT0

Usually I see that typical users are persons in the range 25 - 65 years old, but this depends only by personal interests and needs in projects development

Jun 26, 4:03AM EDT32

Do you have any pending patents around this technology?

Jun 25, 5:24PM EDT0

I've had to possibility to start a patent procedure (Php Controller is a patentable platform) thanks to the innovative programming method into the use PHP language and its variables management.

However, for now, I chose to apply the intellectual property at this project, encoding the core of the software.

Jun 26, 3:59AM EDT23

Will you license the tech?

Jun 25, 4:07PM EDT0

Yes, I'm working for a commercial product, but not expensive one.

Jun 26, 3:50AM EDT19

What kind of ideas you see people may use PHPController for?

Jun 25, 1:24PM EDT56

Some examples can be: cultivations and acquariums management, controlled rooms, domotics, hobbies machines, augmented reality and 3D vision experimentations, and so on

Jun 25, 3:57PM EDT39
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Do you have videos how some are using it?

Jun 25, 1:15PM EDT13

Yes, in my crowdfunding campaign I show a demonstrative video.

An example of possible application is on youtube.

You can follow the links here:

Jun 25, 3:29PM EDT38
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Do you think this could have a commercial success if marketed?

Jun 25, 12:49PM EDT18

I think (as I hope) that Php Controller can be an attractive product for developers because it offers some advantages respect other platforms (also open source ones). It integrates in one platform the control logic and the graphical interface engine: this simplify the desing approach and the time to market. It's not an expensive software. It's very versatile and totally customizable. These are only some examples of advantages.

Jun 26, 5:17AM EDT51
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What inspired you to create the PhpController?

Jun 25, 12:46PM EDT32

Php Controller was born from the union of two great passions: automation and programming.

Php language is a programming language that I appreciate a lot for its simplicity and potential.

Jun 25, 3:16PM EDT25
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What is an automation engineer?

Jun 25, 12:13PM EDT47

An automation engineer is an engineer that designs automatic system or automatic machineries. 

Jun 25, 3:13PM EDT35

Who else is helping you (or helped you) to get to where you are now?

Jun 25, 12:10PM EDT23

...only my passion!

Jun 25, 3:12PM EDT11
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What kind of crazy ideas you see people using it for?

Jun 25, 11:47AM EDT0

I think that it's possible to use Php Controller to monitor environmental parameters, for smart cities applications, for development of automatic systems, and so on.

Interesting fields, in which I believe a lot, are the augmented reality and 3D vision applications.

Best regards!

Jun 25, 12:04PM EDT30

I don't believe this is your job. What do you for a living? what company do you work for, job?

Jun 25, 11:17AM EDT0

Yes Angela, this is not the job that I do for living. As I wrote in my description I work in industrial automation field: I'm electrical designer.

Php Controller is my own work, driven by the passion in programming and development of new solutions.

Jun 25, 11:48AM EDT39
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