AMA I'm an Italian journalist. I've visited the last active coal mine in Italy and I want to let you know how miners work inside and how difficult it is. I've done a photo reportage.

Antonio Massariolo
Jan 10, 2018

AMA of my work.

I'm an Italian journalist. I've visited the last active coal mine in Italy and I want to let you know how miners work inside and how difficult is. I've done a photo reportage.

I've also started a crowdfunding campaign to finance this small reportage. Th Sulcis' mine is important for the social identity of Sardinia and is one of the few type of work in this place.

If you want my Kickstarter crowdfunding is here

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Have you decided which equipment to bring on this expedition?

Jan 10, 2:53PM EST0

Yes , the equipment is very light and simple, because in the underground usuallly you can't use electronic dispositives (risk of explosion due to gases in the air). Only my Canon, no light and no flash

Jan 11, 3:39AM EST0

What is the name of the last active carbon mine? Why is it still operational?

Jan 10, 1:36PM EST0

It's called Miniera di Monte Sinni. 

Jan 10, 2:14PM EST0

If people will be given alternative jobs, would they be ready to leave the mining behind?

Jan 10, 12:52PM EST0

Very good question. I think yes but in this moment there aren't alternative jobs. 

Jan 10, 2:14PM EST0

What is the characteristic of the atmosphere around the mining? Wouldn't it hamper the quality of your pictures?

Jan 10, 12:50PM EST0

A small spoiler :) This is one of the photo in the reportage. I've just done te photoreportage and you can judge it :) (the crowdfunding campaign is to finance a website and the translation in english)

Jan 10, 2:18PM EST0

Why do you think Sulci's mining survived through the centuries?

Jan 10, 6:09AM EST0

For many years there was an high demand. I also think that the future of Sulci's mine can be positive. In my work I want to talk about a project that can be really positive for the mine. Is not to extract coal but regenerate the air insite the mine. Is a bit difficult to explain in few words, I will explain better in the website.

Jan 10, 6:15AM EST0
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Where do they deliver their supplies?

Jan 10, 12:31AM EST0

In the most productive years, during fascism, the mine was the energy engine of Italy. Now they do not deliver their supplies to nobody. But there is only one way to retrain the mine, and in my project I want to explain that.

Jan 10, 3:50AM EST0

How long has this mining company been in operation?

Jan 9, 10:48PM EST0

The story of this company is really intresting. Was born in 1853 and in my project I want to tell all the life of the company

Jan 10, 3:41AM EST0

What triggered your interest to go on this expedition? Any significant experience?

Jan 9, 3:25PM EST0

I think is really important to speak, write or tell how in 2018 miners work. Work every day for 8 hours underground is not simple. I hope that with my photos I'm able to tell the truth and show their conditions.

Jan 10, 3:44AM EST0
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Isn't it that coal mining has been discouraged for years? Why is this one still open?

Jan 9, 12:28PM EST1

This is a really good question. Is not so simple to answer you. The company is like a public company, and inside there are a lot of workers. To answer this question is important to know social condition of Sulcis and Sardinia. The main reason why I did this campaign is to answer questions like this :)

Jan 10, 3:47AM EST0

Are you going with a team? How many members are participating in this venture?

Jan 9, 11:49AM EST0

No I was alone with two miners. In underground we met other workers

Jan 10, 5:54AM EST0
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How can you convince backers of Kickstarters to support you and your campaign?

Jan 9, 9:06AM EST0

Oh this is a really good question :) Do journalism now is not too simple, but I hope that the story of Sulcis is so intresting to involve many people

Jan 9, 11:15AM EST0

What kind of regulation is in place to control this kind of industry?

Jan 9, 8:47AM EST0

The italian law :) Here there's not a problem of regulation, there's a social problem. What do you really mean with "regulation"? Job regulation? Salary regulation?

Jan 9, 11:13AM EST0

Who gave you the idea of crowdfunding?

Jan 9, 7:39AM EST0

Simple: I think that if a project is good, people can finance it :) I hope that Sulcis reportage is a good project

Jan 9, 8:20AM EST0
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What other means of accumulating finances do you have in mind? Will you extend the campaign if the money will not be enough at the end of the first due date?

Jan 9, 5:46AM EST0

Hi Michelle, thank you for the question. I don't have other way to finance the project. I don't need to much money but I hope that kickstarter campaign is enough. If you want to help me you can back the project here :)

Jan 9, 6:26AM EST0

There will be no supply if there's no demand. Where are these coal delivered?

Jan 9, 5:11AM EST0

This is the main problem. There's no demand, and there's no work for miners. Now miners don't extract nothing

Jan 9, 6:23AM EST0

What part of the project will be financed by the crowdfunding?

Jan 9, 3:57AM EST0

Hi Yana. The crowdfunding will be finance the build of a website in intalian and english, where I want to put all the photography reportage and I want to write the story of Sulcis mine

Jan 9, 4:05AM EST0

Coal minings would most likely destroy the nature all around it. What has been the effect of the Sulci mining to its surrounding?

Jan 9, 3:47AM EST0

Hi Matteo, think that in the underground there are 25km of gallery. All of them are secured but in Sulcis (south-west of Sardinia) you can see the effects not only of coal minings but also of metal mine. In many part of Sulcis you can see a red earth.

I think that mining is not the biggest problem about pollution in Sulcis area. In my project I also want to talk about one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Portoscuso is a really nice place, but is also a basin of toxic substances.

Jan 9, 4:20AM EST0
How much money do the miners get out of their day's labor? Is it even enough to pay for food?
Jan 8, 10:38PM EST0

Hi Gorgette. Yes is enought because in Italy there is a national collective labor agreement. The company have to pay miners like a normal worker.

Jan 9, 3:26AM EST0
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