AMA - The White Gold Angel Tarot - Kickstarter Campaign

John P. Hunt III
Jan 11, 2018

Hey, everybody!  My name is John Hunt, and I'm the designer of The White Gold Angel Tarot Deck.  As a practicing witch of eleven years and a graphic designer, I've decided to utilize my knowledge and skills to bring this beautiful deck to the public.

You can find the currently live campaign at the following address:


Don't miss out on the early bird pricing!

Please ask me anything!

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram @ instagram.com/gamemasterjohn

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How else can you market this product aside from the campaign?

Jan 12, 10:58PM EST0

That's something I'm trying to figure out!  I'm praying for a successful campaign, as being able to produce the very first batch of decks myself is something that I have had my heart set on.  However, I would probably sell it to a publishing company if such an opportunity arose.  It is something I will explore more towards the end of this campaign.

Jan 12, 11:10PM EST0

Since you are creating these cards from inspirations you get, how long did it take you to complete the entire deck?

Jan 12, 12:30PM EST0

I don't have an exact answer, unfortunately, but it took a few months!  If that doesn't sound like a long time, you'd probably be correct in thinking that.  I have known of other deck artists to take much longer, so, I am actually thankful for what I have been able to accomplish in a relatively short time frame.  To my credit, I have pulled a couple all nighters of rapid fire work throughout the duration of the project.  I might have gone a week or two at a time without feeling like I could truly create anything good, but once I was struck with the urge I could complete the designs for several cards in a sitting if I stuck to it.

Jan 12, 9:50PM EST0

Are you a tarot reader yourself? Is it always a part of being a witch?

Jan 12, 10:28AM EST0

I am!  Throughout my many years of study, tarot is a subject that I have kept coming back to.  There is some fascinating history in regards to where they came from, but honestly, nobody can say factually, for sure, which definitely adds to the mysticism.  The stories behind each card are also wonderful and insightful.  If understood and utilized properly, the tarot can be a great tool for introspection and personal growth.  However, it is not a necessary part of being a witch.  Most of the witches I know are not very well versed in the subject, actually.  It's more of a specialization.  I would recommend it, though!

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Jan 12, 9:53PM EST0

What kind of powers have you gained from the witch practice? How do you develop them?

Jan 12, 9:44AM EST0

How closely resembling is this deck to the usual tarot used by fortune readers?

Jan 12, 6:19AM EST0

My deck is a standard deck, plus one extra card of my own creation and inclusion.  This means that of the 79 cards in the deck, 78 of them are the same that any professional fortune teller would use.  If you felt so inclined, you could remove my extra card from the deck and it would be perfectly standard.  Artwork can vary dramatically from deck to deck, as can be expected with art being so subjective.  The meanings, however, remain the same.

A little extra tidbit: any deck that does not meet the requirements to be a standard deck is called an oracle deck, not a tarot deck.  The more you know!

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Jan 12, 9:57PM EST0

Does witch craft runs in the family or does one have to learn to acquire it?

Jan 12, 5:09AM EST0

Witchcraft has a very ancient history of being familial.  Witches who are initiated into specific families or traditions can generally trace their lineage back hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  However, within the last few decades, with Wicca in particular becoming mainstream, witchcraft has become a very open practice and new witches are born all around the world every day!  Pretty much all that is really required to become a witch is to study and practice witchcraft, which is a learned skill.  I personally believe that the rite of initiation is important as well.  Some people would disagree with me.  Traditionally one would seek out a mentor - a well established witch of a coven or temple, and you would study under them.  When you were deemed ready, you would become initiated.  There is a popular saying in tradition witchcraft: "It takes a witch to make a witch".  Again, more recently a lot of people have abandoned this method in favor of creating their own craft through personal study.  I have nothing against personal study!  Actually, I highly encourage it.  I just believe that a lot of the knowledge of our craft that we have tried so hard to preserve for generations upon generations will ultimately be lost if more people do not seek out mentors as opposed to self study and self initiation.  If you are interested in witchcraft, I recommend visiting a local coven or temple!  I'll also take this opportunity to plug www.classes.witchschool.com again.  This online school is owned and operated by the Correllian Nativist Tradition, of which I am a clergy member (and still a student to this day!).

Side note: witchcraft does not actually run in my family.  I developed an interest in my early teens, and began my studies through the Correllian Nativist Tradition, where I was initiated into the First Degree clergy.  Since this time, I have also studied many other magickal studies and practices.

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Jan 12, 10:07PM EST0

What are the significance of the added designs to the effectiveness of the card?

Jan 12, 4:33AM EST0

The importance of the design of the individual card is to connect the card to the reader.  It should aesthetically represent the meaning of the card, but be easily legible.  This is significantly more important for the major arcana cards, as they each hold a very separate meaning, whereas the suits are more wholy interconnected and thematic.  With repeated usage, the reader will associate the artwork with the meaning of the card.  This is one of the reasons that I decided to explore a more minimalistic approach with my deck.  Overly illustrated cards can be difficult to read.  However, I put a lot of time and effort into properly illustrating the major arcana cards in the most beautiful way possible while retaining their legibility.

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Jan 12, 8:15PM EST0

Who are you targetting to sell this deck of cards to?

Jan 11, 6:51PM EST0

I think this deck will make an beautiful addition to anybody's collection, or otherwise be an great first deck for any aspiring reader.  I wouldn't want to limit this to any specific audience.

Jan 11, 7:01PM EST0
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What makes a tarot card powerful? Can anyone just use it or does one have to undergo different rituals or ceremony beforehand?

Jan 11, 5:08PM EST0

Anybody can read tarot!  It is definitely a subject that requires some study to fully understand, but most decks, mine included, come with a booklet that describes the meaning of each card, and sometimes sample spreads and instructions.  Like most things, the best way to learn is through practice.  You begin to memorize spreads and card meanings the more you use the cards.  The belief that most people hold is that the cards themselves don't have any special power, but rather that spirits and/or deities (generally the ones that you work with or worship) are influencing the draw of the cards.  Some people do believe that the decks have their own spirits and personalities.  A lot of people claim to develop a bond with their decks through repeated usage.  They truly are mystical.

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Jan 11, 5:21PM EST0

What makes people like you unique?

Jan 11, 4:06PM EST0

What makes a firefighter unique?  I think most people would say it's the fact that they fight fires.  So, what makes a witch unique?  We practice witchcraft.

I assume this question was in reference to witches, and not graphic designers.  If you meant graphic designers: what makes us unique is that we're practical artists who are overworked, underfunded, and underappreciated.

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Jan 11, 4:45PM EST0

What got you interested into creating this deck?

Jan 11, 2:53PM EST0

For a long time now I've wanted to contribute to the witchcraft community by means of publishing something, and this idea came to me as I began to advance my skills as a graphic designer.  Tarot is a subject that has always interested me in general, and the idea of creating my own deck that might be enjoyed by me and many others was a very fulfilling thought.  I want to see people enjoy my art.

Jan 11, 3:13PM EST0

Are you also trying to propagate witchcraft with the promotion of your product?

Jan 11, 12:39PM EST0

Yes!  100%.  Witchcraft isn't for everybody, and I would never shove my beliefs down anybody else's throat.  However, witchcraft is a very positive practice by nature and unfortunately it is surrounded by negative stigma and harmful stereotypes (i.e. being tied into satanic worship).  Witches dont all share the same beliefs.  There are Wiccan witches, Christian witches, Jewish witches, non-denominational Pagan witches, secular witches, atheist witches, etc.  That in mind, all of their practices are probably pretty different by comparison!  Witchcraft is a practice, not a religion in itself.  If nothing else, I will fight for the tolerance and acceptance of witches if it kills me.  If anybody has an inherently negative view on witchcraft, I challenge you to do some research on what it is that witches actually do!

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Jan 11, 1:26PM EST0
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How can you explain witch practice to people who only heard of it through fairy tales?

Jan 11, 10:51AM EST0

Unfortunately fairy tales tend to paint a very negative picture of witches as bitter, wrinkly old women who eat children and curse the first born children of kings and queens.  The first step to global witch acceptance is to acknowledge the fact that witches are everywhere, and they aren't any different from you.  Your boss could be a witch.  Your kid's teacher could be a witch.  Your grocer could be a witch.  You probably wouldn't be able to tell, unless maybe they wore some special jewelry or something.  Witches are people.  I like to compare witchcraft to technology, as it helps a lot of people grasp it better.  Think about WiFi for a moment.  Think about radio signals and cellular signals.  You can't see them, but they're there, all around you.  It's omnipresent.  You can't see or feel it but it's real.  Similarly, witchcraft takes on the animist view that everything has a living aura, spirit, energy, or similar thing.  We believe that everything has an energy that, like WiFi, you can't see or feel, but exists omnipresently.  Every tree, plant, rock, mineral, body of water, wisp of smoke, and every other element of nature has individual energies.  The sun, moon, planets, and stars have energies.  The general goal of witchcraft is to channel these energies and focus them into manifesting a desired outcome, not much unlike your router guiding WiFi to your computer to give you internet access.  A lot of witches are also religious, generally devoting themselves to a single god or an entire pantheon.  There are witches of pretty much every faith, ancient and modern.

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Jan 11, 2:05PM EST0

Where did you base your angel designs from? How uniquely different are the 78 cards from each other?

Jan 11, 10:50AM EST0

If you check out the Kickstarter page, you can actually see about half of the deck for yourself!  I started this deck with the simple theme of "white and gold", and I then tied this idea into my fascination of angels to create a very cohesive deck.  I wanted to make sure I captured the "real" essence of what angels are, as opposed to the generic white skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed humanoids often portrayed in media.  My cards are representative of different choirs of angels, including angels, thrones, and seraphim.  Every single card in the major arcana is unique, and the minor arcana cards are more simplistic, objective, numeral, and easy to read.  This is intentional; you will be able to tell at first glance that all the pentacle cards look like all the other pentacle cards, but you can quickly and easily differentiate between, for example, an 8 of pentacles and a 5 of pentacles.  This is also true of the other three suits.  The major arcana cards are all very different from each other, and are illustrated in a way that represent what they mean.

Jan 11, 1:50PM EST0

What are your methods to reach your buyers?

Jan 11, 6:47AM EST0

To be honest, my method is... mostly things like this.  I am not a professional marketer or anything.  I'm just a man with a specific artistic skill and a passion.  I've been trying my best at community outreach via sessions like this, joining and posting in Facebook groups, and just generally spreading the word via friends and family.  The success of this campaign very much relies on people like me and you.

Jan 11, 2:25PM EST0
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What are the ways for one to become a genuinely practicing witch?

Jan 11, 6:44AM EST0

There are quite a few different ways to begin one's journey into the craft.  Some witches are content to spend their entire life as a solitary practitioner.  This can be inherently more difficult, as it can be very confusing to figure out where to start, and you might feel like you never truly know if you're doing it "right".  There are tons of books on witchcraft that are readily available for retail purchase, but unfortunately since witchcraft (Wicca in particular) has become trendy over the last decade or so, a lot of these books are inaccurate if not downright harmful cash grabs.  I would personally recommend seeking out a local temple if you're the religious type, or a local group or coven of witches.  99% of the time somebody there will be willing to mentor you, and if you aren't comfortable in a 1-1 student, mentor relationship, it would still be a good idea to express interest in the group and talk to a bunch of its members.  You will find people who you connect with, and they will more than likely be willing to guide you on your own path, or at least point you in the right direction so you can get started yourself.  Don't underestimate online learning, either!  I have spent many years now as a student of witchschool.com, which is owned and operated by the Correllian Nativist Tradition.  They have dozens of classes that will teach you things like ritual basics, circle casting, the importance of individual tools of the craft, history, herbal remedies, meditation, etc., and very many of these classes are absolutely free! Beyond all of this, remember that witchcraft is all around you, and you don't necessarily need anything special to practice!  Once you learn the basics of spellwork nothing stops you from practicing it where/whenever.  Observing the sabbats and moon cycles helps, too.

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Jan 11, 1:39PM EST0

How is it being a male witch? What is making you different from the regular person?

Jan 10, 11:21PM EST0

For the most part the global witch community is very progressive, whereas male and female witches are treated pretty equally.  In every healthy tradition, men and women are viewed as two equally important parts of a greater whole.  Some traditions see the female identity as being inherently more important or more worthy of reverence.  I won't say whether or not I agree with this outlook.  While gender politics are an important hot button issue, it isn't one that addressing here will really help with what I'm trying to accomplish.  What does bother me, however, is that there are people who believe witchcraft belongs to women, and/or is a gift to women from their goddess, and while I believe in freedom of religious expression, this often borders on hate speech.  One of the underlying problems in the witchcraft community is people trying to play gatekeeper in regards to who can and can't practice.  One thing I will say is that I do support covens or groups for women only, so long as they aren't spewing blatant untruths and hate speech, as I do believe that women deserve and frankly need safe spaces.  All of this being said, being a male witch has never really affected me, personally.  Witchcraft has been nothing but a positive driving force in my life over the past decade.  As for the second part of your question: what makes me different than a "regular" person?  Nothing, by nature, makes me different.  It's a lifestyle choice.  My practices do make me feel more in tune with myself and the world around me, however.  If I had to summarize witchcraft in one sentence, it would be this: witchcraft is the practice of channeling the universe's many different sources of natural energy and manifesting them into a desired effect.  As you might imagine, this requires a lot of practice.  So, at the risk of sounding super pretentious, I would say the only way that practicing witchcraft makes you different from anybody else is that you become more in tune with the universe around you, and with yourself.

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Jan 11, 1:08PM EST0
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What benefits can a tarot reader reap from your cards, compared to the usual tarot card?

Jan 10, 8:08PM EST0

To be honest, all tarot cards in general aren't going to appeal to everyone.  A lot of readers will use a deck simply because they feel that it calls to them.  For example, on a trip to California I took years ago I bought a beautifully illustrated deck called "Animals Divine", by Lisa Hunt (no relation).  They are, by all means, lovely cards and I'm sure many people use them with great results.  It just doesn't feel entirely right for me, personally, so I dont read with it.  That being said, I'm still glad I have it.  It is a great collection piece.  I still look at the art from time to time.  My point is, some people will feel drawn to these cards.  Others won't.  It simply isn't possible to appeal to everyone.  My deck also makes a great collection piece, however, even for those who may not use it.  The White Gold Angel tarot is a standard deck + one extra card, so the artwork is what sets it apart the most.  Most tarot decks that I have seen do not feature digital designs.  My cards are clean and elegant.  I have included a 79th card of my own design, The Soulmates, that you will not see in any other decks.  My deck has a very light and peaceful aura, which I think most people will enjoy.

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Jan 10, 8:47PM EST0

How did you discover your interest on this kind of practice? Did someone influence you?

Jan 10, 6:19AM EST0

That's actually sort of a funny story!  I was born and raised Roman Catholic.  I went to a Catholic school from kindergarten through my junior year of high school.  As a result, most of my friends were from the church.  My best friend when I was thirteen-years-old, Steven, lived with his aunt and uncle and I would often spend nights at their house.  Between being at their house all the time and all of our heavy involvement in the church, his aunt quickly became like an aunt to me as well.  In... 2006 or 2007, I think, she bought me a copy of "The Witches' Bible: The Complete Witches' Handbook" by Stewart and Janet Farrar from a catalogue as a Christmas gift thinking it was just a work of fiction that I would be interested in.  Until I read that book, I had no idea that witchcraft was a legitimate practice.  I read it cover to cover and fell in love, using the book to initially guide my own practices.  I would later become a student of witchschool.com, which is owned and operated by the Correllian Nativist Tradition.  I received my first degree of clergy on August 22nd, 2011, and I actually submitted this tarot deck as my final project for second degree clergy status.  I am still a member of Witch School to this day, though I have spent the last decade studying many different schools of magic outside of the Correllian Nativist Tradition as well.  There was no one person who really influenced me to begin my journey, but I've had the privledge of introducing many others to the Craft over the years!

Jan 10, 1:49PM EST0

Could you also tap organizations of wizardry and witchcraft to support your campaign?

Jan 10, 5:45AM EST0

That's an excellent suggestion!  I have begun to reach out to people and organizations that might like to get involved, and I have my fingers crossed, hoping for the best.  If you know of anybody who might be interested, I would be happy to hear it!

Jan 10, 1:54PM EST0
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