AMA about my new book "Men's soul." What would you like to know?

Grigory Levitsky
Feb 15, 2018

Hello, I wrote a book about the differences in behavior in relations in different countries. Their differences and advantages. A lot of useful information for men of any age. After reading the book and understanding everything you can change your life and improve relationships with women. Everything in your power.

I already folded a few excerpts. How are you? Want more?


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Why don’t you have a target release date for your book yet due to lack in demand? Wouldn’t the demand start soon as some people have already read your book?

Feb 20, 4:47PM EST0

There is no target date because you need funds to implement the project. When I get the necessary minimum for editing and translation, approximate dates about 3-5 months. Then print and delivery, about 2-4 weeks. At the expense of demand from friends. For them, I just typed on the printer. For sales, it does not work that way.

Feb 21, 5:42AM EST0

Why would you focus on the negative about women? Have you ever had any bad experiences with women in the past?

Feb 20, 4:14PM EST0

The woman is changeable. And I emphasize this in my book. I give examples. Forewarned - is forearmed.There were good and bad moments, I want to tell about them in my book.

Feb 21, 5:32AM EST0

If women are not represented on their good side on your book, generally speaking, would you say that you have a negative perception towards women?

Feb 20, 6:24AM EST0

Often I hear that I have a negative attitude towards women. The mistake of most men is that they consider women like themselves. They think that a woman thinks like a man, and from this, we have all the problems. We all evaluate and judge by ourselves. The thief, believes that all around thieves. The killer thinks that everyone around him wants to kill him. Kind thinks, that all around good. Honest that all are honest. It is necessary to understand and ACCEPT the nature of women. WITHOUT NEGATIVE. If I know what a woman is, it does not mean that I feel anger or hatred towards them. I just KNOW what they are and thats all. And I will not test anger against my woman, if she do  something wrong, just as I don't feel anger towards the Sun, which by its nature in winter shines less. This does not mean that women are worse or better. They are just another. They have a different nature, and this nature, men's are simply obliged to know. Without negativity. This is my attitude towards women.

Feb 21, 5:23AM EST0

Are those your arms in the picture? What is the meaning behind your tattoo?

Feb 19, 11:00AM EST0

Yes, these are my hands. The idea was to perpetuate the inscription on my body, understanding people know what this means and what it is for.

Feb 20, 4:20AM EST0

What are the most notable hardships you went through in life and how did you overcome them?

Feb 17, 11:52PM EST0

I will not disassemble every case, I will say in general. My father taught me a lot, but I did not understand all that he said.Getting into a difficult situation, I already had instructions for action. Thanks to my father and his experience, I decided things and helped others. At first they did not want to do as I told them. But in the end these were the best solutions.

Feb 18, 5:18AM EST0

You mentioned this book is for men - do you think it will be a good read for women too?

Feb 17, 9:35PM EST0

The women here are not represented on the best side, I immediately say.There their bad character traits and their bad deeds.But there are examples of good ones. The reader himself decides, weighing the pros and cons. Women can read and not make their common mistakes, or prefigure them less harshly.

Feb 18, 5:12AM EST0

Do you believe racial and cultural differences can become big problems between couples?

Feb 17, 3:44AM EST0

Everything is relative. Much is decided by upbringing and the desire to be together. And it should be mutual. Without overstepping the boundaries of what is permitted.

Feb 17, 4:37AM EST0

Do you already have a target release date for this book? Is it completely finished by now?

Feb 16, 5:21PM EST0

Yes, the book is finished. There are no release dates, as there is no necessary demand.

Feb 17, 4:34AM EST0

I've been raised in the American Christian (Evangelical) church and any time I hear about books about "manhood" I get nervous, just because there's so much damaging teaching out there. What makes your book different?

Feb 16, 2:25PM EST0

everyone decides how to live. We think so. If you feel that you are not living the right way, then it's time to change your life. But if you are satisfied, do not fuss, be happy. In my book there is a lot of damage, a lot of life experience.And he is bitter. I just want to help not make the same mistakes.

Feb 17, 4:33AM EST0

Where do you see yourself after a few years?

Feb 16, 12:45AM EST0

I try not to look far into the future. just live and enjoy life

Feb 16, 5:38AM EST0

Why is it so hard for men to show weakness in front of other people and how can this be overcome?

Feb 15, 9:10PM EST0

I have a whole chapter on this in this book. Briefly, the difference is in culture.Differences often vary from culture to culture and, in European male culture, it has long been accepted to demonstrate minimal sensitivity. Tears - bad. Smile - superfluous.  Tenderness - become effeminate. Sensitivity - wimp. Attention to others - a weakling. Men are quite sensible and open-minded - just learned the norm according to which being sensible and open means showing weakness.

Feb 16, 5:50AM EST0

What was the most interesting thing you discovered when researching for your book? Did you learn anything new?

Feb 15, 9:09PM EST0

The most interesting were memories of those events and people about whom I wrote in the book, and the people whom I have helped find themselves in life

Feb 16, 5:37AM EST0

Where do you see yourself after a few years?

Feb 15, 6:18PM EST0

I try not to look far into the future. just live and enjoy life

Feb 16, 5:38AM EST0

How can people get better at writing?

Feb 15, 10:01AM EST0

read, watch, learn

Feb 16, 5:38AM EST0

Do you think anyone can be a writer or you should have a talent for that? 

Feb 16, 6:12AM EST0

What kind of books do you like to read?

Feb 15, 8:22AM EST0

historical, fantasy, psychology, scientific books

Feb 16, 5:26AM EST0

What is the biggest difficulty writers face in their profession?

Feb 15, 7:20AM EST0

promotion of his book

Feb 16, 5:24AM EST0

Have you written any other books besides “Men’s Soul”?

Feb 15, 2:49AM EST0

Not yet. But there is written material for other books.

Feb 15, 2:54AM EST0

What is the scope for the future writers of the next generation?

Feb 14, 1:41PM EST0

For a white guy and heterosexual, they are not. Without monetary support and acquaintances, good advertising, nothing happens. Whatever important information was not.

Feb 15, 2:58AM EST0

What inspired you to become a writer?

Feb 14, 11:14AM EST0

Possibility to share life experience. To others didn`t make common mistakes.

Feb 15, 3:01AM EST0

How much funds are required to publish a book?

Feb 14, 11:08AM EST0

For quality translation and editing, beautiful cover and printing. The cost of 500 copies is about 5,500 dollars, + related costs.

Feb 15, 3:04AM EST0