AMA-New Live Action Game on Kickstarter. Pub Knights

David Tillery
Dec 7, 2017

I'd like to introduce you to my new live action game, Pub Knights Beer Darts. A game of Skill & Swill, where your cup is your scorecard & your talent on the dart board determines who drinks & how much. Here's my kickstarter page to tell you all about it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/beerdarts/pub-knights-beer-darts I will be filming a pilot for my reality TV show to travel across the country from pub to brewery to host Pub Knight tournaments. I live in Tampa Florida. I also run a local non profit dart league, active in social issues & have spent many years in the entertainment industry as a singer/songwriter, saxophonist, comedian, writer and actor, AKA Ace Williams


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What tips you would give to those who would love to learn to play saxophone? 

Dec 10, 7:41AM EST1

The Ernie Ball instruction series is a good way for beginners. Getting lessons from an instructor with a guide book would be better. I used to record the lessons for my students so they could follow along the sheet music. You definitly need to learn music theory as you go. 

Dec 10, 9:26AM EST0

How did you come up with this concept?

Dec 8, 10:27PM EST1

I've seen so many players drink beer while they play darts over the years. I kept seeing the growth of beer pong in bars and other venues. I felt if I put my mind to it, that I could create a drinking game for dart players. Plus years of playing board games with my nephew and our friends game me the inspiration to study game mechanics and game theory. 

Dec 10, 9:29AM EST0

Can I only play this with beer? I’m more of a wine drinker.

Dec 7, 5:27PM EST0

Wine has a higher alcohol content. I would recommend that if you do that you change the ratio of the drink from 2 ounces to to small sips instead, or just use a standard glass of wine per game and not 16 ounces. 

Dec 7, 11:23PM EST0

If you were to play Pub Knights Beer Darts, what brand of beer would you prefer?

Dec 7, 2:39PM EST0

Personally, I like many brands. For this game a Bud light or Miller light would be good. 

Dec 7, 3:21PM EST0

Among all the many hats you’ve put on, do you believe that being a game creator is the best?

Dec 7, 10:52AM EST0

That's a great question. I love creating. I think this is a special case because it has so much potential. If I had a hat to make the world a better place, philanthropist, I would wear it full time.

Dec 7, 3:23PM EST0

Since you say you’re some sort of a social activist, aside from it being a game, do you believe that Pub Knights Beer Darts has a relevance in the society?

Dec 7, 7:22AM EST0

Yes, This game can bring together people in a fun and social atmosphere, and can bring about of good sportmanship for light competition. It's not the Olympics, but in theory they have the same benefit. 

Dec 7, 3:24PM EST0

From my understanding, people will get drunk while playing this game. Don’t you think it would be dangerous because of the sharp pointed edge of the dart needle?

Dec 7, 7:14AM EST0

I've had people beta test this game. It's definitly not a game that encourages binge drinking. In fact, it would be pretty hard to do so as this game takes time. The rules suggest that you play only two rounds, IE, glasses. The game includes a set of soft tip darts and steel tip conversion points. I have been playing darts for decades. It's super rare to see anyone get hurt from darts. Dart players know that it's part of the game to play safely, that is to make sure your dart board is free of obstruction from humans or animals that might get hurt. My rules include strong warnings to drink responsibly, to NOT drink and drive and to play safely. This is not a toy and it is for adults. 

Dec 7, 3:29PM EST0

I have been trying to get Uber or Lyft to cosponsor the game. I think it would be great to have them offer a discount code in the rules and online social media for our game, however, neither companies list a phone number for corporate headquarters and I have gotten no response from them via email. It's like they don't have any way to contact them unless you need a ride. 

Dec 7, 3:34PM EST0

What future do you see with Pub Knights Beer Darts? Do you think it will become popular across America?

Dec 7, 7:05AM EST0

Yes, there are 18 million dart players in the US.  I want it to go international. There's a much bigger market in the UK.

Dec 7, 3:35PM EST0

I checked out the Kickstarter page and most of the instructions are there but patent is still pending. Aren’t you concerned that someone might steal your idea?

Dec 7, 6:20AM EST0

My patent attorney and I are quite confident that to steal the idea is possible, however, my game including my original dice are patent pending, not just a provisional patent, but the full patent pending. I usually takes months for any patent to go through the process. This is normal step prior to becoming patented, but my rules are copyritten and my name is trademarked. I am prepared to contest and bring to court anyone who would make such an attempt. 

Dec 7, 3:41PM EST0

I see that you are or were also a musician; what made you shift your career into becoming a game creator?

Dec 7, 6:17AM EST0

I had to take custody of my nephew when he was 6. He was emotionally disabled. I worked with him with a social group his age and we played many geeky board games over the years. He's now a college student and doing well. But through the years I've studied many game mechanics. It was natural for my to put this game together. 

Dec 7, 3:43PM EST0

I am still a musician. My career is continuing. My full time efforts right now are on my new game. My most recent work in music was to write and record sax solos a couple of weeks ago in Monkey House Studios for an original jazz artist Mykala MaGuire.

Dec 7, 11:31PM EST0

If the game is just a concept and one can use regular darts, beer and mugs, what’s the purpose of the fundraiser?

Dec 7, 5:30AM EST0

The fundraiser your are asking about makes no mention of my game and has nothing to do this game. I run a non profit dart league. Our league is hosting a fund raiser with regular dart game to raise money for the USO

Dec 7, 3:45PM EST0

How did you come up with such a crazy but great idea of a game of darts with beer?

Dec 7, 5:22AM EST0

I've always enjoyed drinking games and novelty items. I've been a board game geek for years. I have other ideas for other games too. I love darts. But the idea of playing beer pong seems so unsanitary what with picking the balls out of the beer to drink it. YUCK. 

Dec 7, 3:47PM EST0

If the game is just a concept and one can use regular darts, beer and mugs, what’s the purpose of the fundraiser?

Dec 7, 5:20AM EST0

The fundraiser your are asking about makes no mention of my game and has nothing to do this game. I run a non profit dart league. Our league is hosting a fund raiser with regular dart game to raise money for the USO

Dec 7, 3:47PM EST0

What’s a non-profit dart league like? Do you have competitions open to non-members?

Dec 7, 4:50AM EST0

It's great. Players play weekly. stats are acumulated. We have awards banquets. We have tournament fundraisers that are open. Those are separate from league play. 

Dec 7, 3:48PM EST0

It is admirable how you maintained your love for darts despite advances in technology; I’m interested in darts too! Do you know of any groups I can join online with people who share the same interest?

Dec 7, 4:25AM EST0

Yes, My friend David owns Dart Connect, an online service you can play against people remotely. Check it out. 

Dec 7, 3:49PM EST0

Finally, a new beer game that’s not beer pong! Do you also sell dart board sets along with Pub Knights Beer Darts?

Dec 7, 2:10AM EST0

My web site will include dart boards and other dart related supplies. My site is under construction now. Please be patient. 

Dec 7, 3:50PM EST0

The game will include a set of darts and a set of steel tip conversion points. That way you can play on either a soft tip board or a steel tip board. I strongly suggest to not use one for the other, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the dart board. 

Dec 7, 11:36PM EST0

Are you also thinking of taking the idea of Pub Knights Beer Darts overseas for the rest of the world to enjoy?

Dec 6, 10:10PM EST0

Absoluetly, I'm also filming a pilot for a reality TV show to pitch where we go across country and hopefully internationally to pitch their darts and drink thier beer. Sounds fun right? It will be complete with an Emcee, Lights, PA, the whole shibang. 

Dec 7, 3:53PM EST0

How is your game different and more interesting compared to other beer games?

Dec 6, 6:34PM EST0

Some beer games just give you a random player to drink. Some require talent like beer pong. This game gives you a random target and requires some skill , however, strategy is involved too. That's when you can decide to, at times, to make someone drink or to add to your cup instead. 

Last edited @ Dec 7, 11:33PM EST.
Dec 7, 3:55PM EST0

I own a local bar across the state. Do I have to pay you in order for me to introduce this game to my regulars?

Dec 6, 5:22PM EST0

I would be proud to network with you and your patrons. I do want to be compensated for possible live hosting of events for a small fee to cover travel, but I believe it would depend on what level of event you would like. I can provide portable stands and my own dart boards, lights, PA ets. Please feel free to email me at sohotribeproductions@gmail.com. Perhaps we can even film an episode for the potential reality show. 

Dec 7, 3:58PM EST0

I also want to mention that my kickstarter page has special pledge amount packages for pub owners who wish to become official locations and breweries too. Those pledgees will recieve special cross promotions for life such as thier names and locations and websites printed in our rules book and online links listed on our websites for players to discover. 

Dec 7, 11:39PM EST0

By any chance you’ll be releasing an online version of the Pub Knights Beer Darts game?

Dec 6, 7:52AM EST0

Yes, I have software designers working on this now. Which the kickstarter will help cover some of the costs.

Dec 7, 3:59PM EST0

Where do you plan to air your reality TV show? On TV or online?

Dec 5, 8:29PM EST0

I've done study on this. I truly believe TRU TV would be the best fit. They have other shows that fit my demographic. I can even imagine a cross episode with the Impracticle Jokers show. The hidden secret about this game and the show is that dart players are some of the most funniest and funniest people. I know tons of players that are ridiculous. Watching folks like this would be a hit. 

Dec 7, 4:01PM EST0
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