AMA Donor Network We are making this process simpler than it has ever been before.

Muhammed Almutairy
Oct 15, 2017

Donor Network is an innovative social enterprise platform that makes the process of supporting and donating to Charity Organizations simpler than ever before.

Make your contributions matter the most to you by directly connecting them to effectively to causes that you are the most passionate about. Reach charities anywhere in the world you choose.

Donor Network – Make Your Contributions Matter The Most!

*Note: The Campaign will launch on 20/Oct/2017.


Update (Oct 20, 4:14AM EDT):

Muhammed Almutairy says:

we open our Website 

you can check by click link down


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Is this secured?

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Dec 27, 3:16AM EST0

How old are you?

Dec 15, 4:55AM EST0


Dec 27, 3:16AM EST0

Do you have international affiliations?

Dec 8, 11:04PM EST0


Dec 9, 1:11AM EST0

Is this secured?

Dec 3, 1:48AM EST1


Dec 3, 5:36PM EST0


Dec 27, 3:16AM EST0

Do you have an App for this project.

Nov 30, 7:27AM EST0

you can check here

Ver 1 


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Where are you from?

Oct 30, 2:55PM EDT0


Oct 30, 2:57PM EDT0

How old are you?

Oct 22, 3:07AM EDT0


Oct 22, 3:08AM EDT0

What information does the website offer about a charity, can you give some examples?

Oct 20, 8:44AM EDT0

The Website explains my project, which is create a platform for all charities and nonprofit organiaztions around the world, and that platform will be create as a social media platform, which let people share thier activites.

put news about the charities activites and follow up their favorate charities to reach that goal, I am needing to crowdfunding for platform.

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Oct 20, 10:03AM EDT0

Where are you from and do you work in charity?

Oct 19, 2:30PM EDT0

I am from Kuwait, And I am working in Ministry of Health here in Kuwait as Database Analyzer in IT Dep.

also, I participated in a number of volunteer campaigns as part time.

Oct 19, 2:43PM EDT0

Can you share a link to your website?

Oct 19, 10:42AM EDT0

This is the link for the campaign.


Oct 19, 10:45AM EDT0

Do you only allow registererd charities on your site?

Oct 18, 8:05PM EDT0

only charities and nonprofit organizations. 

Oct 19, 10:46AM EDT0

Is Donor Network an app or a website and what information does it offer?

Oct 17, 10:30AM EDT0

Donor Network is both app & Website. it provides all Charities around the world to donors. 

Oct 17, 10:32AM EDT0

How do I get people to support ma campaign on Gofundme? I lunched it a week ago the results are dissapointing.

Oct 17, 10:26AM EDT0

you need to paste a link to your campaign every place to let people reach you.

Oct 17, 10:35AM EDT0

What nationality is the most generous or supportive in terms of charity?

Oct 15, 5:29AM EDT0

There is no specific nationality.

Oct 15, 5:32AM EDT0

What was the highest donation ever made and to what charity?

Oct 15, 4:07AM EDT0

The Donor Network still under development, it will launch officially on 7/Jan/2018.

Oct 15, 4:10AM EDT0

Can you explain how the network works?

Oct 15, 3:39AM EDT0

You will see in my indiegogo page soon, 

there I explained how the Donor Network works.

Oct 15, 3:41AM EDT0

What are the most popular charities?

Oct 15, 12:47AM EDT0

There are lot of popular charities in Donor Network.

Oct 15, 2:47AM EDT0

Are charities sorted into categories and what catergories are there?

Oct 14, 6:21PM EDT0

Yes, they are sort by Country, Fields (Medical, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary..), Regional, Area,

any organization that include nonprofit term, the app will accept it.

Oct 14, 6:46PM EDT0

Explain how I can support a charity through your website?

Oct 14, 5:43PM EDT0

For now, you can only support the charties through the mobile app ( Android or IOS ).

The Website will launch after App.

now you can contribute in app through my indiegogo campaign, on 20/Oct will launch.

hope to see you there.

Oct 14, 6:39PM EDT0

What was your inspiration to come up with Donor Network?

Oct 14, 3:33PM EDT0

this video inspired me to think about Donor Network,


I was surfing in Youtube and that video showd up, I watched,

Then I asked myself, why isn't there a Social Platform for all Donation works just like Twitter and Facebook  ? 

platform let people can see their donations how it change people's life.

Then, the Donor Network showed up in my head and I started developed it.

Donor Network is not just middle man between donor and charity, it's a platform that shows charities deeds by videos, images and daily posts, in short, it's a social place for all donors. 

Oct 14, 4:16PM EDT0

What is your favorite charity?

Oct 14, 1:39PM EDT0

The American Childhood Cancer Organization

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Oct 14, 1:59PM EDT0

Do you screen charities for authenticity before you add them to your website?

Oct 14, 12:50PM EDT0

Of course, we do not accept any charity before taking all the information in addition to the official license and permits. 

Plus federal Employer Identification Number for the Charity.

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Oct 14, 1:44PM EDT0

What is your educational and professional background?

Oct 13, 6:36PM EDT0

I possess a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Communications from AOU - Kuwait Branch.

I am a skilled computer programmer and networking expert.

Oct 13, 8:07PM EDT0

Do you charge a commission?

Oct 13, 12:06PM EDT0

Thank you for asking, 

No, I don't charge any commission for the donation. 

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Oct 13, 12:10PM EDT0

What are your thoughts on digital currency? Do you plan to accept cryptocurrency in the future?

Oct 13, 11:02AM EDT0

For now, I don't think so, 

Perhaps, but the probability of this 1% in the Future. 

Oct 13, 12:15PM EDT0
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