AMA - Help me to make my dream true- help me to get my own Photostudio.

Gordon Meyrath
Sep 12, 2017

Hey im Gordon, i took the chalenge on my to move with 1000€ from my Home Country to Düsseldorf Germany. 

I have just my MacBook and my Camera. 

My first stepp is done, i found someone who gavs me 12 mound a free room for living and free food. 

Now the next stepp is to get money to open my own photostudio, and all this based on the solidarity of people around the world. 

The project is doing so great that Facebook verified my page on Facebook. 

On Indiegogo i already have my first 100$ Donation for my project. There a people who belive in my Concept of BeWoman. You can read the concept here: INDIEGOGOIf you whant to support me please make a Donation no matter if its just a few dollar, its no the somme who makes it, but the knowlage there are people who supports me. 


BeWoman - time to be a woman, time to be yourself. We want to show you how beautiful you are. You are not satisfied with your appearance or you feel ugly? This is nonsense! You are gorgeous and we will show it to you.

We will reveal your beauty whitout urging you to undergo a sophisticated styling to cover yourself with several layers of make up. It will only be you and your natural beauty. BeWoman aims at showing to every woman that she is individually beautiful without correponding to the reigning "beauty ideals" in our world.

Every human being and every woman is unique an thus individually beautiful. Why sould you use extensive make up when you are naturally beautiful? 

It doesn't matter if you're curvy or skinny, if you have long or short hair, if you're tall or small - your real beauty comes from the inside, from your very own being. Respect yourself and stand above silly judgements on your personality or appearance. You are great the way you are. Let us help you, through our sthootings, to show the world your real beauty and who you really are.

We want to capture your natural beauty, your personality, your emittance. This is why we will not bother you with a huge styling or make up sessions and neither will we use computerbased software just to make of you the model that you are fortunately not. 

How does my work differ from other photographic studios?I have my own, personal perspective .... When I am doing a shooting, it is not only a shooting, it is the moment when I boost the confidence of the woman. 

My main goal is to procure delight and happiness in every woman when she sees her photos after the shooting. My work is focused on increasing the self-esteem of each woman without changing her from head to toe or covering her face with make up. I want to shoot my clients in the most natural and authentic way as possible, but that doesn't mean that we can't consult a professional make-up artist if this is what the client wants. However I believe that less is more. 

Do you only shoot women in your studio?

Primarily my studio is reserved to women, but I'm not against shooting a couple every now and then. Do you also shoot men?Yes of course, but I prefer to do outdoorshootings with men. Is your project already in progress?

I've started with BeWoman in 2014 in Luxembourg and I developped it further in the last years. Now in 2017 I took the decision to make a bigger thing out of my project, which isn't possible without my own photographic studio. 

Describe in what you will invest the money: 

The money is going to be invested to pay the rent of the studio in the first time and to buy the material I need as for example furniture, a flasher, a licence for photoshop and an efficient and long-lasting computer. Furthermore I am going to invest money in publicity, as advertisment in social networks or business cards.

Therefore I am going to consult an ad agency to work out how to sell my project in the best way. Indicate how quickly you need the money: As autumn is not far away and outdoorshootings won't soon be possible anymore, the money is needed until mid-october. 

Describe what this suppport means for you:

Support means for me to help someone to realize his dreams and his visions. All of us have dreams which we're not able to realize without support of others. 

I have seized the opportunity, I have left my hometown Luxembourg and I moved to Düsseldorf, an unknown town, with the will to realize my dream. I have found a person who believes in me and my dream and therefore lodges me free of charge and feeds me. 

I know that there are more than only one person who has dreams, who is creative and who can find enthusiasm for my project and I hope that I will find the persons who can procure me the support I need.


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You took a huge leap of faith to pursue your dream! What keeps you going when you have lost a little bit of that drive?

Sep 12, 9:41PM EDT0

Sounds easy but, just relaxing and Keep dreaming, looking on the internet, great stuff about photography :) and i tell my self one day i gonna be there  too :) 

Sep 13, 8:51AM EDT0

What part of the population do you think are the best candidates for funding a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 12, 11:02AM EDT1

Im open for every one, i have actualy no limitation. 

Sep 12, 12:48PM EDT0
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What preparations do you do when you plan to shoot photos

Sep 12, 6:31AM EDT0

Normaly depending my customer, i meet my customer once befor the shooting if he want it to talk about the shooting to really understand what he want maybe to look on the internet some inspiration to see in wich direction we gonna work.  

Sep 12, 12:47PM EDT0
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Where are you from Gordon?

Sep 11, 10:50PM EDT0

Hey Randy, im from Düsseldorf, Germany. 

Sep 12, 7:07AM EDT0

Would you ever like to live anywhere else in the world, to take your photography to a new level?

Sep 12, 5:59PM EDT0

Are you somebody who just picked up a camera and called yourself a professional based off the pictures you took, or did you go to school and get a degree for photography? Do you have any qualifying credentials to oepn a photostudio?

Sep 11, 8:58PM EDT0

Hey, i learnt Photography by myself and other Photographer teacht me. 

Because of the School system in my Country ( Luxembourg where i come from) there i had not the possiblilty to learn Photography. Thats the reason i move to germany where im now register as Photographer. 

Sep 12, 7:10AM EDT0

Did you have to take a certification course?

Sep 12, 4:23PM EDT0

What are your back-up plans if your crowdfunding campaign fails?

Sep 11, 7:27PM EDT0

I continue to rent a Studio when my customer needs pictures done in a Studio. 

Sep 12, 7:10AM EDT0

Have you thought about going into partnership with a local photographer to share a studio, so that it is affordable to both of you?

Sep 12, 9:02PM EDT0

Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Sep 11, 5:25PM EDT0

Hey, Facebook: https://facebook.com/gordonmeyrath


Sep 12, 7:12AM EDT0

Do you prefer to photograph women over men?

Sep 12, 7:51PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Sep 11, 2:54PM EDT0

iTink its very important that have good friends behind you who supports you and helps you to share your passion, and belive in your sucess. 

Sep 12, 7:13AM EDT0

Have you given yourself a date, that you will do more than what you are doing now, in order to get your goal accomplished?

Sep 12, 11:19PM EDT0

How do you intend to spend the money you want to raise, can you give a breakdown?

Sep 11, 2:29PM EDT0

Im a very economical person, so i try alway to spent money for very important thing. 

I think its very important to understand the needs of my customer, an following the trents and learning how to use the new technology to create new trents. 

Sep 12, 7:20AM EDT0

Do you already have a location in mind for your photo studio?

Sep 12, 7:57PM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Sep 11, 2:01PM EDT0

What camera do you use?

Sep 11, 1:30PM EDT0

I have a Canon 6D and a Canon 1Dx

Sep 12, 7:20AM EDT0

What type of photo software do you work with?

Sep 12, 6:05PM EDT0

I am a photographer and I funded everything I have to date by taking on jobs. Give me a reason why you think people should hand you a studio?

Sep 11, 1:24PM EDT0

How much research did you do in regard to crowdfunding before you settled on this particular site?

Sep 11, 12:13PM EDT0

To be honest, it wasn't me who starts the crowdfunding campagne, it was a friend of me. She belives in my project, so she creates the complet crowdfunding page. 

Sep 12, 7:22AM EDT0

What has been your biggest photo shoot job and do you make good earnings with the photo shoots?

Sep 12, 7:15PM EDT0

How different do you feel your concept is compared to anything else out there right now?

Sep 11, 9:40AM EDT0

Would you consider getting a specialist onboard in order to help you make this campaign a success?

Sep 11, 6:24AM EDT0

I really would like to have a specialist, but whitout the money for this it would not be possible. 

There are not so many people who would do something for free. 

Sep 12, 7:24AM EDT0

When you have your photo studio, will you one day help someone, the way, you wish someone would have helped you?

Sep 12, 6:14PM EDT0

Does it cost me anything to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 11, 5:00AM EDT0

No, to start not. Indiegogo gonna take 5% of you total money as a Fee. 

Sep 12, 7:25AM EDT0

Do you also advertise yourself on social media?

Sep 12, 5:32PM EDT0

Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns?

Sep 11, 4:34AM EDT0

Do you have repeat clients?

Sep 11, 3:53AM EDT0

Yes, i have regular clients, the most of them are coming to me for outdoor shots and go to other photographer for Studio Shots. 

Sep 12, 7:26AM EDT0

Do you work with any local schools for student photos or graduation photos?

Sep 12, 4:32PM EDT0

Do you know that Germany offers interest free or low interest grants to entrepreneurs?

Sep 11, 3:12AM EDT0

What type of photography do you do?

Sep 10, 10:49PM EDT0

I can nealy any kind of studio photography, i have experience in Studio Photography. 

Sep 12, 7:27AM EDT0

Have you ever been asked to do commercial photography?

Sep 12, 4:31PM EDT0

Is the population you are targeting to donate the same as the target group you want to buy photos?

Sep 10, 10:17PM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Sep 10, 6:49PM EDT0

Why do you need a studio? Most photographers don't.

Sep 10, 3:23PM EDT0

Because in the Winter i can not do outdoor babyshoots. Oudoor you have limits. A lot of customer won't taking pictures outdoo, on a rainy day. 

Sep 12, 7:29AM EDT0

Have you considered being a mobile photographer and taking your equipment and props to the client?

Sep 12, 3:40PM EDT0

What are the drawbacks, if any, on using crowdfunding platforms?

Sep 10, 2:04PM EDT0

That there are fees like Indiegogo takes 5% of the total somme. 

Sep 12, 7:30AM EDT0

Do you have any other methods to raise money?

Sep 12, 2:48PM EDT0

What do you feel the biggest benefits of Crowdfunding are?

Sep 10, 1:18PM EDT0

Its not just getting closer to your goal making growing you project an realize you dream bit its also a way to connect to new people. People who supports you, shows you also that they are intresstet to what you do. 

Sep 12, 7:33AM EDT0

When you raise the funds you need, what will be your first step to see your dream come true? How will you give back to the community to show them your appreciation for their support?

Sep 12, 2:27PM EDT0

Can you give me 5 reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Sep 10, 1:06PM EDT0

Is crowdfunding just about money or are there other benefits?

Sep 10, 12:48PM EDT0

For me its also a way to connect to new people, people who supports you, shows you also that they are intresstet to what you do. 

Sep 12, 7:31AM EDT0

What other methods other than Crowdfunding are you trying to raise the money you need?

Sep 12, 1:25PM EDT0

Crowdfunding is getting noisier by day - how do you plan to promote your campaign? 

Sep 10, 11:04AM EDT0

I promot my Campaigne by sharing the link as much as possible. 

I have also my on Blog on the online Magasin Huffington Post, as soon i have people who donate, i gonna publish a list of people who donate on my next blog post including a little story of them. 

I have no budjet to pay for promotion. Not yet. 

Last edited @ Sep 10, 11:27AM EDT.
Sep 10, 11:24AM EDT0

What type of audience are you wanting to reach, when you share your Crowdfunding project, fellow photographers or people who can see your potential?

Sep 12, 12:24PM EDT0

If you plan to capture natural beauty, why is there a need for photoshop?

Sep 10, 10:28AM EDT0

Hey Ricardo, i use Photoshop to adjust light, and remove little skinn spots or to add flares in the image. How i use Photoshop

Sep 10, 11:22AM EDT0

Do you have side by side photos where we can see your work?

Sep 12, 12:34PM EDT0
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