AMA - Please Help Cat Pandora With Her Much Needed Surgery. <3

Marisol Costa
Feb 17, 2018

Pandora need’s your help!  

Pandora is a beautiful, loving and playfull 9-year-old cat who immigrated along with her sister 4 years ago from Europe and is a loved member of our family. Unfortunately, she is in need of surgery due to a infection that has affected her breathing and eating… 

We are currently unable to pay for her medical costs and are seeking to raise funds to help cover the significant cost of Pandora’s treatment and recovery... 

Some of these costs include:

Hospitalization  /  Pre-surgical examination  /  Anesthesia  /  Dental Prophylaxis  /  Surgery  /  IV Fluids  /  Radiographs  /  Dental Extractions  /  Nerve Block  /  Geriatric care  /  Urinary Cystocentesis  /  Injections & Medications  /  Pos-Surgical examinations  /  Other medical costs 

Please help us give the medical care she needs to continue to live a long, healthy, happy life with her family.  No donation is too small. 

Thank you for caring! 😊  

(Love from Pandora and her family!)

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Do you keep Pandora locked up in a section or open in the house?

Feb 17, 3:21PM EST0

Where did you find Pandora and what made you adopt it?

Feb 17, 6:12AM EST0

How much has your bond with Pandora developed over the years you’ve had her?

Feb 17, 5:58AM EST0

How often did you take Pandora for regular checkups?

Feb 16, 9:38PM EST0

Did you ever consider finding a partner for Pandora?

Feb 16, 5:40PM EST0

Which pet clinic or hospital are you intending to treat Pandora at?

Feb 16, 5:11PM EST0

Is Pandora potty-trained? If so, then how long did it take for you to train her?

Feb 16, 4:04PM EST0

You talked about Pandora, your cat. What kind of a cat breed is she?

Feb 16, 1:51PM EST0

What is your best memory of Pandora?

Feb 16, 11:01AM EST0

How did Pandora catch the infection?

Feb 15, 9:05PM EST0

Do you have any other pets except Pandora?

Feb 15, 3:25PM EST0

Were you always a cat-person or did you become one after interacting with Pandora?

Feb 15, 8:30AM EST0

How long do cats usually live for?

Feb 15, 5:22AM EST0

What made you name your cat, “Pandora”?

Feb 15, 4:08AM EST0
Describe the craziest thing you’ve seen Pandora do?
Feb 14, 10:31PM EST0
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