AMA about my new game that I am kickstarting "Obscure Realm: Arena"

Jan 10, 2018

Come and ask me about my trip into making my second iteration of the Obscure Realm series. This project is being kickstarted and I hope you stick around, ask some questions and hopefully even donate to the project. 

Kickstarter Campain: www.kickstarter.com/projects/gcrh/obscure-realm-arena

Twitter for further dev tweets and other: twitter.com/USER_GCRH

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How would you briefly describe the mechanics of your game to a non-programmer?

Jan 10, 10:54PM EST0

The basic mechanics of a game, WASD style movement, and the ability to kill your enemies with guns. Squashing foes becomes a fast-paced run into hell. 

Jan 11, 8:07AM EST0

What video game would you say has the most complicated algorithm?

Jan 10, 9:14PM EST0

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl 

Jan 11, 8:12AM EST0

You have mentioned on your website, you had a friend you used to work with. Can you say that you work best on your own or you still want to work with a team?

Jan 10, 3:28PM EST0

If my team is honest with me and is actually willing to work, even in hardships, then I'd rather not be alone

Jan 10, 5:06PM EST0

What do you think is the best game of all time and why?

Jan 10, 6:12AM EST0

Fallout New Vegas had amazing dialogue, a memorable story, crazy weird events, exploits that make you feel cool when you find them, lessons to be learned. A lot of things that are great that you will realize if you ever play it.

Jan 10, 8:16AM EST0
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How much does it cost to make a game such us Obscure Realm?

Jan 10, 12:35AM EST0

Whatever a computer costs, your engine of choice (saying that it does cost something), food cost, time, friends, energy, if you have partners then whatever they want. Lots of things.

Jan 10, 8:12AM EST0

As a Game Developer, how long does it take to hone this craft?

Jan 9, 10:51PM EST0

It takes a good amount of time an energy and a very forward mind. For me, it took 2-3 years for me to be even confident I could do much.

Jan 10, 8:03AM EST0

What are the necessary skills needed to become a game developer?

Jan 9, 6:34PM EST0

An open mind, the will to learn, and an Idea.

You should also have some background in design, programming, or something related that will get you into making games.

Jan 9, 6:46PM EST0

Sounds pretty complex but I'm sure it's worth it.

Jan 10, 11:49PM EST0

Can you give us a little bit about your background and what led you to developing a game?

Jan 9, 3:29PM EST0

I really wanted to make a game to show my mates I could, I made 2. They played them and I learned a lot about the process, I also respect some game devs I hated before and also get kind of annoyed when people complain about dumb things.

Jan 9, 5:07PM EST0

Do you find Video Game developing a tiring process? How do you make sure that you don't get burned out?

Jan 9, 12:30PM EST0

It is hard to not get burned out, I am a single man team so it gets hard.  Everyone gets burned out alone. Making games is fun though.

Jan 9, 5:06PM EST0

Which programming language are you most fluent in?

Jan 9, 11:50AM EST0

C## and GML. 

Jan 9, 5:02PM EST0

What makes up an interesting game?

Jan 9, 9:15AM EST0

A game that gives you the love that you deserve, a game that keeps you interested for more than 30 minutes, the game has some more secrets that maybe you never find but others do and you try so hard to find it.

Jan 9, 10:09AM EST0
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What’s your Beta test experience?

Jan 9, 8:53AM EST0

Pretty exhausting but fun because it usually gives me a lot of new ideas.

Jan 9, 10:07AM EST0

What was the first computer or console game you played?

Jan 9, 7:45AM EST0

I first played the Gamecube, Twin Snakes or lego star wars the original trilogy. 

Jan 9, 10:06AM EST0

You have made a lot of games so far and what were the usual technical challenges that you encountered?

Jan 9, 5:53AM EST0

Dialogue boxes. They are the worst, and at one point I had issues with collisions. 

Jan 9, 10:05AM EST0

What was the most challenging algorithm you've ever created? And what was the easiest one?

Jan 9, 3:53AM EST0

Easiest is just the image swapper and the hardest is the alarm that controls the enemy movement.

Jan 9, 10:03AM EST0

What video games do you enjoy playing the most? And how would you improve it?

Jan 9, 3:49AM EST0

Well, I enjoy playing RPGs, but not RPGs like the witcher, more like Fallout New Vegas. By being a project lead is how you improve a game.  I really do not like the state of RPGs at this moment. No flavor to the text.

Jan 9, 10:01AM EST0
What would you like to achieve in the video game industry in the next 3-5 years?
Jan 8, 10:42PM EST0

After I am done creating this game, have the game settled and everything involved I will try to get to get together a team to create my dream game.

Jan 9, 9:59AM EST0
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