AMA How to be afraid in 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The process of creating a classic short horror movie.

Kaba Olory
Dec 4, 2017

We want to create a classic short horror movie that have to freak almost anybody who will watch it. We are seeking the help from people around the world to finalise the production fees. If you are curious about the movies production in France or my creative process, please AMA and i will tell you everything i know.




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What inspired you to pursue horror films?

Dec 8, 8:37PM EST0

What would be your the most important tips for young movie makers in France? 

Dec 7, 5:18AM EST0

What platform are you using in editing the film?

Dec 5, 5:24AM EST0

What is your dream company to work for?

Dec 5, 2:49AM EST0

My own companie. As an independant film maker, i'm still in the process of lurning how i want to tell storys and how to produce them. I allready have few long format movies scenario but i'm not ready yet to jump. I'd say that my aim is to be as independant as possible so that i'll be able to do exactely what i want to do without anybody interfering in my creatif process except to give me advice when i ask for it.

Dec 5, 3:15AM EST0

Do you have inspiration when you make a horror movie?

Dec 5, 12:18AM EST0

You will find the answer two question below, it have to do with my dreams. Notice i said, dreams not nightmares.

Dec 5, 3:10AM EST0

Do you export a digital format to your movie?

Dec 4, 11:45PM EST0

Yes most of my movies are in digital format , i have one short story in 8 mm it the story of a little girls who like to kill dolls.

Dec 5, 3:09AM EST0

Where do you get the ideas of planning a horror movie title?

Dec 4, 10:51PM EST0

I often dream about my stories, strangely enough, wile i'm dreaming of a story i'm totally aware that this is a good materiel (according to me of cause) for a short or other format movie. When i wake up i need to write it down fast to not forget anything. I have a folder which contains many differents story some time unfinished. So when i want to work on a new project i go there to used my dream material.

Dec 5, 3:07AM EST0

What was the scariest movie have you watched seen so far?

Dec 4, 6:05PM EST0

definitely The Blair Witch Project

Dec 4, 6:24PM EST0

Is there a horrifying feeling while you are doing the horror movie?

Dec 4, 4:19PM EST0

I had one during a strangle scene , in the scene the bad guy was strangling a women in a really twisted way, strangling her then release then strangling her again. The actors were so good that they put the entire team in silence as if we were seeing somebody really doing a horrifying murder

Dec 4, 4:33PM EST0

Do you allow your movie to be downloaded and watched for a free online movie platform?

Dec 4, 3:45PM EST0

I never thought to do it but i should...

Dec 4, 3:56PM EST0

Can you give an example of what strategy to use how make it really horrifying to the viewers?

Dec 4, 3:24PM EST0

this is more or less the question of AYANNA RUTHERFORD. I believe the answerbelow guive you my vision on how to make horrifying stories. I guess i keep some stuff for myself but it's part of the magic of storytelling, some stuff are comming from your guts  you don't explain it entirelly

Dec 4, 3:39PM EST0

During the whole process of creating a short horror movie, what is the most difficult one?

Dec 4, 2:41PM EST0

i'd say having a good idea that works from start to finish and raising money

Dec 4, 2:55PM EST0

In your real life, what scares you most?

Dec 4, 2:06PM EST0

I don't know if something scare me really, i was used to be scared of the dark when i was little. I guess it is something that imprint my storytelling. I when i was teen i discovered that the best way to overcom my fears was to confront them no matter how much scared i'm am. So one day i took my bike and went on biking at night in the countryside with no moon.

Dec 4, 2:53PM EST0

Can you give some tips for beginners, on how to create a successful horror movie?

Dec 4, 1:41PM EST0

I believe i have answear that question just below

Dec 4, 2:39PM EST0

What are the elements of horror movies?

Dec 4, 12:20PM EST0

to me it's when something is lurking in the dark, when the spectator have a small idea of it but not entirely so that he have to image (often the worst), the ability of the actors to play genuine fear. Real feelings are easy pass on. A plot of the story that leave you asking yourself what really hapening with clear ending possibilitieswith some realy dark.

Dec 4, 12:29PM EST0

What is your basis for making a good title for a certain movie?

Dec 4, 7:26AM EST0

I have to feel it in my guts, simple and hard at the same time

Dec 4, 11:42AM EST0

How can you make a good quality horror movie?

Dec 4, 5:18AM EST0

I'd use alfred hitchcock advice mixed with what i understood about it plus my owne opinion. Tell to the spectator what might happen to your caracter, without saying to much so that he can think about it in advance. The imagination of something is much frightening than seeing it for real. But when you show something that's suppose to be scary, make it as close as it gets of something that sounds real. Something that you can't see completely, so that the brain continue to imagine the worst.

Dec 4, 11:41AM EST0

What advice can you give to an aspiring horror filmmaker?

Dec 3, 11:51PM EST0

jump on the boat and get scared yourself by what you do ?

Dec 4, 11:33AM EST0

During the process of making the horror movie, have you ever encountered a horrifying scene for real?

Dec 3, 10:36PM EST0

one day I was looking for a dark set so with one supposed friend we entered an abandoneted old place were there was lot of garbage. We went deep inside the building and we heard a really strange noise and my friend started directly to run and left me behind.  befor leaving the building, he had although closed the door behind him... before i had the time to get out... I had to open it myself... imagine something was really after us... I started to doubt our frienship

Dec 4, 11:32AM EST0

How much does it cost to make a short horror film?

Dec 3, 6:53PM EST0

it depends on the story, on the way you want to shot it, the kind of equipments you want to use, how realistic you want it to be... mine will cost around 10 k € and i miss around 2 K, this is the reason i have created a kickstater (by the way don't hesitate to help us :-) )

Dec 4, 11:20AM EST0

How many short films are you working on to date?

Dec 2, 11:53PM EST0

around 15

Dec 4, 11:16AM EST0

Do people acting horror movies get really scared when acting?

Dec 1, 11:26AM EST0

I can't talk for everybody but yes some time when you do certain types of scenes people on the set get really affected. 

Dec 4, 11:16AM EST0
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