AMA How do I crowdfund when all I have is Facebook?

Tamzin Atkins
Sep 20, 2017

I am looking to crowdfund my book and get it sold but I am struggling to market it. Any tips would be helpful. I have tried boosting my posts on Fb. I have made a crowdfunding website. I have emailed every newspaper and radio channel. It is in bookstores and it is selling to friends. People love the book. I self-published it and now I am struggling to get people to notice it in bookstores.

“It haunts me. Every day I see the questions in plain sight and every night I dream of the answers. Who am I? I don’t know. But somehow the pieces have led me here and here is where it all begins”


The sun shines through the tree branches of a sturdy oak tree, revealing a dandelion field, the dandelions moving with a cool breeze. The only sound is that of a girl giggling. She is in her Sunday best, a pink summer dress that has already got dust on it. She’s crouching behind the shed in the middle of the field, her fingers covering her mouth to stop the giggles escaping. A hand suddenly touches her shoulder. “Tag, you’re it.”  She turns around but no one’s there. Suddenly the laughter is gone and the sky darkens, she is all alone. She hears a loud terrifying scream and covers her ears and shuts her eyes.


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Online bookstores that sell digital copies always look for new authors, have you tried any of them?

Sep 19, 11:05AM EDT1

Do they work with South Africans

Sep 19, 4:01PM EDT0
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Why don't you hire a freelancer to help you with the marketing and PR?

Sep 19, 8:46AM EDT0

I don't have money to

Sep 19, 4:02PM EDT0
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Maybe bringing it to large publishers will point you in the right direction?

Sep 19, 6:21AM EDT0

Publishers are hard to get to

Sep 19, 6:51AM EDT0
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Why don't you join twitter or other social media as well and get the word out?

Sep 19, 3:59AM EDT0

Do that everyday.

Sep 19, 6:52AM EDT0
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Is your book available online?

Sep 19, 2:17AM EDT0

My website not up but it is available in PDf

Sep 19, 6:52AM EDT0
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What genre would your book fall under?

Sep 19, 2:03AM EDT0

Young adults, romance/mystery

Sep 19, 6:52AM EDT0
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When did you start marketing your book, when it was ready or before?

Sep 19, 1:08AM EDT0


Sep 19, 6:52AM EDT0

That's good, I'm sure it will be fine, just keep persevering :) 

Sep 20, 8:52AM EDT0

Why don't you just start a crowdfunder?

Sep 18, 11:53PM EDT0

I have link is above but no one is participating.

Sep 19, 6:53AM EDT0
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Why don't you contact social services, etc. and volunteer to give a speech about the subject and get people interested?

Sep 18, 11:16PM EDT0

Will try that.

Sep 19, 6:53AM EDT0
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How many books have you printed and are they all in bookshops?

Sep 18, 9:41PM EDT0

Printed 200 and no not all in bookstores

Sep 19, 6:53AM EDT0
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What kind of book have you written?

Sep 18, 8:03PM EDT0

Kind of like pretty little liars vibe.

Sep 19, 6:54AM EDT0
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Have you checked other AMAs or networked with some of the hosts on here?

Sep 18, 7:58PM EDT0

Not yet.

Sep 19, 6:54AM EDT0

Why don't you run a competition and give away a few books so you get a bigger audience?

Sep 18, 7:16PM EDT0

Tried that and it still doesn't work

Sep 19, 6:54AM EDT0
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Have you tried to offer free readings and signed copies in bookshops and advertise it on fb?

Sep 18, 6:57PM EDT0

Yes but book stores say no

Sep 19, 6:54AM EDT0
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Can you share a link to your facebook?

Sep 18, 5:56PM EDT0

Thanks :)

Sep 20, 9:29AM EDT0

How many copies have you sold so far?

Sep 18, 4:54PM EDT0


Sep 19, 6:55AM EDT0
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Have you tried a GoFundMe account?

Sep 18, 4:00PM EDT0

In my link I am on thundafund.

Sep 18, 4:02PM EDT0

Great, wish you lots of luck! 

Sep 20, 8:00AM EDT0

I saw an AMA with a guy who is launching a new platform for new authors, why don't you find him and ask for advice?

Sep 18, 1:31PM EDT0

I guess I will go look.

Sep 18, 4:02PM EDT0

Yes saw that too, really interesting, check it out and let us know the outcome! 

Sep 20, 9:44AM EDT0

Hi. Maybe scarcity & competition can add urgency to book buying. Have you tried creating a sense of urgency - sale of the book for, say, certain days and times on Amazon or giveaway of the book for Kindle version on a particular day? 

Sep 18, 11:32AM EDT0

I am not sure amazon works well in South Africa.

Sep 18, 4:03PM EDT0
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Have you tried kickstarter?

Sep 18, 7:34AM EDT0

We can't do it in South Africa

Sep 18, 4:03PM EDT1
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