AMA- I'm a 19 year old world traveler who just finished writing my first book and am trying to publish it via crowdfunding. Ask me anything you'd like to know!

Lin Kohen Ytterdal
Nov 8, 2017

Hi, my name is Lin and i just filled 19. I have been traveling the world since i was 13, and in that time i finished writing a book, something that i have dreamt of for as long as i can remember. I am now using crowdfunding to try and get it published. If you want you can take a look at my campaign via this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dad-exchange-a-book-by-lin-kohen-ytterdal-books-family/x/13821835?secret_perk_token=ff8e5c84#/

Dad Exchange is a book written by a teenager for other children and teenagers. Its a book about the struggles we have all faced with our parents, and tells the story of an eleven-year-old girl who wants to Exchange her father. She is sick and tired of him and believes that the fathers that other kids have are better than hers. So one day a ParentSwap shop opens in her town. This is a magical place where you can come with your old parent, describe what kind of new parent you want and get a new one straight off the shelf! She decides to go and get herself a new father, which sets her off on an adventure trying to find the 'perfect' parent... 

But does such a parent really exist? 

If you have any questions about me, my campaign or the book itself, please don't hestitate to ask! Of course i am also looking for backers so if the book interests you and you have a son, daughter or grandchild at home, or know someone that does and you'd like to gift them the book, i have a 25% special discount right now on the hardcover which is only available thru this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dad-exchange-a-book-by-lin-kohen-ytterdal-books-family/x/13821835?secret_perk_token=ff8e5c84#/

Of course sharing my campaign with your friends and family would also be very much appreciated! <3

Can't wait to answer your questions!

Warm wishes



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How do you make money for your travels? 

Nov 15, 4:34AM EST0

How often do you travel in a year?

Nov 9, 5:59AM EST0

Depends.. This year i've been on about 10 trips, but they have been only short ones each time (usually around a week). But i'm leaving again in 2 weeks and then i will be traveling for 8 months non stop. I have also had times that i left for 1,5 years before coming back home.. So yeah it really depends on the year haha but usually quite a lot.

Nov 9, 6:52AM EST0
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In E Book, is it animated? If yes, what tool did you used?

Last edited @ Nov 8, 5:29PM EST.
Nov 8, 5:27PM EST0

Not animated, but illustrated by an illustrator named Dan Tran. I didn't convert the Ebook myself but hired a professional for it so i'm not sure what tool they used... 

Nov 8, 6:29PM EST0

Have you published this book?

Nov 8, 1:18PM EST0

Not yet! But thats what i am trying to do now. The printing of the book will start in January and i have sold about 120 copies so far.

Nov 8, 5:10PM EST0

What is the inspiration behind the book? Is this base on your own experience as a daughter?

Nov 8, 4:13AM EST0

Yes definitely! When i was younger it used to be a joke between me and my father that i should exchange him whenever he annoyed me. Of course i would never actually want a different father, but i decided to write a book about the relationship between father and daughter based on that joke. 

Nov 8, 8:46AM EST0

Do you submit your work online?

Nov 7, 9:45PM EST0

I'm sorry , but you'll need to be more specific.. What work exactly are you talking about?

Nov 8, 8:35AM EST0

Would you consider getting a specialist onboard in order to help you make this campaign a success?

Nov 7, 8:16PM EST0

Yes definitely! I have already talked to a few specialists and am now starting to work with someone.

Nov 8, 8:33AM EST0

What songs/type of music do you listen to whilst traveling or that which inspires you to travel?

Nov 7, 3:30PM EST0

Thats a difficult question... Since i don't listen to a specific genre or song that inspires me to travel.. I love a lot of different kinds of music and listen to everything from The Lumineers to Half moon Run, Greenday, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage the Elephant, or Ludovico Einaudi.. It really depends on my mood haha

Nov 8, 8:24AM EST0

Can you share some strategies in boosting the appeal of a crowdfunding campaign?

Nov 7, 3:03PM EST0

Good question.. I think that giving good perks is extremely important, and its very appealing for supporters if you give them a discount for buying it via crowdfunding in the pre-sale instead of waiting till your product is in the stores. Also campaign videos are extremely important and you should definitely invest the time and even a little money to get a good and professional video to show your product to supporters.

Nov 8, 8:22AM EST0

Have you ever been somewhere considered extremely dangerous & could you tell me more about it?

Nov 7, 3:03PM EST0

If by extremely dangerous you mean places like Iraq, Syria or Afghansitan then no (though i would LOVE to travel there i just haven't had a chance yet)... The most 'dangerous' places i have been to (that might be considered dangerous in the media) are Israel, India and maybe Mexico or Kenya? I don't know if you consider any of these countries dangerous but to be honest i have never felt unsafe anywhere. 

Nov 8, 8:15AM EST0

What do you do when travel starts to feel repetitive?

Nov 7, 12:51PM EST0

I have never reached that point to be honest... I do try to variate a lot though... So i volunteer a lot, do courses that i find interesting and return home from time to time to visit family and friends.

Nov 8, 8:10AM EST0

How do you schedule your blogging/travel writing with a hectic schedule and stay disciplined enough to stick with it?

Nov 7, 11:32AM EST0

Good question.. to be honest i am very bad at sticking to a schedule and i'm working on myself to become more disciplined. I try to do so by writing down how many hours i want to work on something each day, and then try to stick with it, even if i have to wake up an hour earlier or go to sleep 2 hours later. I also write down every morning what i want to achieve that day and then when i go to bed i see what i managed and what i didn't and then try to see if i didn't manage everything because i procrastinated or because i over estimated what i could do in one day.

Nov 8, 8:08AM EST0

How did your family first get into travel writing?

Nov 7, 9:14AM EST0

We don't really do travel writing. We started traveling 6 years ago and kept a blog and facebook page along the way, but we didn't do any serious travel writing perse. I wrote a book, but its about family, not about travel :)

Nov 8, 8:00AM EST0

Do you get paid by any publications to go to certain destinations and write about it?

Nov 7, 8:32AM EST0

No i don't, I travel from my own money. I also haven't approached any publications though so i haven't tried it that way. I am considering doing it sometime in the future. 

Nov 8, 7:59AM EST0

How do you avoid getting sick when you travel?

Nov 7, 8:25AM EST0

usually by not drinking unfiltered water and by not eating meat in countries like India, Vietnam, Nepal etc.. But i'm not overly hygienic so i do eat street food or brush my teeth with the water from the tap. Your stomach will get a better immune system that way and you will get less sick than if you try to be clean all the time cause then your body won't be used to it. To be honest i have only been sick 2-3 times in 6 years travel (i'm talking about sick from traveling, not catching a cold of course). 

Nov 8, 7:57AM EST0

Do you usually travel alone or with someone else?

Nov 7, 8:01AM EST0

Till now i have always traveled either with my family or with friends, but i am leaving in 2 weeks on my first trip alone. I will be traveling for 8 months by myself and i'm both excited and nervous about it!

Nov 8, 7:53AM EST0

Would you say that perhaps people need to see your idea from a new or different perspective?

Nov 7, 7:13AM EST0

Maybe.. Its not the most conventional idea in the world, but on the other hand i think its very relatable. Its a fictional children's book that shows the relationship between child and parent. It shows the struggles but also the unconditional love between father and daughter.

Nov 8, 7:52AM EST0

How often do crowdfunding campaigns get successful than not?

Nov 7, 5:23AM EST0

I think more often not to be honest. I don't know the exact statistics but i know a lot fail to reach their goal. Its a very competitive market and you need to have a great idea and campaign with a lot of marketing to make it work.

Nov 8, 7:49AM EST0

How much money have you made in travel writing?

Nov 7, 5:21AM EST0

I actually haven't done any travel writing for money, only for fun. I do travel photography though and am planning to approach some magazines about travel writing but haven't done so yet.

Nov 8, 7:48AM EST0

How do you calculate the money you can spend daily during your trip(s)?

Nov 7, 1:09AM EST0

I am very much a budget traveler, so i calculate my daily budget very clearly. I usually check per country what other travelers suggest as a daily budget and then add another 25% or so just to be on the safe side. A great website is:  http://www.budgetyourtrip.com/budgetreportadv.php?geonameid=&countrysearch=&country_code=IN&categoryid=0&budgettype=1&triptype=0&startdate=&enddate=&travelerno=0

Right now it is set on india but you can choose whatever country you want and also what your travel style is, and then it shows you the breakdown of the budget :)

Nov 8, 7:47AM EST0

Where did you find out about the concept of crowdfunding?

Nov 7, 12:35AM EST0

My father had some friends with experience in it and he suggested it to me.

Nov 8, 7:41AM EST0

Where have you been in the world so far?

Nov 6, 9:30PM EST0

Eh i've been to a LOT of countries (over 30) but mostly Asia and Europe. Outside of those continents i have only been to Australia, Mexico, Egypt and Kenya. 

Nov 8, 7:40AM EST0

What was your favorite place you've traveled to, and why?

Nov 6, 8:41PM EST0

I think India is defnitely my favorite country. It has such a rich culture, amazing food, beautiful people, its full of colours, and frankly.. its never boring ;) 

Nov 8, 7:38AM EST0

When and how did you think of this idea?

Nov 6, 6:26PM EST0

It was a joke between me and my father when i was young (around 6/7) that i should exchange him whenever he would annoy me. Of course it was just a joke and i did not actually want to exchange him but that brought me the idea of writing a book about a ParentSwap shop.

Nov 8, 7:36AM EST0

Which publication is your favourite for Travel writing?

Nov 6, 5:41PM EST0

I think maybe National Geographic Travel.. But to be completely honest i haven't read that many travel magazines etc..

Nov 8, 7:34AM EST0
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