AMA !! Every day in the news we see the emergency responders doing what they are trained to do in any and all emergencies, in all situations, in all weathers but do you realise the huge financial cost that some have to bear in order to do this for all of us day in day out.. ? They have to pay for their advanced emergency driving course themselves. This is an extremely intense 4 week course with multiple tests throughout. Overtime they respond on lights to your emergency they increase the risk of themselves suffering a fatal RTA by 90%. The government does not help !! Yet expects them to respond to every call made.

Alida Jane Benton
Sep 5, 2017

I have set up a Go Fund Me page to help one person - hopefully if we raise enough we can fund more responders, because one day you will need to call and you WILL want them to get to you quickly and safely ..

Please feel free to ask any and all questions on this important subject - one day you WILL need 911 / 999 We want to be there quickly and safely...


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How did you hear about crowdfunding?

Sep 6, 12:07AM EDT0

Hi April82 I first saw it on the news for some fundraising effort in the Uk

Sep 6, 1:21PM EDT0

What can we do to get the government to spend more on health services?

Sep 5, 9:19PM EDT0

Hi Kelsey, I think we have a lot of promises every time there is an election or a change of ministers but I feel it will take more deaths and more admissions before the situation changes ... that is assuming it does, I feel the NHS will be sold off to the private sector in chunks...

Sep 6, 1:24PM EDT0

How much are you hoping to raise & on what will it be spent? 

Sep 5, 8:25PM EDT0

Hi Llyons I am looking to raise 8k for mandatory emergency driving courses which must be self funded and are not covered by any burseries or student funding in the U.K. 

Sep 6, 1:42PM EDT0

What important lesson have you learnt from using crowdfunding so far?

Sep 5, 12:26PM EDT0

Hi Michael, I came in to this totally green, as one little person tryin g to help another, I didnt realise it was such a massive global market, platorm and or industry.  Know I would say to anyone research the this market and look at a lot of other appeals and take your time pre and post launch.

Sep 5, 1:26PM EDT0

What would you do different next time around?

Sep 5, 5:29PM EDT0

Is crowdfunding just about money or are there other benefits?

Sep 5, 9:54AM EDT0

Hi I am hoping if this is a sucess to set up an ongoing fund for emergency   personnel to be able to afford to take the driving courses if they are in geniune hardship, as its mandatory for these trainee clinicians to self fund many of them choose to stay in emergency call centers (999) as they cannot afford to forward their careers and go out on the road where their skills would be so useful - I found this especially true of the younger clinicians and those that have a family and all the obvious commitments that go with that.  By helping initially financially what I am currently doing is talking to training providers to offer reduced courses to people we refer through the this, as they get more students through this and more clinicians can benefit, and then ultimatly I would like the providers to submit bids to the fund in return for candidates who need places.  The way I see it its a win - win the fund has enough to fund those who absolutely need it and the ones that would just benefit from reduced rates or better payment terms gets help from the providers !

Sep 5, 12:22PM EDT0
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Can you give some advice to people interested in launching their own crowdfunding campaigns?

Sep 5, 4:52AM EDT0

Hi Dalemartin - Yes ! look at all the crowdfunding websites and platforms.  I just rushed in from the heart I didnt realise it was such a vast global platorm.  Do your research, read other appeals, and contact people prior to launch - I did none of this !, its a big massive industy !

Sep 5, 1:11PM EDT0
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Can you share a link to your facebook, twitter, website please?

Sep 5, 4:34AM EDT0

Hi Larry, I launched it on Linkedin - "Why does it have to come to this...." by @Aeromed666 on @LinkedIn and I shared the same on the crowdfunding on FB and Twitter.  Let me know if you need further links :)

Sep 5, 1:17PM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone else looking to create their first crowdfunding project?

Sep 5, 3:53AM EDT0

Have you approached shops or retail outlets to donate money or to donate products that could help you as incentives?

Sep 5, 3:26AM EDT0

Hi There,  To be honest no as its a specialist driving course only available to drivers in the emergency services its not anything that would sit within a retail outlet to be honest, I have approached some suppliers of equipment to ambulance, fire and police to help with donations if we relaunch the appeal and offer gifts / incentives for specific donations, I didnt know this was possible until I launched this appeal and began looking into other launch sites and to be honest didnt even kn ow there where these crowdfunding sites.  Being just one person trying to help people I know this has been a learning curve !

Sep 5, 12:30PM EDT0

What a great approach! Well done and keep up the excellent work :) 

Sep 5, 8:30PM EDT0

Healthcare has pretty much gone down the pan in the UK. My sister had a baby and even had to make her own bed (Lewisham). Why do you think that is?

Sep 5, 1:52AM EDT0

Two words Whitney, Conservatives and Jeremy Hunt, the NHS is being starved of nurses, midwives ( I was a midwife in Surrey) and now front line staff where not only staff have been cut but funding also, its now a dangerous industry in which to work to be honest, from the clinical perspective and also the resources available for clinicians in prehospital care.  Hope mum and baby are doing well, and congratulations !

Sep 5, 12:34PM EDT0

Do you think this issue will improve in time or do you feel it will just get worse? 

Sep 5, 8:54PM EDT0

Do you have to pay in the UK if you need to call out an ambulance or is it free?

Sep 5, 1:28AM EDT0

Its currently free in the UK Justin, there are private operators and you can book a non emergency private transfer and a lot of the private

companies are subcontracted to the NHS and work alongside the Ambulance trust vehicles on 999 transfers.

Sep 5, 12:36PM EDT0

Many slate the NHS for poor service but I honestly think its brilliant compared to other countries - what are your views on this?

Sep 6, 2:13AM EDT0

Can you give me 5 reasons as to why you choose crowdfunding to launch your product?

Sep 5, 12:10AM EDT0

To be honest there is only one, as its a one off appeal at the moment to help one or two people who cannot afford to to this to complete their training.  Its not a product, just an appeal for help.  If its reaches its target I will help more people and look at setting up a training fund for Emergency Driving.

Sep 5, 12:39PM EDT0

Does it cost anything to start a crowdfunding campaign?

Sep 4, 11:34PM EDT0

Hi Scott, No not really its cost me a bit but that doesnt matter I am doing it to help :)

Sep 5, 12:40PM EDT0

Does crowdfunding take a commission of the final amount raised?

Sep 6, 2:04AM EDT0

Have you gone to the media with your crowdfunder in order to raise awareness? I'm sure most people have no idea and it would put pressure on the government if people know about this.

Sep 4, 10:53PM EDT0

No I havent yet Afreeman but I am going to, know I realise how widespread this problem is I am going to.  I have asked som e collegues in media to help me with this.

Sep 5, 12:41PM EDT0

Awesome! Wishing you the best of luck with this 

Sep 6, 2:03AM EDT0

Is it true that paramedics have training but they are not doctors or medical professionals and anyone can apply?

Sep 4, 10:49PM EDT0

To become a paramedic in the UK now it is a BSc Degree and you are a registered clinician with the HCPC alongside Dentists, Physio, and 16 other medical specialities.  You cannot practice without this registration - you are an autonomous clinician.  There are quite a lot of requirements to be able to apply for Paramedic Science at the Universities in the UK and it is usually fully subscribed.  So no without certain qualifications and experience you cannot even apply to study the degree to be a Paramedic.

Sep 5, 12:48PM EDT0

How many years does the course take to complete? 

Sep 6, 1:51AM EDT0

Do you have private ambulances in the UK? I live in Latin America and there are various ambulances from Red Cross to all the major hospitals but also independent companies but of course you have to pay for the service.

Sep 4, 10:17PM EDT0

Hi Amanda, Yes we do have private operators but they work under contract to the NHS so although you can approach them for a private interhospital transfer if you wish you will have course have to pay.  However in an any emergency its still the statutory services that will respond.

Sep 5, 12:55PM EDT0

There has been a lot of stipulation about the NHS in recent years - how do you think the NHS is coping at this current time? 

Sep 6, 12:50AM EDT0

How long do you think it would take for this crowdfunding campaign to attain the goals you have?

Sep 4, 10:12PM EDT0

Hi Alexis, I have no idea ! this is my first time. :)

Sep 5, 12:56PM EDT0

Do you have a particular goal in mind time wise? 

Sep 5, 4:33PM EDT0

Can you send us the link to the go fund me campaign please, I can't find it anywhere.

Sep 4, 10:12PM EDT0

Hi Ycohn, here it is,


Sep 5, 12:58PM EDT0

Thank you!

Sep 6, 12:29AM EDT0

How far are you from reaching your goal?

Sep 4, 9:57PM EDT0

Hi Tiffany, As I am a total novice and this was done from the heart rather than the brain as I didnt know there was all of this type of industry out there we are just starting so quite a way yet !

Sep 5, 12:59PM EDT0

Good luck with your campaign, keep up the good work and I am sure you will reach your goal in no time :) 

Sep 6, 12:09AM EDT0

Would you consider getting a specialist onboard in order to help you make this campaign a success?

Sep 4, 9:35PM EDT0

Hi Devon, If we can make this an ongoing fund it something I would most certainly do.

Sep 5, 1:01PM EDT0
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