AMA           >>>KRYONDO.NET<<< cryptocurrency trading platform in germany.

Nov 15, 2017


Hi guys  we build a cryptocurrency trading platform in germany it open in december, we start our pre-ico-tokensale for first investments in ethereum make a smartcontract and see what is possible with cryptocurrencies. Take a view in  Coinmarket.cap chek putin-and trumpcoin for example the main focus is blockchain what brings a new technology up on market place. We are the first start up in germany what like to use the open market.

Your Kryondo.net team 


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What do we need to build this kind of business?

Nov 14, 12:32PM EST0

technology, knowledge, money  and      Kryondo.net

Nov 18, 2:05PM EST0

What are your competitors, outside of Germany? 

Nov 14, 9:54AM EST0

google it.

Kryondo.net Team

Nov 18, 3:08PM EST0

What inpires you to work on this field?

Nov 14, 9:36AM EST0

to go my own way for fintech future was the main reason.


Nov 18, 2:08PM EST0

How long have you worked from idea to finished product?

Nov 14, 9:03AM EST0

How many people are on your team?

Nov 14, 9:03AM EST0

Do you think that crypto currencies will replace central banks?

Nov 14, 9:03AM EST0

Who is your biggest competitor?

Nov 14, 9:03AM EST0

Does it cost a lot to build your own crypto currency?

Nov 14, 9:02AM EST0

If you like to make your  own Coin  around  100.000.$ 

putincoin, trumpcoin>>>coinmarketcap.com<<<

Your >>>>>Kryondo.net<<<<<< team

Nov 18, 2:37PM EST0


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Nov 14, 9:01AM EST0

blockchain is the new way to save data,

Wikipedia: QR-CODE,   Coinmarketcap.com

take your time 


Nov 18, 2:13PM EST0

What are the biggest problems you had developing the project?

Nov 14, 8:57AM EST0

To find some people who  invest  in the project

your   Kryondo.net  team

Nov 18, 2:14PM EST0

How is cryptocurrency beneficial to me?

Nov 14, 8:51AM EST0

Blockchain is the saving key of all coins even Bitcoin you hash the emoney with some hardware send it world wide with computer, mobile, qr-code or with your blockchain. Fintech will come in all firms around the world try to find your way.

Your  Kryondo.net Team 

Nov 18, 2:18PM EST0

What is your most daring dream about the platform?

Nov 14, 8:48AM EST0

If its run as I think.


Nov 18, 2:31PM EST0

How did you get into crypto, did you study something?

Nov 14, 8:47AM EST0

I studied managment and got some staff.


Nov 18, 2:30PM EST0

Are you really the first in Germany?

Nov 14, 8:32AM EST0

google it.

Your   Kryondo.net   team

Nov 18, 2:19PM EST0

How do you solve the issue with security most people have with digital currencies?

Nov 14, 8:12AM EST0

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Nov 14, 8:04AM EST0

I build it to grow with and hope we can share blockchain all over for the IIOT and IOT so flexibility is main strategie for the CEO.


Nov 18, 2:26PM EST0

If someone from another country is interested whats the way forward ?

Last edited @ Nov 14, 7:55AM EST.
Nov 14, 7:44AM EST1

Hi you make your smart contract and trade the coins in december, look at country rules where you from. For investors sign now users retweet or share us and get your KRYcoins on Kryondo.net

Your  Kryondo.net  Team

Nov 18, 1:57PM EST0

Can you explain briefly how cryptocurrencies works for people who know nothing about it?

Nov 14, 7:26AM EST1

Blockchain is the saving key of all coins even Bitcoin  you hash the emoney with some hardware send it world wide with computer, mobile, qr-code or with your blockchain.

Your  Kryondo.net Team 

Nov 18, 2:03PM EST0
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